The Illustrated Sinking of the

The Illustrated Sinking of the "Titanic"

by L T Myers


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ISBN-13: 9781848680531
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2009
Pages: 191
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Dr. Van Dyke's Spiritual Consolation to the Survivors of the Titanic 9

Facts About the Wreck of the Titanic 11

Chapter I First News of the Greatest Marine Disaster in History 13

"The Titanic in collision, but everybody safe"

Another triumph set down to wireless telegraphy

The world goes to sleep peacefully

The sad awakening

Chapter II The Most Sumptuous Palace Afloat 16

Dimensions of the Titanic


Provisions for the comfort and entertainment of passengers

Mechanical equipment

The army of attendants required

Chapter III The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic 23

Preparations for the voyage

Scenes of gayety

The boat sails

Incidents of the voyage

A collision narrowly averted

The boat on fire

Warned of icebergs

Chapter IV Some of the Notable Passengers 31

Sketches of prominent men and women on board, including Major Archibald Butt John Jacob Astor Benjamin Guggenheim Isidor Straus J. Bruce Ismay Geo. D. Widener Colonel Washington Roebling Charles M. Hays W.T. Stead

Chapter V The Titanic Strikes an Iceberg! 37

Tardy attention to warning responsible for accident

The danger not realized at first

An interrupted card game

Passengers joke among themselves

The real truth dawns

Panic on board

Wireless calls for help.

Chapter VI "Women and Children First" 42

Cool-headed officers and crew bring order out of chaos

Filling the life-boats

Heartrending scenes as families are parted

Four life-boats lost

Incidents of bravery

"The boats are all filled!"

Chapter VII Left to Their Fate 53

Coolness and heroism of those left to perish

Suicide of Murdoch

Captain Smith's end

The ship's band plays a noble hymn as the vessel goesdown.

Chapter VIII The Call for Help Heard 64

The value of the wireless

Other ships alter their course

Rescuers on the way.

Chapter IX In the Drifting Life-Boats 66

Sorrow and suffering

The survivors see the Titanic go down with their loved ones on board

a night of agonizing suspense

Women help to row

Help arrives

Picking up the life-boats.

Chapter X On Board the Carpathia 78

Aid for the suffering and hysterical

Burying the dead

Vote of thanks to Captain Rostron of the Carpathia

Identifying those saved

Communicating with land

The passage to New York

Chapter XI Preparations on Land to Receive the Sufferers 84

Police arrangements

Donations of money and supplies

Hospital and ambulances made ready

Private houses thrown open

Waiting for the Carpathia to arrive

The ship sighted!

Chapter XII The Tragic Home-Coming 90

The Carpathia reaches New York

An intense and dramatic moment

Hysterical reunions and crushing disappointments at the dock

Caring for the sufferers

Final realization that all hope for others is futile

List of survivors

Roll of the dead.

List of Survivors 100

Chapter XIII The Story of Charles F. Hurd 115

How the Titanic sank

Water strewn with dead bodies

Victims met death with hymn on their lips.

Chapter XIV Thrilling Account Y L. Beasley 119

Collision only a slight jar

Passengers could not believe the vessel doomed

Narrow escape of life-boats

Picked up by the Carpathia.

Chapter XV Jack Thayer's Own Story of the Wreck 124

Seventeen-year-old son of Pennsylvania Railroad official tells moving story of his rescue

Told mother to be brave

Separated from parents

Jumped when vessel sank

Drifted on overturned boat

Picked up by Carpathia.

Chapter XVI Incidents Related James McGough 127

Women forced into the life-boats

Why some men were saved before women

Asked to man life-boats

Chapter XVII Wireless Operator Praises Heroic Work 131

Story of Harold Bride, the surviving wireless operator of the Titanic, who was washed overboard and rescued by life-boat

Band played ragtime and "Autumn".

Chapter XVIII Story of the Steward 134

Passengers and crew dying when taken aboard Carpathia

One woman saved a dog

English colonel swam for hours when boat with mother aboard capsized.

Chapter XIX How the World Received the News 138

Nations prostrate with grief

Messages from kings and cardinals

Disaster stirs world to necessity of stricter regulations

Chapter XX Bravery of the Officers and Crew 144

Illustrious career of Captain E.J. Smith

Brave to the last

Maintenance of order and discipline

Acts of heroism

Engineers died at posts

Noble-hearted band.

Chapter XXI Searching for the Dead 152

Sending out the Mackay-Bennett and Minia

Bremen passengers see bodies

Identifying bodies

Confusion in names

Recoveries. 152

Chapter XXII Criticism of Ismay 158

Chapter XXIII The Financial Loss 161

Titanic not fully insured

Valuable cargo and mail

No chance for salvage

Life insurance loss

Loss to the Carpathia.

Chapter XXIV Opinions of Experts 165

Captain point out lessons taught by Titanic disaster and needed changes in construction E.K. Roden Lewis Nixon General Greely Robert H. Kirk

Chapter XXV Other Great Marine Disasters 167

Deadly danger of icebergs

Dozens of ships perish in collision

Other disasters

Chapter XXVI Development of Shipbuilding 171

Evolution of water travel

Increases in size of vessels

Is there any limit?

Achievements in speed

Titanic not the last world.

Chapter XXVII Safety and Life-Saving Devices 174

Wireless telegraphy

Water-tight bulkheads

Submarine signals

Life-boats and rafts

Nixon's pontoon

Life-preservers and buoys


Chapter XXVIII Time for Reflection and Reform 178

Chapter XXIX The Senatorial Investigation 181

Prompt action of the Government

Senate committee probes disaster and brings out details

Testimony of Ismay, officers, crew passengers and other witnesses

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