The Immortals

The Immortals

by Benjamin W. Schenk


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ISBN-13: 9781456723248
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/12/2011
Pages: 712
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.56(d)

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The Immortals

Eternal War
By Benjamin W. Schenk


Copyright © 2009 Benjamin W. Schenk
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-8203-8

Chapter One

Outside a grocery store; a large, dark-haired, balding man is talking to a petite, less than 5-feet- tall, blonde-haired girl. He hugs the girl and she walks into the store. A smaller, dark-haired, balding man walks out and shakes the larger man's hand.

"What times does she get off work, Barry?" Asks the larger man.

"Around 10 P.M., Bejine." Barry replies.

"And what time do Tyana and Christee get through?" Bejine asks. "I also promised Chry that I would give her a ride home. What times does her shift end?"

"Tyana and Christee get off around 9." Barry says. "Chry gets off at 9:30."

"Do me a favor and stay with them until I can get here to pick them up." Bejine says. "The older two and I will do our shopping until By is ready to go home."

Barry nods his head. He curiously turns to where the petite girl is at the time-clock. He returns his attention to Bejine.

"Bejine, you seem to be very protective of them, especially Fy, By and Tyana?! And most of your children have worked here over the years. You've been the same with all of them. Last night, you asked me to wait on you to get here to pick up Fy and Sheshine. Now, you want me to wait on Christee and Tyana!? Christee's 20-years-old, Bejine, and Tyana's 23 and a senior in college!? Why worry so muchabout them? They are adults!" Barry says. "Mind if I ask why you are so protective?"

"I have made some enemies over the years, Barry." Bejine replies. "I am this protective of Helena and Enri, let alone the others."

"Bejine, I have known you for years!" Barry says. "What could you have done to make so many enemies?"

"I had been many things over the years, before you knew me, Barry." Bejine replies. "Some of those things made my family and me some really bad enemies!"

Barry nods his head, still curious about Bejine's statement. He looks back at where Tyana and Christee are running some cash registers.

"I'll make sure the three of them and Chry stay safe while they are in my care." Barry says. "But one of these days you are going to have to tell me what made you so many enemies. I have had to watch over all of your girls while they worked for me. Don't get me wrong, Bejine, I don't have a problem keeping them safe. I have two daughters of my own, so I can understand being protective; but I am nowhere near this over-protective!"

"The enemies I have made are a lot worse than anything you have run across in your lifetime!" Bejine replies. "You'll just have to trust me on that!"

Bejine turns to walk off. He looks back at where the 5'3", fairly small, blonde-haired Tyana is watching him. She timidly waves at him and returns her attention to the customer in front of her. Barry is glancing back at the beautiful girl.

"Why is she so shy?" Barry asks. "I don't think I have ever seen somebody that timid!"

"She has had a very rough life." Bejine replies. "She's been like that for a very long time."

"She's just 23." Barry says. "How rough could her life have been?"

"I'll tell you about it, one day, Barry." Bejine says. "Just let her and the others know that I will pick them up later."

Bejine gets into his Chevrolet Suburban and drives off. Barry returns to the store.

In the back room of the store, Barry is stacking some cases on a storage bunker! A tall, very slim, brown-haired girl walks into the back and into a break room. Barry climbs down off of his ladder and walks over to where the girl is eating a snack at a table.

"Chry, you're close to Bejine and his family, aren't you?" Barry says. "How long have you known them?"

"For millions of years, Barry." Chry says, drinking from her soda.

Chry stops, after making her statement, and looks at Barry, nervously. He is smiling at her.

"So you went to school with the kids?" Barry asks.

"I grew up with all of them." Chry says. "We've known each other for a long time!"

"Chry, you're 17! Wait until you get my age before you start talking about a long time." Barry replies. "The reason I ask is that Bejine is so protective of his daughters! He's been that way from Helena on down!"

"He's had some careers that have made him some enemies!" Chry replies. He's just making sure that his enemies don't go after his kids or me!"

A gun goes off outside of the back room! Barry springs to his feet and is about to hurry from the back room when Chry stops him! He turns to the skinny girl, curiously.

"Call Bejine!" Chry says. "I'm smaller. I can see what's going on! I'm a lot smaller than you are."

Barry is about to argue with her, when she hurries from the back room! Barry watches, nervously, as the 5'8" girl starts up the dairy aisle of the store.

A large, burly man suddenly steps out at the other end of the aisle, less than ten feet from Chry! Chry screams, just as the man fires his shotgun, blasting the beautiful girl off of her feet! Chry remains on the floor, unmoving, as Barry ducks back into the back room.

"Oh shit, that man shot her in cold blood!" Barry excitedly says. "I've got to call the police!"

"No!" A female voice says from behind him. "You need to call my dad!"

Barry turns to find the petite, 5'2", red-haired Christee standing behind him! Her skin tight jeans are stained in blood and torn at her left thigh!

"Christee, are you okay?" Barry asks.

"I'm fine, but they got Tyana and By!" Christee worriedly says. "When I ran, they had them lying on the floor!"

"We need to call the police!" Barry says.

"We need to call daddy!" Christee repeats. "The police aren't going to do you any good against them!"

"Christee, my job protocol tells me to call the police in the event of a robbery or a hostage situation!" Barry replies. "That's what I am going to do! That man killed Chry!"

The voices of unidentified men near the back room. Barry grabs Christee's arm and hustles both of them into an office, locking the door to the windowless room behind them. He quickly picks up a phone and dials 911! Christee takes out her cell-phone and starts texting on it.

"What are you doing?" Barry asks.

"Letting daddy know what's going on!" Christee replies. "He needs to know that Tyana and By are in danger!"

At the front of the store, the two small blonde-haired girls are lying on the floor. Five very large, hairy, bearded men stand over them. One of them grabs Tyana's right arm and jerks her to her feet! By is forced to her feet by another of the men. Tyana tearfully stares at By, as the man starts tying her hands behind her back!

"Leave her alone!" By frightfully says, struggling to help her slightly larger sister.

"Tie that one up and gag her!" Demands the man that is tying up Tyana. "If she continues to argue, shoot her!"

Before By can say anything else, a strip of cloth is forced into the 4'11" girl's mouth and between her teeth. She lowers her head, as her hands are forced behind her back and tied there.

At the office, Barry is unlocking the desk drawer. Christee nervously looks back at him, as Barry takes a pistol from the drawer. Christee quickly grabs his arm.

"What are you doing?" Christee asks.

"I'm going to check on your sisters." Barry says. "Stay here! I'll be back in a minute!"

"Barry, that gun won't do you any good!" Christee excitedly says.

"I don't plan on shooting anybody, 'red'." Barry says. "I am just going to make sure that they haven't hurt the others!"

Barry cautiously walks out of the office. Chry, the front of her shirt torn and bloody, stands before him. He hustles her into the office.

"Chry, I saw that guy shoot you in the chest at point blank range!?" Barry says. "You should be dead!"

"I'm okay, Mr. Kyle." Chry says, as she takes a seat, holding her right hand over her chest area. "I'm just a little sore."

"Stay put, you two!" Demands Barry. "I'll be back as soon as I can!"

Barry hurries from the office. Chry and Christee snap to attention, as they hear police sirens in the distance.

"Christee, the police are walking into a death-trap!" Chry nervously says.

"So were you!" Christee says. "You heard my dad, Chry! We're never supposed to tempt fate! What if they had hit you in the head?"

"They didn't." Chry says, slowly lifting her blue polo shirt to reveal small, pellet-sized marks on her chest and stomach. "My stomach took the full brunt of the blast. It might not kill me, but it still hurts like heck when it first happens!"

Chry takes a deep, painful breath, as she looks towards the door of the office. Christee sympathetically puts her arms around Chry.

"They shot me, too, Chry!" Christee says. "The bullets might not kill us, but they sting like hell!"

"Christee, Mr. Kyle isn't bullet-proof and if those things are Zomega's men, they won't hesitate in shooting somebody!" Chry says.

"We're not bullet-proof, either, Chry. We just heal fast after we get hit." Christee says. "As bad as this is going to sound, I guess it's a good thing we're more valuable to Zomega as slaves and bargaining chips against dad!"

At the front of the store; eleven of the large, very hairy men are standing over the tied and gagged forms of By and Tyana! Barry cautiously watches from behind a display of cereal. He raises his gun and aims it for the burly man closest to By.

"God, if I didn't know better; I would swear those things were cavemen!" Barry remarks.

"That's because they are cavemen." Says a female voice.

Barry turns to find Christee and Chry standing behind him. He quickly ducks down with the two girls, as the men turn towards him.

"I thought I told the two of you to stay in the back?!" Barry says.

"By's my baby sister and Tyana's my most innocent sister!" Christee says. "You can't expect me to stay in the back!"

"Barry, you need to wait on Bejine before you take on the cavemen!" Chry says.

"Chry, cavemen have been extinct for thousands or millions of years!" Barry says. "They are just men!"

"They are cavemen, whether you want to believe it or not!" Christee argues.

"She's right, Barry!" Says a deep male voice. "They are cavemen!" Barry turns towards the voice. The large, 6'4", middle-aged Bejine Shneck stands before him, along with a shorter, dark-haired, middle-aged man! Bejine has a large sword in a sheath on his back. The other man carries two very large knives, more knives in sheaths all around his belt.

"Bejine, cavemen ..." Barry starts.

"Do exist!" The other man says. "We will explain how we know once we take care of the situation at hand!"

A very beautiful, 5'2", brownish-blonde-haired girl walks up to Bejine. Barry looks at her, astonished.

"Helena?! Bejine, how did the three of you get in here?" Barry asks. "There's no way you could have come in the front doors?!"

"We came in through the back!" Bejine replies.

"The back doors are locked from the inside!" Barry says. "You couldn't have gotten in that way!"

"We did!" Bejine says, smiling.

"Bejine, two of your daughters are already in danger!?" Barry says. "We need to get Helena, Christee and Chry out of here!"

Ten police cars suddenly pull up outside of the store. Barry smiles, victoriously. The smile quickly leaves his face, almost instantly, as gunfire opens up outside of the store! The policemen and their cars are quickly destroyed.

"Dad, Enri and I will be the distraction you and Rinone will need!" Helena says.

Barry glances back at where more people have come up behind them. He turns to Bejine, amazed.

"You can't send them out there!" Barry says. "They'll be killed!"

"They aren't that easy to kill." Bejine says. "Take my word for it. I don't have time to explain, right now!"

The 5'6", brown-haired, 24-year-old Enri walks up beside of Helena. The very beautiful girl looks at her father, nervously.

"Enri, you don't have to go if you don't want to!" Bejine says. "We will all understand!"

"They have little 'T', dad." Enri says. "I'm no good without her!"

Bejine nods his head, in agreement with Enri. He draws his sword from its sheath!

"Make sure they don't hit you in the head, girls!" Bejine says.

The two nod their heads! Two nearly identical, one dark-skinned and the other light-skinned, very beautiful, very slim, blonde-haired girls walk up to them, as well.

"When Helena and Enri go down, Cadny and I will be the next wave." The beautiful, dark-skinned, blonde-haired Melalie says.

"Kim and I ..." Christee starts.

"Four of you at risk are enough!" Bejine quickly says. "Rinone and I will be through with the ones in here, by then! We might need to the two of you and Fy to block Barry if the cavemen turn their weapons on him."

Helena and Enri suddenly hurry out into the open! One of the cavemen fires his gun into Enri's stomach! She falls to the floor, her arms folded over her stomach, and crying in pain.

Helena draws a knife from her very tight jeans and dives head-long into one of the men, slicing the knife across the man's throat and killing him! She turns to attack another one when she is shot in the back, the impact of the blast sending her flying and on top of a cash register counter.

The cavemen turn their weapons on where Enri is sitting on her knees on the floor, her right hand over her stomach and covered in blood. She starts smiling at the men, as she removes her hand from her stomach to show the men that she is no longer bleeding.

"You should be dead!?" One of the cavemen says, that is standing directly over the girl.

"I am a daughter of Bejine Shneck!" Enri confidently says. "I'm not that easy to kill!"

"Who is this Bejine Shneck?" Asks the caveman.

"That would be me!" Says a deep male voice.

The man looks up. Bejine swings his sword, cutting the man's head off! Rinone and a very large, younger man leap into the fray!

Bullets strike all three of the men, as they continue their battle with the villainous men! Two of the men hurry into the back of the store! A third one starts towards the back when Bejine, Rinone and the very large Jaseme Shell block his retreat!

"The girl said you were Bejine Shneck like it was supposed to mean something!?" The caveman asks.

"It means that you are facing one of the 'immortals'!" Bejine replies. "For that matter, you are facing all of the 'immortals'!"

The man looks up, as more of the members of Bejine's and Rinone's families step out around him. Melalie and Cadny hurry past them and over to Tyana, and start freeing her. Helena, who has climbed off of the register; and the short, average-sized, brown-haired Sheshine Shneck are freeing the struggling By.

"Tell Zomega that he came out too soon!" Bejine replies. "The immortals will stop him from defeating man-kind!"

The caveman flees the store! Bejine glances back at where the rest are standing. He quickly notices that Kim and Fy are missing, as is Barry!

"Where are the others?" Bejine asks.

"Barry chased after the two cavemen that fled into the back of the store!" Sheshine says. "Fy, Kim and Messilissa went after him!"

"Jaseme, get the rest out of here and try to be inconspicuous about it!" Bejine says. "Rinone and I will help the rest! We will meet at the convenience store!"

Deep in the store, Barry has cornered the two men! He aims his gun straight for them.

"Surrender or I will shoot!" Barry demands.

The cavemen start towards him, their guns raised. Barry opens fire, blasting both of the cavemen off of their feet! He turns to walk off, when the tiny, 4'11" Fy hurries past him!

Barry looks back, just as a gun goes off! Fy is hit in the stomach and falls back into Barry's arms. Barry, holding Fy, looks at the two men that he shot, in shock! They are both standing and heading for him!

The cavemen open fire, just as the 5'4", very skinny Kim Shneck and the 5'2", Brown-haired Messilissa Shell hurry between him and the two men! Both girls are hit numerous times and fall to the floor! Barry raises his gun, hollering out in anger!

Bejine and Rinone hurry into the area, as the shocked Barry gently picks up the unmoving Fy! He watches, both in amazement and shock, as Bejine cuts the head off of one of the cavemen! Rinone slashes his knife across the throat of the second caveman, killing him.


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