The Importance of the Electoral College

The Importance of the Electoral College

by George Grant
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HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Do you know what the Electoral College is? Many Americans have probably "heard" of it, but most of them probably couldn't tell you what it's all about. In order to secure the rights of all citizens and to provide stability for the government, our Founding Fathers established the Constitution upon the basic principle not of simple majority democracy but Federalism. The Electoral College as the way to choose the Chief Executive of the nation, along with other checks and balances, was part of their plan to achieve their goal. This book explains the genius behind their plan and the history of how it has worked so well in the two hundred plus years since. However, there have always been those who have called for the abolition of the Electoral College and demanded the direct election of the President by popular vote. This was especially the case after the 2000 election when Al Gore won a slight majority of the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote. Remember how the "Bush-Cheney" ticket was charged with being "Bush-Cheats" by the "Gore-Lieberman" campaign who was in turn identified as "Sore-Loserman"? Those who did not like the outcome of that election argued that the "will of the people" was somehow thwarted by the Electoral College and, therefore, that it should be abolished. That's akin to "don't like the message, so kill the messenger." While admitting that some small changes might help the Electoral College operate more in line with the will of the people, the author argues for the brilliance, wisdom, and continuing necessity of the Electoral College. I first heard Dr. George Grant at a homeschooling conference in Ohio many years ago. The director of the King's Meadow Study Center and Professor of Humanities at Franklin Classical School, he is not only an electrifying speaker but also an unusually incisive thinker who can easily get to the heart of a matter, lay everything out simply, and provide the evidence that leads to the proper conclusion. Three appendices give relevant information about the Electoral College from The Federalist Papers, the U. S. Constitution, and U. S. Code Provisions. Part of "The Witherspoon Series," The Importance of the Electoral College should be an essential part of every homeschooled student's study of American government, and is a must for everyone else interested in understanding and defending the unique system of elections bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.