The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership

The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership

by Behnam Tabrizi, Michael Terrell
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The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership by Behnam Tabrizi, Michael Terrell

The Inside-Out Effect reveals powerful lessons on leadership and achieving your full potential as taught at Stanford University’s Graduate and Executive Education Program. It draws upon cutting-edge neuroscience and research from psychology, sociology, and philosophy to create a comprehensive guide for leaders at any level to reinvigorate their lives and the lives of those they affect by pursuing inner-outer alignment.The Inside-Out Effect is based on a three-part process called KNOW-BE-LEAD. Through this method, the authors offer a series of powerful tools that take you to the brink of experiencing your work and life as a calling. They take you into the heart of greater fulfillment, performance, and leadership.Whereas many leadership development books focus on a series of “quick fix” techniques, this book begins and ends with understanding and cultivating yourself. When you begin to live and lead in alignment with your authentic self, you embark on an incredible journey toward peak performance and peak happiness.

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ISBN-13: 9780988224513
Publisher: Evolve Publishing
Publication date: 02/19/2013
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.36(w) x 9.08(h) x 1.06(d)

About the Author

Behnam Tabrizi is a leading global business consultant, bestselling author, and award-winning teacher and scholar. He is a Consulting Professor at Stanford University’s Department of Management Science and Engineering, and an internationally recognized expert and thought leader on corporate and leadership transformation who has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and government organizations in achieving breakthrough results. Dr. Tabrizi has written five books on transformation, and has held positions at Harvard Business School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is the Chairman of Rapid Transformation, LLC, (

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The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Over the last 18 months, as part of a personal journey, I've read several dozen personal and professional development books (everything from Dale Carnegie's classic 'How to Win Friends & Influence People' to Shawn Achor's 'The Happiness Advantage') and every research study on "happiness" I could get my hands on.  I now wish I had saved some time and just read this book.  The Inside-Out Effect is more than another leadership book that you passively read and reflect upon.  For me, it served as a workbook, journal, and blank canvas as I dove into the messy work of articulating my values and challenging myself to align the hours in my personal and professional life with them.  What struck me was how elegantly the book led me through this process of discovery and execution without ever overwhelming me; the journey was broken into manageable but meaningful steps, which were valuable and practical themselves, but (unknowingly to me at times) all leading to a greater goal.    While I'm now a believer in practices such as mindfulness and meditation, and their relevance in both personal and professional settings, I wasn't always.  In fact, I was one of the harshest critics before discovering the compelling science behind it.  This book is for those who are not yet convinced.  While the authors provide a strong case for their techniques and theories, they also anticipate the reader's suspicions and addresses these issues head on.  Instead of presuming the reader will take their word at face value, the authors give a balanced perspective and gently push the reader to temporarily suspend disbelief, try it on, and trust his/her experiences.     I just finished the book and, flipping back, most pages are now soaked in my blue-inked chicken scratch.  I plan to take a couple days to let it all marinate, and then read my notes over to reflect on what I learned about myself over the last two weeks of reading.  This book gives back as much as you put in, and, for me, was the capstone to my personal journey to find the fulfillment and happiness that has been missing in my outwardly successful, but inwardly empty professional life.     
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book allows a reader to continuously look inwardly as you learn valuable frameworks through which to understand personal and professional goals. I love the way that the book maintains a human touch while providing statistical, scientific, and anecdotal information and encouraging the reader to relate each lesson to his own life. Einstein's lesson that "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servent. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift," cited by the book, represents the powerful lesson The Inside-Out Effect can teach us. It uses both neurological evidence that meditation can increase brain functionality and simple metaphors of keeping a fish-tank clean to provide a structured path toward increased self-understanding. I am grateful to have read it and encourage others to reap the benefits as well!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been looking for a new good book on personal development and leadership, but with so many books out there, sorting through it all can feel overwhelming. If you are like me, you want a book you can actually use, not some hypothetical, pie in the sky view of personal development. You want something pragmatic. The Inside Out Effect is the best in class example of how thoughtful intelligent writers can take massive amounts of research and boil it into a tangible path to personal and professional transformation. Some books are ingestible, few are digestible, and none are as actionable as The Inside Out Effect. The Inside Out Effect even had the foresight to build out a fantastic mobile application to help ensure your success continues long past the last page of the book! The book has a very clean easy structure, great tools, powerful stories, and engaging writing, but what impressed me most was how applicable this book was to a wide audience: 1.) As a former strategy consultant, I found "The Pygmalion Effect" to touch on one of the core issues executive client maps faced. 2.) As an entrepreneur, I found new tools to be more authentic in my leadership style and empower my team members. 3.) As an individual just trying to live life more intentionally, I found the "Progress-Compassion Paradigm" to help me bounce back much faster from disappointments and stay focused on my personal growth goals. There are thousands of books out there on leadership and personal development, but Terrell and Tabrizi have made it a simple choice...the book to beat is "The Inside Out Effect."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” - Paulo Coelho. This quote alludes to the most important lesson in this book. True happiness and balance in life comes from aligning ourselves with what we actually care about. Being honest with ourselves is the only way for each of us to discover our core self. I've read a lot of books on personal development that completely miss this point. In a rare move, the Inside-Out Effect starts with it and offers a well thought through outline that pushes us to discover our core values. Everyone's journey will be different, but this book does a great job of taking us through the necessary steps, no matter the end destination. In addition to walking us down the path of self discovery, this book makes it actionable. Quoting another author, The Inside Out Effect states, "We may hold generosity as a value, but the virtue is behaving generously. Alignment occurs when we transform our values into virtues..." I find this to be one of the most fulfilling sections of the book, as the authors go on detail the steps necessary for this transformation to occur and how we can use it to lead. I've personally started using several of the tools from the book including PQ reps, "Yes, and...", meditation, and gratitude journaling to move closer to becoming my best self all the time. I had a feeling this was a 5-star book from the opening section about personal understanding, but after reading the rest of it, the philosophy it expounds on transforming ideas into action, and its take on becoming an effective leader, it was guaranteed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the best book I've read in a while - and certainly the best on the topic of leadership. Tabrizi and Terrell understand that transformational leadership cannot be achieved by sitting idly by. They kept me actively engaged throughout the duration of my time reading The Inside-Out Effect. This is a must read for any aspiring leader. I've already recommended this book to close friends and co-workers - and I'd do the same to anybody reading this review. This is a phenomenal book...your time reading it will be time well spent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Inside Out Effect has challenged me to put my thoughts, beliefs, goals and aspirations into words - one of the most powerful exercises one can ever do. As a verbal processor, writing things down has never been easy for me. I prefer to talk it out - leaving no evidence behind besides my fleeting verbal conclusions. What I have found to be so profound about this book on my journey of self discovery has been that it has left me with answers tucked away in the pages. Tabrizi and Terrel have an incredible way of providing gentle prompts that facilitate real reflection. There is something so incredible about seeing your own scribbles noting some of the most powerful moments of your life and biggest dreams for your future. I truly believe that by writing these things down I am more likely to adhere to the values that are most important to me, aspire for the things that I want most and live my life in a way that gives me joy. Tabrizi and Terrel facilitate this experience in a way that is warm, open and honest. They provide the baby steps that can lead one to their most inspired state of being. They ask all the right questions at just the right time. I actually got excited thinking about all the things I was truly capable of doing when reading this book. I felt as though I had an outlet to articulate my deepest secrets and biggest desires. I would pass this book along to all my friends, but my own words cover most pages. Instead I will buy them all their own copy. I truly believe that this book facilitates self discovery in a way that comes from so deep within. Also, the app is incredible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great tone! It’s hard to read some of the passages in this book and not smile. I’ve never thought of my personal problems as a  fishbowl of poop, but that really tickled my inner 7-year-old. And how perfect to do so. The Inside-Out Effect does two things really,  really well: 1. It draws out the inner hope of potential and opportunity, the very fuel for deep and personal change 2. It makes you feel like you’re talking to a real person Change is not something you learn from a textbook. What you want is a buddy, and that’s what this book is. The buddy driving the  spotter van, pointing out pitfalls, providing support and guiding you through your tough journey. The buddy describing the glory  awaiting you at the end line. The many turns-of-phrase that are more commonly spoken than written create an voice that goes beyond  an author. There’s a connection that forms. Along with the personal anecdotes, this unique voice makes you feel like you’re having one  of those life-changing conversations you have in some corner of a random get-together, where just listening to the words drives visceral  change in your outlook and expectation of life. And the book is tactical, which is how you know it’s legitimate. Focusing on a “growth mindset” is a very specific directive, making it  accessible. There’s no moment of “well what does that mean?” The authors take great pains for clarity and specificity, which creates  trust and disarms that all-too-natural instinct to recoil from change. It’s a joy to read and brings a vague, difficult topic into clearer and  more inviting light.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book makes some pretty big promises--- and it sure does deliver! Behnam and Terrell take the reader on a journey of transformational change that draws on knowledge of decades of working with students, corporate leaders and organizations. They gently and supportively guide you through KNOW-BE-LEAD, a powerful transformational rubric that inspires personal exploration and authentic change.  The three 'steps' of KNOW-BE-LEAD: 1) KNOW: Who am I?2) BE: Who am I being?3) LEAD: Am I authentically leading others? Perhaps the best part about this book is how the delivery of material is active and engaging. I tore my way through pages with pen in hand, pausing to self-reflect and perform the suggested exercises. The book contains synthesized material from a wide spectrum of disciplines presented in a way that it is easy to follow and easy to read. I found the writing style and pretty packaging served me well; it allowed me to take the information and focus on applying it to my life rather than struggle to understand complicated concepts. To spice it up, Behnam and Terrell sprinkle in Brain Bites that highlight relevant topics in neuroscience, and Nate's Status updates that demonstrate to the reader how their fictional character Nate progresses through application of KNOW-BE-LEAD.  At worst, this book will have a few gems for you, and at best, spark lasting transformational change. If you are interested in becoming a more authentic and influential person, then this book is for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too often leadership books focus on quick fixes - easy to market "5-steps to a better career" - and idol worship - "here's how to be like this famous person." Sometimes these lessons are useful, but their base assumption is flawed. They equate leadership with doing a certain set of behaviors or emulating some public figure. The Inside-Out effect focuses on the fundamental essence of leadership - the hard-earned lesson that in order to lead, one must truly know oneself and be that person. Being honest with yourself and living a life based on your core values, while not "sexy," is the most sustainable path to leadership. This book is a quick read, is a useful workbook for discovering your leadership potential, and is recommended for anyone who wants a fresh perspective on leadership.