The Insightful Leader: Find Your Leadership Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs, and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

The Insightful Leader: Find Your Leadership Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs, and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

by Carlann Fergusson


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ISBN-13: 9781440862809
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/30/2018
Pages: 165
Sales rank: 676,201
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Carlann Fergusson is an award-winning leadership change expert, a past corporate executive, a speaker, and founder of Propel Forward. She guides Fortune 500s, private companies, and nonprofits in becoming more insightful.

Table of Contents

Introduction: That Nagging Feeling vii

Part 1 Preparing for Insight 1

Chapter 1 Rising from Adversity 3

Chapter 2 Discovering Your Superpowers 15

Part 2 The Superpowers 29

Chapter 3 Results-Oriented or Impractical 31

Chapter 4 Problem Finder or Pessimist 39

Chapter 5 Intellectually Curious or Know-It-All 47

Chapter 6 Empathic or Needy 57

Chapter 7 Visionary or Demanding 67

Chapter 8 Highly Analytic or Uncaring 75

Chapter 9 Humble or Condescending 85

Chapter 10 Precise or Rigid 95

Chapter 11 Great Listener or Lacking Confidence 103

Chapter 12 Calm Under Pressure or Apathetic 113

Part 3 Becoming the Insightful Leader 121

Chapter 13 Looking Behind: Your Source of Strength 123

Chapter 14 Looking Forward: Your Vision of Leadership 143

Chapter 15 Looking Up: Moving to a Higher Level of Leadership 153

Index 159

What People are Saying About This

Marshall Goldsmith

"Leaders often hear they need to have deeper self-awareness but rarely has there been a book that so accurately charts a path of self-discovery. In The Insightful Leader, Carlann Fergusson systematically enables leaders to serve as their own executive coaches."

Jack Stahl

"This book turns traditional thinking about leadership on its head—and enables a different and more positive set of behaviors for leaders."

Bill Sheppard

"The Insightful Leader is a guide to self-examination that has caused me, as a leader, to rethink the strengths I valued in myself. I now look at them from the employee's perspective. Carlann is the most thoughtful and, in a positive way, confrontational organizational professional I have ever worked with. I am a better leader because of her coaching."

Dr. Peggy Chabrian

"Carlann Fergusson's conversational style successfully translates leadership skills from theory into practice in a way that is both educational and enlightening."

David Zadikoff

"Carlann Fergusson is always real and direct in her coaching sessions, and that's what I love about The Insightful Leader: it is real, practical, and actionable. Her book expertly guides you through a path of self-discovery that lets you shed your limiting beliefs and own your leadership."

Steve Jacobs

"Carlann Fergusson's observations of leaders' overused strengths are so accurate that you will have x-ray vision into yourself and your colleagues. Being able to see beyond the surface is incredibly valuable in navigating workplace dynamics."

Lisa A. Steelman

"The Insightful Leader is insightful in a new way. Using a superpower metaphor, Carlann Fergusson provides leaders and coaches with fresh awareness of leader effectiveness. She easily distills research evidence and her extensive coaching experience in a way that is accessible and engaging. A must-read!"

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The Insightful Leader: Find Your Leadership Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs, and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I highly recommend this book. The approach was refreshing; it gets to the heart of what inhibits us from being at our best as leaders and provides relevant practices to improve. I appreciated the focus of each section: 1) Adversity and how it creates a superpower, 2) The author guides the reader to identify their superpower, gives real-life examples of overuse and how others perceive this, and specifies how to get back into balance, 3) Strategies to refocus and lead with greater positive impact. The author understands what drives team performance and personal relationships offering methods to a breakthrough as a more effective leader.