The Hunter Awakens

The Hunter Awakens

by J. R. Roper


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When thirteen-year-old Ethan Morus is forced to stay on his grandparents' old farm, he expects to find weathered barns, rusty tools, and a creaky house in need of fresh paint. What he doesn't expect is to hear a legend placing his family at the center of an ancient treasure hunt. Or find burial chambers protected by poltergeists, or a secret lair guarded by an ancient beast. And least of all, Ethan doesn't suspect that powerful sorcerers are watching his every move.

They've found Ethan and believe he is from a line of treasure hunters who possess a rare instinct to locate powerful artifacts. Whether he has the instinct or not, Ethan is faced with a choice-search the Morus property and find what they want or lose yet another family member.

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ISBN-13: 9781939769688
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 10 - 12 Years

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The Hunter Awakens 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Literary_Classics_Reviews More than 1 year ago
After a freak tornado hits Ethan's home he, along with his sister and their dog, are sent to live temporarily with their grandparents. Soon after they arrive at their grandparent's farm, Ethan's world is turned upside-down as he discovers he may possess the very rare and highly coveted power to discover the location of hidden and much sought after artifacts which possess great power. Ethan is forced to test his abilities in order to protect his family; and when he does, he uncovers a legend which leads him into a battle and ultimately puts the fate of the world into his hands. Roper's natural writing style sweeps the reader into this riveting story, daring his audience to join the hunt in this action-packed adventure. Readers will be holding their breath in anticipation as this story masterfully unfolds, all the while sharing every sensation and emotion along with Ethan. The overall message of this book branches off into several points: -Adventure comes in many forms, and often when it is least expected. -Destiny can be re-shaped only if a chance is taken. -Not everything is as it appears. -Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
A great adventure, an incredible fantasy come to life and the daring of one young boy and his pesky sister as they race against evil to save both the world and the ones they love. What started out as time to be spent with his grandparents on their farm becomes a hunt for a powerful and ancient artifact that could change the balance of power between good and evil and Ethan soon discovers he is from a long and proud line of treasure hunters who have rubbed elbows with sorcerers, mythical beasts and both light and dark magic. Ethan must decide who to trust, who to believe and who to fear, will he make the right choices or will he find that going with his gut and his heart is the right path to follow? J.R. Roper’s The Hunter Awakens is children’s fantasy and adventure at its finest. Fast paced, full of over the top events, just like the scenarios kids make up playing outdoors when they become the super hero, super sleuth and the only one able to overcome all odds to save the day. Descriptive scenes will charm you, some characters range from quirky to sweet to free-spirited. Others are vile, deceitful and bone-chilling in both their actions and personalities. Mr. Roper does not shy away from some of life’s most heartbreaking moments, but he uses them as a way to round out an already amazing tale. If you are looking for something to stave off this summer’s “boring” moments, The Hunter Awakens would be a great choice to keep kids reading throughout the summer months or any time! (And do NOT be afraid to read it, yourself, go ahead, be a kid again!) I received this copy from J. R. Roper in exchange for my honest review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite The Hunter Awakens (Book One of the Morus Chronicles) is written by J.R. Roper. Ethan Morus' grief for his deceased father deepens when his home is damaged in a storm, and his mother sends him and Destry, his sister, to stay on a farm with grandparents they have never met. Eccentric Grandpa talks about a legendary treasure hidden on the farm that their family has been seeking for centuries, and he and Ethan conduct nightly searches following clues. However, it is the neighbour Grandpa dislikes who guides Ethan when he battles poltergeists protecting an ancient burial chamber they discover. Can he be trusted, or was Grandpa right? Unknown to Ethan, there are monstrous sorcerers watching his movements, waiting for him to locate the treasure for them, including devious Uncle Nero.  In The Hunter Awakens, the story is nicely creative with a wonderful fantasy plot and setting. The author captures the expressive feelings of Ethan who is extremely protective of his spunky sister, but who doubts his own courage and strength when he encounters strange magical forces. J.R. Roper knows how to keep a reader in good suspense with an even distribution of action and compelling characters. It was not easy to detect the good characters from the bad ones because the author is adept in his writing and has an imaginative mind. He will take preteens on an exciting adventure in The Hunter Awakens, Book One of the Morus Chronicles series.
CherylCarter More than 1 year ago
Captivating characters, fantastical creatures, and vibrant magic twists the Hunter Awakens into a can't-wait-to-see-what-happens next adventure tale. Mr. Roper is off to a great start to the Morus Chronicles, a series fantasy readers of all ages are sure to enjoy.
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
Book One of The Morus Chronicles, The Hunter Awakens, provides a middle grade fantasy centered around the experiences of thirteen-year-old Ethan Morus, who uncovers a family legend while staying at his grandparents' old farm.    But where other similar-sounding fantasies evolve predictable paths, The Hunter Awakens is just ramping up; because events that unfold aren't entirely fueled by Ethan's evolving curiosity and investigations, but evolve from the fact that he's being watched by sorcerers who know, better than he, the extent of his latent abilities and their importance in a bigger picture.   Few young readers can resist a good treasure hunt story; and while many a middle grade read might attempt to include this in their plots, it's rare to see such a hunt actually driving events. But without motivation and the glitter and lure of actual riches, many an adventure falls apart - and that's just one facet that keeps The Hunter Awakens a compelling middle school read: promised riches are always just around the corner.   It takes a solid, talented storyteller to bring to life what sounds like a too-familiar scenario: Roper is such a talent. It takes an attention to detail to build a young protagonist who is not a one-dimensional, singular figure or a hero, but a living, breathing boy faced with social and ethical issues along the way who is always challenged to make the best choice. And it takes a pragmatic approach to build a story line that begins with a seemingly-normal boy's concerns and evolve it so that he begins to recognize and accept his unique skills and make decisions on their applications.   As chapters unwind with the grace and power of an epic, middle school readers will find themselves swept away by a wave of intrigue, fantasy, mystery, and most of all, by Ethan's believable dilemmas as he faces a world he never knew existed.   Especially with teen writing, characterization is the key. As a savvy creative writing teacher once said: if the reader doesn't care what happens to the character, he won't care what happens in the story.  Roper creates this sense of intimacy and, as a result, readers follow Ethan's movements and decisions with bated breath.   The plot may sound predictable: all the elements are there for formula writing - a treasure hunt, latent powers awakened, a journey, sorcerers, good and evil - but it's what an author chooses to do with these elements that makes the difference between sub-par, acceptable and superior writing.   Everyone is involved in the outcome, from Ethan's savvy grandparents to Mel, who has a vested interest in manipulating Ethan because she's long ago given her powers to the dark side. And there's a reason why Ethan's treasure hunt becomes more than just a search for riches. The rest lies buried in the pages of The Hunter Awakens, just waiting to be discovered.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing! Great Job Joe!
isaacjb More than 1 year ago
The best book ever cant wait tell your next book comes out.
Harman4 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book! From the very first chapter you will find yourself completely engrossed in the entire story. The Hunter Awakens is one of those books you keep telling yourself just one more chapter over and over because you don't want to stop reading. Highly recommend!
Kelly_Stanley More than 1 year ago
As a writer, I appreciate the on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, powerful storytelling and compelling, interesting characters in The Hunter Awakens. As a reader, I found myself quickly and happily immersed in a world just like my own, only with dark forces and magical powers and forces teeming just beyond our comprehension, conspiring all around but never quite able to conquer the good. As the parent of a middle school boy, I value the integrity, kindness and quick wits shown by Ethan Morus, the main character. I like that he’s an ordinary boy who just happens to be extraordinary — and doesn’t know it, but just keeps going because he has to do what’s right. It’s apparent that the J.R. Roper really understands kids that age because The Hunter Awakens is filled with characters my son can relate to — in particular, a believable hero and strong peer role model. On every level, this novel is a great read — and I can’t wait for the Morus Chronicles to continue!