The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended

The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended

by Ainslie MacLeod


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Have you ever sensed that your life has a deeper, more meaningful purpose, but you don't know what it is? If so, you're not alone. To help you and the millions like you, psychic Ainslie MacLeod's spirit guides have given him a systematic approach to uncovering who you really are—and the life your soul has planned for. They call it The Instruction.

Now, for the first time, this unique teaching is offered as a step-by-step program for realizing personal fulfillment. The Instruction will take you through 10 doorways to unveil the life plan your soul created before you were even born, including:

Your Soul Age—Determining how it shapes your beliefs and behaviors
• Your Soul Type—Are you a Hunter? Thinker? Creator? What your Soul Type reveals about your true self
• Your Powers—Connecting fully and permanently with your spirit guides to create your destiny
• Your Talents—Using your past lives to enhance the present
By taking you on a journey beyond this plane, Ainslie MacLeod uses a groundbreaking system to help you unlock the secrets of your soul's purpose, and illuminate the path of your life with The Instruction.

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ISBN-13: 9781591797203
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/01/2009
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 185,877
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Ainslie MacLeod
For more than a decade, Ainslie MacLeod has used his talents as a psychic to explore the soul and its effects on human beliefs and behavior. Collaborating with elevated spirit guides, he developed the Instruction as a way to help each of us understand our own personal destiny. Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, he currently lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where, from his office on a tranquil island, he offers psychic guidance to clients worldwide.

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