The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory

The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory

by Thomas O. Mitchell


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The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory by Thomas O. Mitchell

"The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory" is the only theory ever developed and written that explains how reincarnation functions. How it actually works.

If you have ever thought about what happens to you when you die, you are certainly not alone. There are many theories about the afterlife. All are unproven and all are just that, theories and beliefs. Not to minimize theories and beliefs, to the contrary, these two components are primary tests in defining Intelligent Life.

In order to answer the question of "What happens when you die?", we must first answer some basic questions. "What is your Soul or Spirit? Where did it come from? Why did you get the Soul you have? Is your Soul unique? And, where does it go, when you die? The Intelligent Life Cycle (ILC) Theory provides answers to these questions, and much more.

There have been reports that human bodies have weighed slightly less directly after death, theoretically after the soul/spirit has left the body. It has also been reported that the Spirit has been photographed leaving the body upon death, through infrared spectrometry. Even before photographic technology, before there were cameras, centuries ago, artists painted graveyard settings showing the spirit as it rises from the dead body in the grave, portraying 'Ghosts' rising from the graves.

Thoughts of the afterlife have been around since the beginning of mankind. Most established religions, such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam do not espouse reincarnation, but do tout life after death in a variety of scenarios, whether it be Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Paradise, or somewhere in between. There are a number of other religions around the globe that do include some version of reincarnation-lite in their belief structure, but none of them describe how it actually works.

The ILC Theory goes way beyond traditional reincarnation theory and incorporates the how's and why's of the entire LifeCycle process. The Theory is not intended to be any form of a new religion. Please do not try to make it one. It is just as the name says, it is "The Intelligent Life Cycle Theory". It is a comprehensive theory explaining the evolution, perpetuation and continuity of Intelligent Life in the Universe and beyond, based on scientific concepts and precepts.

During our research phase, no other theory could be found that specifically describes how the evolution of Intelligent Life in the Universe actually functions. It seems to be the consensus of opinion that "The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory" is a first.

The ILC Theory is the first and only theory that specifically addresses how reincarnation actually functions. The Theory also answers in detail the who, why, when, where and how often questions surrounding this infinitely important phenomenon of reincarnation.

Traditional religion is good, since people need to fill that void in their belief system that answers the life-after-death question. And most religions do emphasize the goodness in mankind.

However, it seems like a waste of time and energy to nurture the Soul from birth to death, if you only get one shot at life, one life to live, never to be re-lived again. And, as a result of only that one life, however short it may be, you either get it right, or you do not. Either way, you go to one of the two Hs.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a do-over, a second chance at life, or a third, or fourth, or tenth? The ILC Theory shows you how that works, and why it's probable. The Theory illustrates why the perpetuation of Intelligent Life is absolutely critical to the existence of Mankind on Earth, and indeed crucial to the very survival of Intelligence throughout the Universe.

An understanding of technology is not necessary to understand the logic inherent in The Theory. Readers have said The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory is also entertaining. Hope you enjoy the book.

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ISBN-13: 9780615673783
Publisher: ILC Theory, LLC
Publication date: 10/06/2012
Pages: 488
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