The Inner World

The Inner World

by A. Hyatt Verrill

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The Inner World by A. Hyatt Verrill

Thurlow was a man ahead of his time, his theories might have seemed outrageous but later were proved to be true, could this strange tale about a mysterious inner world be true as well?

Recently I have received a most remarkable, I might even say astounding, communication. A communication so amazing and incredible that did I not possess the tangible and unquestionable evidence of its authenticity I would not dare to make it public. But as it is, with concrete proofs of the origin of the communication where anyone may see and examine them, I feel that the communication is of such great and universal interest and importance that it should be given to the world.
This astonishing document came to me by the most matter-of-fact and ordinary means—the United States Mail. It was posted at St, Thomas in the Virgin Islands and was accompanied by an explanatory letter which read as follows:
"Dear Sir:
I am mailing you under separate cover by parcel post an object which belongs to you and which I have been directed to send to your address.
A day or two ago, while bathing at Throm Bay, my attention was attracted to a floating object which resembled a small mooring-buoy. It was conspicuously colored with red and white stripes and was of globular form.
Upon securing it I discovered it was not a buoy, for there was no ring at the lower side, and upon lifting it I heard something move or rattle within.
Curiosity now being aroused, I examined the strange object and discovered that it was formed of two sections, and after a little time I managed to separate the two halves which were fastened with a cleverly-designed interrupted screw much like that on the breech-block of a modern gun. At the time I was astonished to note that, although the container was constructed of some metal and was nearly half an inch in thickness, yet its weight was less than that of a similar sized sphere of thin aluminum.
Within this spherical shell was a metal cylinder with a screw cap, and within this was a second cylinder and a sheet of some parchment-like material bearing writing in English, French, German, Italian. Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, and several other languages which I could not identify, as well as in Chinese, Hebraic and other characters. As the English, French and others with which I am more or less familiar, were practically identical in meaning I assume that all the others carried the same message, which was a request that whoever might find the object would at once forward it to you at the address I have given and that the finder would not disturb the contents of the smaller cylinder.
I have therefore replaced the sheet of parchment and the larger cylinder and am sending you everything exactly as it was when I found it."

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