The Incident

The Incident

by Xavier Axelson
3.5 2

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The Incident 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Ivelisse: Michael Carmac is a police officer has been living with guilt since "The Incident" where he shot a kid by complete accident. Even though it was an accident fellow officers look down on him and even some people in the community look at him wrong. His partner and best friend, Bertram Angel, tries everything he can to make him get over the guilt. Michael wants Bertram so bad, but knowing his friend doesn't like men he keeps his feelings hidden until one night that includes sinfully good chocolate cake. I enjoyed this book because it focused more on the inner struggle Michael was dealing with and how to live day to day with the guilt. There are very few stories you hear about PTSD and even fewer that include a romance angle. What really got me was the writing, the details the authors used and how he showed Michael's feelings. I have to admit I was really rooting for Michael to get his man and the moment where Angel (they call him by his last name) looks into his eyes and they are both silent and Angel whispers just do it, for Michael to go for what he was thinking---I screamed for joy. The only thing which had me a little disappointed was I wished Michael and Angle would have dived in a little more sexually than they did. But with that being said it didn't take away anything too detrimental to the actual point of the story, about not being afraid and knowing life goes on after a tragedy.
QueentuttsWorld More than 1 year ago
Xavier Axelson gives a great insight into the symptoms of PTSD as Officer Michael Carmac deals with the accidental shooting of a young boy. The story gives great visualization into the bonding and true friendship between Police Officers Michael and Angel, but an undeniable attraction between the two, an attraction that they have been keeping to themselves because of their past upbringings. However, after all the drama they have been through together and with the help of the shrink, Michael finally realizes that Angel is his fire within that burns all the negativity out of his mind when they are together. I thought it was a good short story. The romance is really mild due to the already bonding set between two Police Officers. The erotic scenes were medium for it to be an M-M story. It only consisted of a blow job and a hand job. However, it was great to read about the daily life behind the scenes of a police officer that most of us don't realize the mental trials they deal and go through when off the job and away from the force especially after a tragic incident.