The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book

The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book

by Sharon Steuer

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ISBN-13: 9780201784817
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 06/01/2002
Series: Wow Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Sharon Steuer has taught computer imaging in art schools and trainingcenters throughout the country. Her paintings and illustrations have appeared in numerous books and magazines and have been exhibited nationally. She is the author of all four previous editions of this book.

Table of Contents

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How to use this book.

Illustrator and OS X.

1. Illustrator Basics.

Introduction. Computer & System Requirements. Setting Up Your Page. Making Your Moves Easier. Working with Objects. Watch Your Cursor! Bézier-Editing Tools. Geometric Objects. Selecting & Grouping Objects. Joining & Averaging. Working with Palettes. Graphing & Charting. Transformations. Working Smart. Changing Your Views. Zooming In & Out. Show/Hide Choices. Actions. Color in Illustrator. Image Formats. PostScript Printing & Exporting.

2. The Zen of Illustrator.

Introduction. Building Houses. A Classic Icon. Zen Scaling. Zen Rotation. Creating a Simple Object Using the Basic Tools. A Finger Dance.

3. Drawing & Coloring.

Introduction. Basic Drawing & Coloring. Expanding Your Drawing & Coloring Toolset. Pathfinder Palette. Gallery: Gary Ferster. Simple Realism. Gallery: Mark Fox. Cutting & Joining. Add & Expand. Divide & Color. Cubist Constructs. Isometric Systems. Gallery: Rick Henkel, Kurt Hess, Jared Schneidman. Objective Colors. Organizing Colors. Gallery: Clarke Tate, Christopher Burke, Dorothy Remington. Distort Dynamics. Distort filter Flora. Gallery: Laurie Grace. Vector Photos. Gallery: Brad Hamann. Advanced Technique: Intricate Patterns.

4. Brushes, Symbols & Hatches.

Introduction. Brushes. Symbols. Symbols vs. Scatter Brushes. Pen & Ink: Hatch Effects. Pen & Ink: Photo Crosshatch. Gallery: Adam Z Lein. Ink Brush Strokes. Gallery: Sharon Steuer, Lisa Jackmore, Jen Alspach, Ellen Papciak-Rose. Preparing Art. Pattern Brushes. Gallery: Bert Monroy, Shayne Davidson, Steve Spindler, Jacqueline Mahannah. Building Brushes. Advanced Technique: Map Techniques. Gallery: Joe Lertola. Symbol Basics. Gallery: Sandee Cohen, Diane Hinze Kansler & Sandee Cohen, Kevin Barrack, Victor von Salza. Advanced Technique: Organic Creation. SPECIAL BRUSHES SUPPLEMENT.

5. Layers.

Introduction. Controlling the Stacking Order of Objects. Making Selections Using the Layers Palette. Gallery: David Nelson. Digitizing a Logo. Tracing Details. Colors with Layers. Organizing Layers. Gallery: Nancy Stahl. Nested Layers. Advanced Technique: Varied Perspective.

6. Type.

Introduction. More Type Functions (Type & Window menus). Converting Type to Outlines. Custom Text Paths. Gallery: Laurie Szujewska, Ari M. Weinstein, John Burns, Hornall Anderson Design Works. Masking Letters. Gallery: Gary Newman. Bookcover Design. Gallery: Jaview Romero Design Group, Caryl Gorska. Brushed Type. Gallery: Joachim Müller-Lancé, Tim Girvin, Jennifer Bartlett, Bjørn Akselsen, Pattie Belle Hastings, Karen Roehr, Louis Fishauf, Ellen Papciak-Rose. Crunching Type.

7. Blends, Gradients & Mesh.

Introduction. Blends. Gradients. Gradient Mesh. Examining Blends. Shades of Blends. Gallery: Janet Good, Gary Ferster, Linda Eskstein, Peter Cassell, Steven Stankiewicz, Unlocking Realism. Blending Realism. Gallery: Jared Schneidman, Andrea Kelley. Unified Gradients. Gallery: Filip Yip, Hugh Whyte, Caryl Gorska, Tim Webb, Rich Barry, Ellen Papciak-Rose. Rolling Mesh. Advanced Technique: Mastering Mesh. Gallery: Ivan Torres. Gallery: Yukio Miyamoto.

8. Transparency & Appearances.

Introduction. Basic Transparency. Appearances. The Finer Points of Appearances. Transparency 101. Advanced Technique: Transparent Color. Basic Transparency. Gallery: Gary Ferster, Adam Z Lein. Basic Highlights. Gallery: Nancy Stahl. Basic Appearances. Advanced Technique: Tinting a Scan. Advanced Technique: It's a Knockout! Advanced Technique: Opacity Masks. Gallery: Tom Patterson, Sandra Alves, Peter Cassell.

9. Live Effects & Styles.

Introduction. Effects vs. Filters. Effect Pathfinders. Styles in Illustrator. Warps and Enveloping. Gallery: Ted Alspach. Scratchboard Art. Embossing Effects. Gallery: Steven Gordon, Ted Alspach. Warps & Envelopes. Advanced Technique: Enveloping Magic. Blurring the Lines.

10. Advanced Techniques.

Introduction. Clipping Masks. Mask Problem-Solving Strategies. Advanced Technique: Colorful Masking. Advanced Technique: Contouring Masks. Advanced Technique: Reflective Masks. Gallery: Gary Ferster, Greg Maxson. Advanced Technique: Glowing Starshine. Gallery: Kenneth Batelman, Alan James Weimer. Advanced Technique: Masking Opacity. Advanced Technique: Wrapping Textures. Advanced Technique: Modeling Mesh. Gallery: Javier Romero

11. Web & Animation.

Introduction. Working in RGB in Illustrator. A Few Thoughts on RGB and CMYK Color. Assigning URLs and Slicing. Release to Layers. Export File Formats. SVG. Data-Driven Graphics. Gallery: Ivan Torres. Off in a Flash. Gallery: Kevan Atteberry. Symbol Flashes. Advanced Technique: (Illustrator with Photoshop): Making Waves. Gallery: d'JAXN, Daniel Giordan. Webward Ho!. Gallery: Steven Gordon.

12. Illustrator & Other Programs.

Introduction. Placing Artwork in Illustrator. Illustrator & Other Programs. Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop 7. Illustrator & Adobe InDesign 2. Illustrator, PDF & Adobe Acrobat 5. Illustrator & Adobe Streamline 4. Illustrator & Adobe Dimensions 3. Illustrator & Other 3D Programs. Gallery: Bert Monroy. Illustrator with Photoshop: Software Relay. Gallery: Rob Magiera. Advanced Technique: Illustrator with Photoshop: Shape Shifting. Gallery: Ron Chan, Louis Fishauf, Lance Hidy, Timothy Donaldson, Lance Jackson, Filip Yip, Christopher Spollen, Wendy Grossman, Rick Johnson, Bryan Christie, Joe Jones, Eliot Bergman, Steven Gordon, Tom Willcockson.

Artist Appendix.

Resources Appendix.

General Index.

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