The Improvement of the Administration of Justice

The Improvement of the Administration of Justice

by Peter M. Koelling (Editor)

Paperback(8th Edition)

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The Improvement of the Administration of Justice, Eighth Edition is divided into six sections: The Judicial System, Judicial Officers, Court Operations, Case Presentation, Specialized Courts, and Serving the Community. While these topics could be seen as being broad, with each of section being a volume of its own, the new edition brings the focus back to the administration of justice and how it can be improved.

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ISBN-13: 9781634254908
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication date: 09/07/2017
Edition description: 8th Edition
Pages: 1098
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 2.10(d)

About the Author

Dr. Peter M. Koelling, of Chicago, IL., is the director and chief counsel of the ABA's Judicial Division.

Table of Contents

Dedication ix

Preface xi

Foreword xiii

Part I The Judicial System

Chapter 1 Empowered and Independent Courts Peter M. Koelling 3

Chapter 2 Governing in the Judicial Branch: Trust Transparency, and Teamwork Mary C. McQueen 25

Chapter 3 The Role of Courts in a Democracy Hon. Paul De Muniz 37

Chapter 4 The Role of Judicial Leaders in the Administration of Justice Hon. Mark D. Martin 47

Chapter 5 Bench-Bar Relations in Judicial Administration Hon. Pamila Brown 79

Chapter 6 Court Funding in the 21st Century: Structure, Advocacy, and Stewardship Carolyn A. Dubay 87

Part II Judicial Officers

Chapter 7 Judicial Ethics in the United States Maria N. Greenstein 121

Chapter 8 Judicial Conduct Commissions: Rules and Variations Cynthia Gray 131

Chapter 9 Judicial Performance Evaluation Malia Reddick Hon. Rebecca Love Kourlis 155

Chapter 10 Judicial Education: A Brief History, Trends, and Opportunities William Brunson Hon. Chad Schmucker 179

Chapter 11 Selecting State Court Judges Hon. Russell Carparelli 197

Chapter 12 Magistrate Judges and Other Non-Article III Judges in the Federal Courts Peter McCabe 241

Part III Court Operations

Chapter 13 The Role of the Administrator: Half a Century in the Making David Slayton 271

Chapter 14 The Road to Court Excellence: Performance Measures to Performance Management Daniel J. Hall 283

Chapter 15 Time Standards Peter M. Koelling 301

Chapter 16 Leveraging Employee Engagement for a High Performance Court Demetra Estephana Treviño Koelling 321

Chapter 17 Technology and Case-Management Systems James Pauli 345

Chapter 18 Financial Management of Courts Alan Carlson 377

Chapter 19 Caseflow Management Peter M. Koelling 397

Chapter 20 The Courthouse of the Future: A Planning and Design Primer for Court Managers and Judges Nathan Hall 425

Chapter 21 Administering the Courts in a Time of Criminal Justice Reform Peter Coolsen Ali Abid 451

Chapter 22 Language Access Services Sunil Mansukhani Hon. Vanessa Ruiz 473

Chapter 23 Jury System Management in the 21st Century: A Perfect Storm of Fiscal Necessity and Technological Opportunity Paula Hannaford-Agor 505

Chapter 24 Dispute Resolution Processes: Uses and Approaches to Court Processes for Alternative Dispute Resolution in State and Federal Trial Courts Hon. Christine O.C. Miller 519

Part IV Case Presentation

Chapter 25 The Principles of Civility Hon. William F. Dressel 541

Chapter 26 Pro Se Litigation Deborah Chase 551

Chapter 27 E-Discovery for the 21st Century and Beyond Paul Weiner 581

Chapter 28 The Forensic Sciences and Judicial Gatekeeping: The Role of Judicial Education Hon. Stephanie Domitrovich 629

Chapter 29 Jury Principles and the Jury Trial Hon. William Caprathe 659

Chapter 30 Sentencing Kevin Bennardo Todd Haugh 697

Part V Specialized Courts

Chapter 31 Looking to the Future of the Appellate Process Hon. James E. Lockemy 721

Chapter 32 Article I Federal Courts Stephen I. Vladeck 745

Chapter 33 Limited-Jurisdiction Courts Hon. Elizabeth R. Finn 785

Chapter 34 Family Courts Hon. Janice M. Rosa 799

Chapter 35 Juvenile Courts Kendall Marlowe 823

Chapter 36 Probate Courts: Trends, Challenges, and Innovations Alicia Davis Richard Van Duizend Hon. Rita Cobb Brenda K. Uekert 847

Chapter 37 Business Courts in the United States: 20 Years of Innovation Lee Applebaum Mitchell L. Bach 867

Chapter 38 Administrative Adjudication in the United States Hon. James G. Gilbert Hon. Robert S. Cohen 895

Chapter 39 Tribal Courts at a Crossroads Hon. J. Matthew Martin 925

Part VI Serving the Community

Chapter 40 An Overview and Legal Perspective of Community Corrections in the United States Robert D. Hanser 953

Chapter 41 Public Information, Media Relations, and the Judiciary: Trends, Challenges, Innovations, Opportunities David A. Sellers 975

Chapter 42 Serving the Community: Social Media. Christopher J. Davey Thomas Hodson 1003

Chapter 43 Mental Health Evaluations and Treatment in the Civil Courts: Current Standards of Practice John P. Vincent Ashley K. Stewart James Ray Hays Elizabeth Burns Garner 1031

Chapter 44 Judicial Outreach in U.S. Courts Hon. Richard L. Fruin, Jr. 1061

Chapter 45 Civics Education Thomas Vontz Pauline Weaver 1075

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