Imagined Globalization

Imagined Globalization

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A leading figure in cultural studies worldwide, Néstor García Canclini is a Latin American thinker who has consistently sought to understand the impact of globalization on the relations between Latin America, Europe, and the United States, and among Latin American countries. In this book, newly available in English, he considers how globalization is imagined by artists, academics, migrants, and entrepreneurs, all of whom traverse boundaries and, at times, engage in conflicted or negotiated multicultural interactions.

García Canclini contrasts the imaginaries of previous migrants to the Americas with those who live in transnational circuits today. He integrates metaphor and narrative, working through philosophical, anthropological, and socioeconomically grounded interpretations of art, literature, crafts, media, and other forms of expression toward his conclusion that globalization is, in important ways, a collection of heterogeneous narratives. García Canclini advocates global imaginaries that generate new strategies for dealing with contingency and produce new forms of citizenship oriented toward multiple social configurations rather than homogenization. This edition of Imagined Globalization includes a significant new introduction by George Yúdice and an interview in which the cultural theorist Toby Miller and García Canclini touch on events including the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street.

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ISBN-13: 9780822354734
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
Publication date: 03/21/2014
Series: Latin America in Translation Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Néstor García Canclini is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. Born in Argentina, he has lived in Mexico for many years. He is an anthropologist and cultural critic originally trained as a philosopher. Among the many books that he has written, those available in English are Hybrid Cultures: Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity, Consumers and Citizens: Globalization and Multicultural Conflict, Transforming Modernity: Popular Culture in Mexico, and Art beyond Itself: Anthropology for a Society without a Story Line, which is published by Duke University Press.

Table of Contents

Translator's Introduction
Introduction. Culture and Politics in the Imaginaries of Globalization
Part I. Narratives, Metaphors, and Theories
1. Globalize or Defend Identity: how to Get Out of This Binary
2. Globalization: An Unidentified Cultural Object
3. Market and Interculturality: Latin America between Europe and the United States
4. We Don't Know What to Call Others
Part II. Interlude
5. Disagreements between a Latin American Anthropologist, a European Sociologist, and a U.S. Cultural Studies Scholar
Part III. Politics for Interculturality
6. From Paris to Miami via Nueva York
7. Capitals of Culture and Global Cities
8. Toward a Cultural Agenda of Globalization
9. Toward an Anthropology of Misunderstandings
Epilogue. Social Imaginary Changes in Globalization today

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The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas - Diana Taylor

"Making Néstor García Canclini's Imagined Globalization available to English-speaking readers is a major contribution to debates about globalization. Garcia Canclini's thinking on questions of modernity and globalization has been foundational in Latin American studies, 'American' studies, and global studies, and it is inconceivable to work in these fields without referencing his work."

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