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The Insider's Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job: What Every Law Student Should Know about Interviewing by Erika Finn, Jessica Olmon

The primary goal of most law students is to get a job upon graduation. While law school teaches many things, how to get a law job is not one of them. Thousands of law students thus graduate each year without a job, without any prospects, and without the faintest idea how to land their first job with a law firm. In law school, however, the competition for top jobs is intense - and the special needs of law firm recruiters are unknown to law students. This book is an insider's look at the secrets of landing a dream law firm job.

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ISBN-13: 9781888960143
Publisher: Fine Print Press, The
Publication date: 01/01/2009
Pages: 130
Sales rank: 1,262,685
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About the Author

Erika Finn earned her law degree from the University of California-Berkeley School of Law, where she was a member of the Law Review. During law school, she was offered summer associate positions at 19 large law firms, and worked at New York-based Proskauer Rose LLP in their Los Angeles office.

Jessica Olmon earned her law degree from the Ohio State University and started her practice as an associate at Fulbright & Jaworski in Los Angeles. She interviewed law students for her firm and offers an insider's viewpoint into the interviewing process at one of the largest law firms in the world.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xiii

Authors' Note xv

Foreword xvii

Introduction xxi

Your Perfect Job: Is A Big Firm Right For You? 1

A Brief History: Law Firm Hiring 5

Nuts And Bolts Of Recruitment: A View From The Firm 7

The Process 7

Interviews From The Firm's Standpoint 9

How Are You Evaluated? 10

What About Grades? 10

Preparation: Your Job Search 13

Researching Employers 13

Getting Ready For On-Campus Interviews 16

Using This Information To Your Advantage 17

Research Outside of OCI 18

Pulling It All Together 20

Polishing Your Resume And Writing Sample 23

Your Resume 23

Cover Letters 26

Writing Sample 29

OCI Bidding And Resume Submissions 31

Submitting Your Resume 31

Bidding For Interviews 31

Resume Collection 33

Master Of Your Domain 35

The On-Campus Interview 41

Interview Content 41

Behind the Scenes: Who Gets Invited Back 43

How To Get That Call-Back 45

Interview Techniques 46

What to Avoid at the On-Campus Interview 48

A Peek From Behind the OCS Curtain 50

The Call-Back Interview 57

The Call-Back Interview Process 57

Preparation 58

The Interview 59

Behind the Scenes at the Call-Back Interview 67

A Peek Behind The Scenes at a Big Firm 68

Etiquette For The Meal 73

Following Up 77

Applying For Interviews Outside Of OCI: Personal Contact 101 79

Networking 83

Recruiting Events 83

Individuals 85

Discrimination 87

Limitations on What Employers Can Ask 87

Handling Inappropriate Questions 91

Letting Someone Know: Should You Tell? 94

Applying For Jobs In A Different City Or State 97

Choosing Among Offers 101

Re-Applying As A 3L 107

Getting The Job! 111

Sample Set 1 CoverLetter & Resume, Samantha Student 113

Sample Set 2 Cover Letter & Resume, John Smith 119

About the Authors 125

Index 127

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