The Hungry

The Hungry

by Steven Booth, Harry Shannon
4.5 9

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The Hungry by Steven Booth, Harry Shannon

The zombies are here. An accidental outbreak of a mutated virus unleashes hundreds of the undead on the sleepy town of Flat Rock, Nevada. Now, Sheriff Penny Miller must use her wits, grit, and damn near all of her ammunition to endure the arrival of zombies. Sheriff Miller quickly finds herself leading a vicious biker named Scratch, her ex-husband Terrill Lee, and a unit of incompetent National Guardsmen to safety. At their heels is Colonel Sanchez, the wicked Army commander who is pursuing Miller to gain the special powers the virus has given her. With a gang of murderous bikers on their tail and surrounded by slobbering hordes, Sheriff Miller must do what she does best: Aim for the brain!

"THE HUNGRY is a zombie thriller loaded with sex and smarts. A real nail-biter that brings a new weapon to bear in apocalyptic fiction: Hope. Highly recommended."
--Jonathan Maberry, NYT Times bestselling author of Dust & Decay and Dead of Night

"If you're craving an apocalyptic horror novel that's not just wall-to-wall action but balls-to-the-wall intense, Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon have cooked up a real treat for you. I would say The Hungry will leave you totally satisfied, but that's not true: Readers will be howling for more more more MORE just like the hordes of insatiable zombies rampaging through this book."
--Steve Hockensmith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

"You don't know what gut-churning page-flipping horror really is until you read this one. The Hungry combines the storytelling power of the big commercial thriller with many new twists on standard zombie fiction. A real winner."
--Ed Gorman, author of The Dark Fantastic and Cage of Night

"From the opening line, I loved it. I loved how complete it felt. It had so many great elements working for it - the small town setting; the two powerful main characters, as different as they could be, nearly every word between them charged with sexual tension; the satisfying stalemate as neither one gets exactly what they want, but rather what they need. A great story, and for a zombie fan like me, it pressed all the right buttons."
--From the Introduction by Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Flesh Eaters

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Publisher: Genius Book Publishing
Publication date: 09/29/2011
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About the Author

Steven W. Booth started writing at the prompting of Harry Shannon. His first book, a fantasy that may still be written, was a horrendous mess. So was his second, a science fiction novel. When Harry suggested that they write the short story Jailbreak together for a charity anthology, Steven had never read any horror other than Stephen King’s The Shining. He soon learned that zombies were fun. It’s easy to imagine people coming together when faced with slobbering hoards of the undead, and who can argue with being loose in a guilt-free shooting gallery? So it was a no-brainer (pun intended) to expand the plot and turn Jailbreak into The Hungry. This is Steven’s first published novel, but unlikely to be his last.

Harry Shannon has been an actor, a singer, an Emmy-nominated songwriter, a recording artist in Europe, a music publisher, a VP of Carolco Pictures, and worked as a freelance Music Supervisor on films such as “Basic Instinct” and “Universal Soldier.” He is now a counselor in private practice. His books include Dead and Gone (a Lionsgate movie), Daemon, the Mick Callahan novels Memorial Day, Eye of the Burning Man, One of the Wicked, and Running Cold, as well as the thriller The Pressure of Darkness. Shannon has won the Black Quill for Short Fiction, the Tombstone for Best Horror Novel and has twice been nominated for the Stoker. He can be reached via his web site at or via Facebook.

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The Hungry 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Gretchen Lobato More than 1 year ago
Its happened. The zombies are here and they are HUNGRY! A small band of mis-matched people are in for the fight of their lives against a growing population of the walking dead. A small town sheriff, her wimpy ex-husband, a biker and a scientist band together to try and stop the end of humanity as we know it. Who will win? Who will survive? You will have to read it to find out. But you won't be disappointed!! This is a fast paced action packed book. I just couldn't put it down. Another great book by Harry Shannon and my new found author Steven Booth.
skott6977 More than 1 year ago
great books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this there was no putting it down. I laughed out loud at times and was mesmerized completely. To be sure this is not a total comedy but rather a bloody mess. The author knows how to blend his characters so well that you feel you could reconize them walking down the street. A wedding dress,an ex-husband,bikers,military and zombies cannot get more well rounded than this. Come on Hungry 2 and Sheriff Penny!
darkfiction74 More than 1 year ago
What makes this book a fun read is just that: It's fun. It's also full of action. Steve Hockensmith says in the first paragraph of the afterward: "What you hold in your hands is an adrenaline-fueled sprint through an obstacle course of horrors, and if you weren't totally spent by the time you reached the last page of the story, you have stronger nerves than I." I cannot agree more. I finished reading The Hungry a few days ago or more, but I had to wait to write my opinions of this story. At first I was a little disappointed, because the story is an expanded version of a short story found in Harry Shannon's marvelous collection "A Host of Shadows", so it felt like I was reading familiar material. Yet, once we got past the original short story, things blew up. Literally. And it never stopped. The Hungry is like a punch in the face. It's as though Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead got married and had a baby and named it 28 Days Later. The story, in fact, was one of the most fun zombie stories I have ever read. I do not say this lightly. Does it Involve a bad ass woman wearing a wedding dress as the cover suggests? Why, yes it does! Not only that, it is very interesting and somewhat comical as to why this woman, the story's protagonist, is wearing a wedding dress, and why she continues to have to wear the thing. Not only is the action jaw-dropping and terribly fun to read, the banter between characters makes this crazy ride even more fun. This is my third book that I've read by Harry Shannon, and I am quickly becoming a fan. If this book is any indication of Steve Booth's writing as well, I can't wait to see what he can do on his own. So, really, just get this book and read it. If you like fun and fast and action-packed, you will not be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it and you will to if you like stories with blood , guts and Zombies in them. Take my word for it you don't want to miss this one. DP Nashville Tn.
Eric_J_Guignard More than 1 year ago
REVIEWED: The Hungry WRITTEN BY: Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon PUBLISHED: October, 2011 This was a fun-filled zombie apocalypse adventure... "Fun-filled?" you ask. It is when the plot revolves around an array of quirky characters who each have their own snarky voice and love to shoot sarcasm as much as they love to shoot guns. Exciting, gory, funny, this book has a little something for everyone. The lead character, Sheriff Penny Miller, portrays the ultimate in strong female leads - she's a divorced powerhouse, stuck battling zombies in the wedding dress that reminds her of happier days. The characters are robust, the action is non-stop, and it's funny - just funny the whole way through. Five out of Five stars
sweeper4football More than 1 year ago
Meet Penny Miller, she is a tough as nails, smart ass Sheriff of Flat Rock Nevada. She is disturbed one dark night by Deputy Bob Wells, on the crackling radio she hears 'Zombies' Dozens, maybe hundreds of them! Here starts a non-stop action, zombie apocalypse. Thrills, blood, guts, laughs and tears. They are all here for your enjoyment! There are many zombie style novels out there but Harry Shannon and Steven Booth have come up with some new twists against the normal zombie novel. If you like apocalyptic horror (like me) then your in for a treat with 'The Hungry', you will not be left hungry after this nail-biter! As well as leaving you on the edge in this horror/thriller, there is an eliment of fun as Penny ends up at her ex- husbands house covered in blood and gore, she has to change her clothes and finds her old wedding dress in a dusty old box in the garage, yep, you guessed it! Penny teams up with many people along the way, she cares for them and most of them lust after her, well she is a drop dead gorgeous, kick ass sheriff with an attitude to boot after all. Smelly,greasy bikers,soldiers galore and a crazy ass Colonel (who just maybe behind this mess) do not make it easy for Sheriff Penny Miller and her quest to stop the zombie hoardes...