The Illustrated Phonics Booklet

The Illustrated Phonics Booklet

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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The Illustrated Phonics Booklet fills a yawning gap in materials currently available to parents, classroom teachers, and children. This volume gives explanations of “phonics” that not only reveals the full complexity of the English spelling system but is intelligible to children as well as adults.

Young children are usually introduced to reading through the familiar “alphabet books,” which match alphabetical letters to the initial sounds of key words, such as “C is for cat,” and provide illustrations of the key word. But since such books are aimed at the very young, the only letter-sound correspondences (LSCs) they present are the most common sound of each letter. Children are informed that the letter C represents the sound “kuh” in the word cat, but they are rarely told that C can also represent the sound “sss,” as it does in the word cent. The aim of the Booklet is to present the full complexity of the English spelling system in a way that even children can grasp.

Research has revealed what common sense discovered long ago: namely, that the most valuable activity that parents can undertake to foster their children’s reading acquisition is to read children’s books aloud with them. Most children, however, need some formal instruction to grasp the connection between letters and the speech sounds that letters represent. This is what we hope the Booklet will achieve. Virginia Cantarella’s delightful illustrations of key words for each pronunciation make the complexities of the English spelling system palatable.

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ISBN-13: 9781941614273
Publisher: ELM Books
Publication date: 07/12/2019
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.28(d)
Age Range: 5 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition viIntroduction: For Instructors viii

Letters of the Alphabet xii

Section I Single Letters xiv

Chapter 1 Single Consonants, Part 1 1

Chapter 2 Single Vowels, Part 1: a, e, i, o, u, y 10

Chapter 3 R-influenced vowels: ar, er, ir, or, ur 17

Section II Consonant Combinations 18

Chapter 4 Consonant Blends, Initial and Final 19

Chapter 5 Consonants + h, Part 1: ch, ph, sh, th 20

Chapter 6 Consonants + h, Part 2: ch, gh, rh, sch, wh 21

Chapter 7 Compound Consonants, ...dge,, 24 ...nk, ...tch

Chapter 8 Initial Silent Consonants 26 gn..., kn..., ps..., pt..., wr...

Section III Final Silent E: E-markers, Part 1 28Chapter 9 E-Marker # 1: “Magic E” 29

Chapter 10 E-Marker # 2: “C and G Softener” 30

Section IV Vowel Combinations 31 Chapter 11 Vowels + gh, Part 1: aigh, eigh, igh 32 Chapter 12 Diphthongs: oi/oy, ou/ow 33

Chapter 13 Team Vowels (Two Vowels Together): 34ai/ay, au/aw, ea, ee, ei/ey, eu/ew, ie,

oa, oe, oi/oy, oo, ou/ow, ue, ui

Chapter 14 Team Vowels + r: 40aer, air, aur, ear, eer, eir, ier, oar, oor, our

Section V Advanced Single Consonants, Vowels, 42and Combinations

Chapter 15 Single Consonants, Part 2: g, h, j, s, u 43

Chapter 16 Single Vowels, Part 2: a, e, i/y, o, u 46

Chapter 17 W-influenced Vowels: wa, war, won, wor 51

Chapter 18 Palatalized Consonants:,, 52 ...ssi..., ...ti..., ...ture

Chapter 19 Medial and Final Silent Consonants: 53b, l, n, t, w

Section VI More Markers 54Chapter 20 E-markers # 3-7: horse, blue/love, 55

little/theatre, are, pointe

Chapter 21 Vowel + r + E-marker # 1: are, ere, ire, ore, 57ure, yre

Chapter 22 U-markers # 1 and # 2: guess, harbour 58

Section VII Other Important Letter Sound 60Correspondences

Chapter 23 The Schwa 61

Chapter 24 Past Tense -ed 62Chapter 25 One or Two Vowels + gh, Part 2: 63

aigh, augh, eigh, igh, ough

Section VIII Consonant Blends, Initial and Final 65Chapter 26 Initial Consonant Blends 66

Chapter 27 Initial Consonant Blends With ch, ph, sh, th 70 Chapter 28 Final Consonant Blends 71Section IX Pronunciation Rules 75 Chapter 29 Pronunciation Rules 76

Postscript: For Advanced Students 79 Chunking Longer Words 80 Prefixes 82 Suffixes 84

Appendix Speech Sounds to Letters 86

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