The Illustrator 9 WOW! Book

The Illustrator 9 WOW! Book

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Pearson Education

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The Illustrator 9 WOW! Book

The Illustrator 9 Wow! Book is a beautiful, inspiring showcase of the best techniques using Illustrator 9's latest features, including details on the new Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, IllustratorÕs added Flash output capability, and an entire chapter devoted to IllustratorÕs new Transparency palette. Updated from the previous, best-selling edition, it's packed with lush, full-color images and tips on how the artists used Illustrator to create them. Clear, helpful instructions and numerous sidebars guide the reader through IllustratorÕs highlights, from the basics to sophisticated, professional techniques. CD contains demos, actions, brushes, stock photos, and other Illustrator add-ons.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201704532
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 12/22/2000
Series: Wow Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 7.56(w) x 9.17(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

1. Illustrator Basics.
Introduction. Computer & System Requirements. Making Your Moves Easier. Working with PostScript Objects. Watch Your Cursor! Grouping & Selecting Objects. Working with Palettes. Transformations. Working Smart. Changing Your Views. Zooming In & Out. Setting Up Your Page. Color in Illustrator. Image Formats. PostScript Printing & Exporting. A Last Word on Actions.

2. The Zen of Illustrator.
Introduction. Building Houses. A Classic Icon. Zen Scaling. Zen Rotation. Creating a Simple Object Using the Basic Tools. A Finger Dance.

3. Lines, Fills & Colors.
Introduction. Simply Realistic. Combining Circles. Line Construction. Isometric Systems. Objective Colors. Organizing Color. Brush Strokes. Advanced Technique: Intricate Patterns.

4. Templates & Layers.
Introduction. Controlling the Stacking Order of Objects. Digitizing a Logo. Tracing Details. Layering Colors. Multiple Layers. Viewing Details. Layer Registration. Advanced Technique: Varied Perspective.

5. Basic Blends & Gradients.
Introduction. Live Blends. Gradients. Examining Blends. Shades of Blends. Unified Gradients. Unlocking Realism. Blending Realism.

6. Path Creativity.
Introduction. Brushes for Creativity. Hatch Effects. Gradient Mesh. Pathfinder Filters. Pathfinder Filters Charts. Practical Path-cuts. Advanced Technique: Fanciful Filtering. AdvancedTechnique: Organic Creation. Advanced Technique: Mastering Mesh.

7. Type & Layout.
Introduction. Additional Type Functions (Former Filters). Converting Type to Outlines. Masking Type. The Shape of Time. Bookcover Design.

8. Masks & Special Effects.
Introduction. Mask Problem-Solving Strategies. Advanced Technique: Colorful Masking. Advanced Technique: Offsetting Colors. Advanced Technique: Contouring Masks. Advanced Technique: Reflective Masks. Advanced Technique: Glowing Starshine. Advanced Technique: Painterly Effects. Advanced Technique: High Density Files.

9. Illustrator & Other Programs.
Introduction. Illustrator, Photoshop & Rasterization. Illustrator, Dimensions & Streamline. Bitmapped Images In Illustrator. Exporting Illustrator to Other Programs. Sketching Tools (with Photoshop).

10. Galleries with Photoshop.
Streamline. Streamline/Dimensions/Photoshop. Modems/QuarkxPress. Painter/Photoshop. Ray Dream Designer/Photoshop. Studio Pro/Photoshop. Dimensions. Traditional Airbrush. TypeStyler 3. Painter/Bryce/MAPublisher/Photoshop/Freehand.

11. Web, Multimedia & Animation.
Introduction. Working in RGB in Illustrator. The Attributes Palette and URLs. A Special Announcement for Web Designers. Advanced Technique: Making Waves. Gallery: On-screen for Multimedia. Gallery: Rasterizing for On-Screen. Tabs for the Web. Gallery: On-Screen Logo. Gallery: Rasterizing and Filtering. Web-safe Color.

Technical Notes/Acknowledgments.
General Index.

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