The Id Paradox

The Id Paradox

by Jan Notzon


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After disastrous experiences in law and education, Jake Kazmareck tries to disappear into a menial job picking melons on a farm in the Rio Grande Valley.

An estranged friend tracks him down, however, with news that their mutual bosom buddy is not dead but rotting in a Mexican prison. The stage is set for his rescue.

Jake, Connors McClain, and Artie Cavazos's friendship was forged during an almost fatal canoe trip in which only Artie's genius for survival kept them alive. Their brush with death, however, unleashed in Jake a primitive beast that has never stopped plaguing him.

A few years later, the three engage in an attempt to rescue Artie's uncle and family from the Mexican drug cartel that had forced his uncle to work for them. Jake mistakenly attributes their failure, and Artie's death, to Connors's betrayal.

When Connors later contacts Jake, he shares some startling news. Connors, now the Texas attorney general, has discovered that Artie is still alive and imprisoned in a Mexican jail.

The harrowing rescue is successful, but Artie's experiences have effectively destroyed his spirit. Jake and Connors now reconciled, they enlist the aid of psychiatrist Judith Neuwirth to try to piece back together Artie's shattered self.

In the process, Jake is again confronted with the beast in himself. Will he learn to accommodate it, or will it destroy him? Is it an essential part of us that must be accepted? Or must it be fought to the death?

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ISBN-13: 9781545501375
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/21/2017
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Jan Notzon is a novelist and playwright who has made Charlotte, NC his home since 1994.
In addition to The Id Paradox, he has also authored the novel And Ye Shall Be As Gods, which recounts a brother's fight to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of despair and his lost love from the prison of catatonia. His first novel, The Dogs Barking, is a coming-of-age story set in a sleepy backwater Texas border town in the 1950s, through the dislocation of university life in the '60s and on to the raw, frenetic power of New York City.
He has also written seven full-length plays, a one-act, The Forsaken, which was produced in two different venues in New York City. His play The Cosmological Constant was workshopped and presented as a staged reading at Actors' Theatre in Charlotte, NC by the Applebox Production Company. His play When Good Men Do Nothing was a finalist in the Dramarama Competition in San Francisco. He has also written one children's story, The Gift of Arbol Ceiba.

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The Id Paradox 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Mandums 3 days ago
As a lover of language and someone who enjoys exploring the complex mysteries of the human mind and spirit, I was certain I was going to love this book. And the story WAS engaging, once I got a feel for Notzon's writing style... However, I had a LOT of difficulty getting into this book. The Spanish that was interspersed throughout the novel was a challenge, but the biggest problem I had was with the overly descriptive nature of the book as a whole. The language was complex and detailed-- I felt like even the adjectives had adjectives, and virtually every description was laced with imagery and metaphors. This made for slow, laborious reading, and left me indifferent towards all the characters, regardless of what was happening. Around the middle of the book, I was able to immerse myself into the actual storyline and didn't find it as daunting, but still found it hard to relate to. There were definitely some beautiful images, and beautiful language, and the plot itself was a solid one. I'm sure a ton of people would be able to appreciate such a sophisticated, layered read, and I was only disappointed in myself that I couldn't. I look forward to trying something else by this author, and plan to revisit this book in the future to see if it appeals to me more once I have a better feel for Notzon's work.
diannew90 3 days ago
Imagine leaving your everyday surroundings and embarking on an outdoor adventure. After graduating from high school, Jake Kazmareck, Artie Cavazos, and Connors McLain are jazzed about exploring the scenic wonders of Big Bend National Park in Texas. The fun adventure soon turns into a nightmare struggle for survival. This is a life-changing event for the three teenagers, and it forges a lifetime bond between them. When Jake and Connors agree to help Artie with a dangerous mission, things go awry, and Artie disappears. Jake believes Artie is dead until years later when Connors asks for Jake’s help in rescuing Artie from a Mexican prison. Artie has suffered physical and psychological abuse not only from incarceration in the prison that included unsanitary, cruel, and degrading conditions but also from being held captive by a violent drug cartel. After Artie’s rescue, Dr. Judith Neuwirth agrees to help Artie cope with the impact on his mental health due to the traumatic experiences he underwent. Judith has also gone through a traumatic event in her life that is not completely resolved. Can she stay psychologically safe while dealing with powerful tools, such as transference and countertransference, in her cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with Artie? Jan Notzon has written a riveting and poignant novel that provides insight into the effects on individuals who have suffered from life-threatening situations and experiences that leave them physically and emotionally traumatized. Can people recover from traumatic stress or will they forever be emotionally shattered? Notzon’s use of vivid descriptions and figurative language, such as similes and metaphors, adds to the imagery in the reader’s mind of both the characters and the setting. The story not only contains some profanity but also graphic descriptions of sadistic torture. Philosophical reflections on psychological issues are an integral part of this gut-wrenching book. Notzon provides a realistic ending that is appropriate to the central theme of the book. I like the title of the book, The ID Paradox, which fits the novel like Spandex. An interesting read that is fascinating, unsettlingly, and thought-provoking.
Geri-Thueme 4 days ago
When I first started this book I was pretty turned off by all of the Spanish dialogue that was going on in the first chapter. I stuck with the book because I promised I would and found myself intrigued by the story.. The Spanish was sprinkled in after the first chapter so I was able to move forward pretty easily after the initial encounter with the language barrier. The story follows Jake and his two friends Artie and Connors but mostly focuses on Jake's life with encounters with the other two winding their way in and around his through the years. Jake's life is interesting as he jumps from one career/job to another, usually because he's been disillusioned by one thing or another. In some places the story was a little hard to follow as it backtracks in places to bring the reader up to speed but all in all it is fast pasted and intricate. This was not what I would call an 'easy' read but I'm glad I stuck with it. I was in awe of the writer's ability to paint pictures through his writing. An example would be this quote from Chapter 10. "The night was a crystalline wonder, oppressive in its vastness. The firmament spread out against the sky in sequined majesty. Starlight from uncountable ages past rippled gently through the silken threads of waxing moon." Just beautiful imagery!
carol223CS 7 days ago
Jan Notzon’s The ID Paradox The Id Paradox creates an utterly thought provoking, complex, emotional and completely riveting storyline. The story will grip the reader from the beginning. It intensifies until the final word. The story is so well written with description deftly woven into each page that the reader will experience what the characters think, do and feel throughout their adventures. Three childhood friends: Arturo Cavazos, Connor McClain and Jake Kazmareck decide to go on a canoe trip after high school graduation. The trip turns into a drama with plenty of tension, thrills, chills, twists and turns taking the reader right along with them. So when Arturo asks for their help to free his uncle from the grips of a drug cartel, Connor and Jake go along with the plans. But things go awry..... Jake finds himself laid up at his relatives not knowing how he got there, Connor has disappeared and Arturo shot. Jake gives up practicing law when one of his ex-client’s rapes & kills a little girl. He decided to get a menial job. He is picking melons when a representative of Connor’s finds him. Connor is nowTexas’s Attorney General. Arturo is alive and Connor sends Jake to rescue Arturo. With bribe money, the tortured, bruised body and mind of the man they once knew comes back to the United State. But will all the medical and psychological treatment help Arturo? Will the cartels find and capture him again? How will Arturo respond to his former friends? What will happen to Connor? Will Jake’s demons overcome him or will he overcome them? The book is a series of trials, distresses, frustrations plus tribulations mixed with fraud, bribery, revenge and corruption. A fast paced, psychological adventure with emotional experiences that form complex characters. These are characters with human flaws, emotions and dynamic adventures that have shaped their personalities. Their perception on life flows from their experiences and make them act the way they do. This book is explosive, fast-paced, non-stop action and passionate. You will not want to put it down! This is definitely a book you don't want to miss! This is a book that the reader will never forget!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book! I volunteered to read The ID Paradox. Thanks to the Review Crew for the opportunity. My opinion is voluntary and my own.
ScoobyVicki 28 days ago
A very forceful, psychological suspense novel. Emotional trauma, episodes of harsh adventure, and a bond of friendship that can never die. I received this book free of charge. I have chosen to give a review and the opinions are my own.
EmersonRoseCraig 3 months ago
The Id Paradox is a compelling, dangerous, and thrilling adventure about three friends with an unbreakable bond. Throughout the course of this novel, the three of them must not only take on life or death situations, but most also deal with the demons within themselves. The book primarily follows Jake Kazmareck, who is attempting to hide from himself. In his youth, Jake’s closest friends were Connors McClain and Artie Cavazos. A friendship destined to connect them the rest of their lives after a near death experience on a canoe trip. When Artie is killed while the boys seek to free his uncle from under the thumb of a drug cartel, Jake thinks Connor betrayed them. But years later Connor comes back into Jake’s life to inform him that Jake is alive and being held in a Mexican prison. The boys team up and save him. But years of struggle, near death experiences, and prison, have affected all of them and they must now struggle against their own minds and save each other from succumbing to these demons. I love how this book was able to balance the real world dangerous and exciting journeys with high stakes, and the mental journey of the three men. The book is fast-paced and keeps your heart racing from page to page. The book sends the characters into terrifying situations that take all their strength to survive. But what gives this book a deeper layer, is the focus that it allows on how these things can affect you. Jake in particular is dealing with a beast inside of himself that terrifies him. Artie’s years being held captive in prison have also taken a heavy toll on him. It also shows a lot about the friendship between these three men that they are not just there for each other in life or death situations but will be there for each other and strive to save each other from the aftermath. My favorite thing about this novel is definitely the relationship between the three men. The book gives time to dealing with their bond and the ways in which it has been tested over the years. I believe that they would do anything for each other, which I think is integral to this book working. Each of the characters was also unique and interesting on their own, which made their connection that much more engaging. This book is an exciting and action filled read. It definitely went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend it.