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The Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mysteries - Books 1-4 (Walter Darriteau Box Set I - Ebook Edition)

The Inspector Walter Darriteau Murder Mysteries - Books 1-4 (Walter Darriteau Box Set I - Ebook Edition)

by David Carter

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This Box Set features the first 4 Inspector Walter Darriteau cases:

The Murder Diaries – Seven Times Over

There is a killer on the loose in the ancient city of Chester, a random killer who strikes without any clear motive.

Inspector Walter Darriteau and Sergeant Karen Greenwood are on the case, determined to catch the killer before he or she strikes again.

What they say about The Murder Diaries

Fantastic writing that gripped me from the start and kept me involved and interested all the way through. Masterful writing re the different scenarios between characters in the story. Can't wait to read another book by this author.

The Sound of Sirens

Luke Flowers is a small-time crook and he started young. Copying software, dealing drugs, living on the margins, playing the big man, forever in trouble with the law, until he opts for a big career change.

Killing people pays well, and the respect he finds coming his way is a drug in itself.

He's chosen his path, oblivious to where it might lead, as the sound of sirens echoes over the city. This gritty thriller keeps the reader riveted till the last page.

What they say about The Sound of Sirens

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is fun, exciting, humorous at times, and bloody and shocking in all the right moments. If you're salivating for a new crime-solving hero, look no further than Inspector Walter Darriteau.

The Twelfth Apostle

This chunky story takes the reader deep into the world of human trafficking and modern slavery.

A young woman's body is dumped near the swimming baths. Walter's there in a flash.

Subplots aplenty, The Twelfth Apostle is a roller-coaster ride where the reader sits on Walter's shoulder and watches the case unfold.

What they say about The Twelfth Apostle

I don't usually read crime/thrillers but I do like a gripping plot and believable characters. This book has both and I was particularly impressed by the details of places from Hong Kong to Liverpool - the writer knows England's northwest inside out. Inspector Darriteau manages to be hardworking, clever and endearingly human, much better than a lot of TV detectives I've seen. It's a good long read - one to get into on dark winter nights.

Kissing a Killer

In a remote spot south of the city by the twisting River Dee, an old caravan bursts into flames. Inside, a young woman perishes. Accident, suicide or murder?

In another part of town middle-aged Belinda Cooper has given up on men. They are more trouble than they are worth. During a violent thunderstorm she detects a prowler in her home.

Belinda is a feisty woman, a veteran of the Cheshire Hunt, and reverts to being the hunter, as the intruder becomes the hunted.

Walter's on the case - a thrilling mystery that takes him to places he could never imagine.

What they say about Kissing a Killer

It's a test of wits this one for those who enjoy a good detective story, spiced with occasional humour too, it was good to be able to identify with the human element, bringing the characters to life and making it a well-rounded read.

David Carter has created a character in Inspector Walter Darriteau who lives long in the memory.

These fast-paced books grab the reader with snappy dialogue and a sense of humour too.

A nice long read at more than 1475 pages. Pick up your copy today!

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About the Author

David Carter lives in the south of England and has written more than 20 books including a series of murder/mysteries featuring his detective Inspector Walter Darriteau based in Chester, Merseyside, Liverpool, and North Wales.

If you’re interested in this genre look out for The Murder Diaries - Seven Times Over, The Sound of Sirens, The Twelfth Apostle and Kissing a Killer, aIl featuring Walter Darriteau.

David has also written a male equivalent chicklit novel dubbed “manlit” by some. The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene features a character who doesn’t treat women well and it comes back to haunt him.

Margaret Henderson Smith, a seasoned writer in her own right, wrote about Gringo Greene:

In its easy style it simply bounces along, every page sheer entertainment, compulsively turned, but at the same time I found myself grateful for the sheer length of this chunky, fun-filled book because I never wanted to reach the end. I feel sure readers will be hankering after a sequel, or a prequel as Carter puts it and I hope the author will oblige.

From the start, the reader readily engages with the characters, the context, the setting, the story. With its low-key running plot gradually stepping up as the story progresses, Carter has the balance just right for he allows no distraction from each of Gringo’s lover’s own tales. This has got to be one of the most fascinating books I've ever read, for Carter has the knack of placing the reader in the thick of it. One is hardly aware one is reading, the experience of interacting with the characters is strangely powerful, and I read this with the ease of watching a film.

I congratulate the author on this work for it takes a very clever author to be able to hold the reader’s fascination continuously in this way. He has created a superb male 'slick-lit’ character in Gringo Greene and the work has much to commend it. Within its genre, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and it goes without saying I highly recommend it.

David’s aim is to release one full-length novel every year, though two would be nice! There’s a much-requested sequel to Gringo Greene in the offing, time permitting. Read more on David’s books and see lots of reviews at:

And you can get in touch and follow David on Twitter @TheBookBloke.