The Internal Being: Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology

The Internal Being: Reincarnational and Intuitive Psychology

by Raymond R. Bates



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ISBN-13: 9780595169344
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The concept of Mind1
General existence of mind1
Some basic assumptions of Mind3
Cosmic Mind6
Need for new concepts to define mind7
Mind evolvement7
Evolvement of human mind9
Types of unit minds10
Protozoic mind12
Metazoic mind12
A Mind's Eye--View of Time13
Conscious mind expressed in time14
Conscious Time and Relativity15
Non--human mind17
Chapter 2Spiritual Evolution18
Standard Evolution18
Physical De-evolution19
Mental Evolution20
Evolutionary speed21
Chapter 3Senses and Knowledge24
Senses Sense Perception24
Sense and Non-sense waves25
Standard perception26
New and old perceptions27
Attributes of the five fundamental factors27
The Solid factor or Ksititattva27
The Liquid factor or Jalatattva28
The Luminous factor or Tejastattva28
Aerial factor or Va'yutattva28
The Ethereal factor or A'ka'shatattva29
Time and the apperceptive plate29
Direct & indirect sense perception30
Factors affecting sense perception32
Why Objectification34
Subjectivity & objectivity35
Expanding our awareness or subjectivity36
Direct Spiritual Knowledge37
Nerves and Nervous systems39
Afferent objectivation39
Psychic transmission42
Chapter 4Rebirth45
Intro to vrtti46
Periodic Table of the Vrttis48
Multiple expression of vrttis49
Newborn sense development52
Newborn sense recognition52
Personality development55
Newborn personality55
Viewing Human Metazoic mind55
Human Simultaneous Minds57
Collective mind--direct/indirect relationship58
Mind--death relationship59
Reincarnative developmental evidence60
Newborn vrtti detection and recognition64
Cerebral and Non-cerebral memories67
Chapter 5Natural Consciousness Transfer70
Transmigration--Soul Transfer70
Aspects of Person in Consciousness transfer71
Psychic Structure71
Psychic transfer and samskara73
Need for samskara74
Samskaras development75
Types of temporary consciousness transfer76
OBE's, FDE's & NDE's76
Unnatural Consciousness transfer77
Chapter 6Psychic parts of the Internal Being78
Mental development of ego78
Ego and soul81
The apperceptive plate82
Ectoplasmic mindstuff84
Parts of the Soul86
The Existential--I87
Intuition and Cognition88
Chapter 7Expressions of Consciousness92
Expressions of the 1st Cakra92
1.1 Dharma (happiness)92
Primary Dharma (obtain happiness)93
Secondary Dharma (waveform expression)94
Negative pratisaincara94
Dharma as a practical expression96
1.2 Artha' (psychic longing)97
Artha as a psycho-physical expression97
Artha as a psychic expression98
Artha as Psychic Motivation99
Psychic expansion and DNA100
Artha as a Dharmic expression102
Artha an example at work103
1.3 Kama (physical longing)104
Kama as an expression of dharma104
1.4 Moks'a (spiritual longing)105
Six Vrttis of Physical Objectification105
Pleasure through Objectification106
1.3 Kama (object attraction)108
Kama as human vrtti108
3.3 Iirs'a (envy)109
3.8 Moha (blind attachment)110
4.4 Mamata (mineness)110
4.8 Aham'ka'ra (ego-false)113
Attempts of ego to objectively its self113
Games "Ego" plays114
4.8 Prestige115
4.8 Arrogance115
4.8 Conceit116
3.8 abhinivesha (the self's obsession)117
4.5 Vanity118
4.10 Kapdia'h (hypocrisy)119
4.6 Viveka (conscience)120
4.12 Aunta'pa (repentance)120
3.9 Ghrn'a' (hatred)121
4.11 Vitarka (sharpe tongue)122
3.7 Trs'n'a (yearning for acquisition)123
4.9 Lolata'h (Greed)124
Other psychic vrttis125
4.1 A'sha' (hope)125
4.2 Cinta' (worry)126
4.3 Ces't'a (endeavor or efficacy)126
General cakra development127
4th cakra differences of Human and Animal Mind128
Expressions of 2nd & 3rd Cakras129
2.1 Avajina' (indifference)131
3.6 Kas'a'ya (anger)131
2.2 Mu'rccha (psychic stupor)133
3.4 Sus'upti (staticity)133
2.3 Pran'a'sha (indulgence)134
3.10 Bhaya (fear complexes)135
4.7 Vikalata'h (psychic depression)135
2.4 Avishva'sa (lack of confidence)138
3.1 Llojja' (shyness)138
2.5 Sarvana'sha (helplessness)139
3.5 Vis'ada (melancholy)139
2.6 Kru'rata' (cruelty)140
3.2 Pishunata' (sadistic)140
Acoustics & Flavors of the 5th Cakra141
The Seven Vocal Expressions142
5.1S'ad'aja (Peacock)143
5.2Rs'abha (Bull)144
5.3Ga'ndha'ra (Goat)144
5.4Madhyama (Horse)144
5.5Paincama (Cuckoo bird)144
5.6Dhaevata (Donkey)145
5.7Nis'a'da (Elephant)[145
The Seven Ideational Expressions145
The Two Spiritual expressions146
5.8Omn' (creative expression)146
5.9Hum' (spiritual awakening)147
Five Ideational Expressions of the Aware self147
5.10Phat' (practication) efficacy148
5.11Vaos'at'ha (physical welfare)148
5.12Va's'at (psychic welfare)149
5.13Sva'ha' (spiritual welfare)149
5.14Namah (Self surrender)149
Two Acoustical Expressive Vrttis149
5.15Vis'a (angry dissent)150
5.16Amrta (deep affection)150
The 51st Vrtti (Ananda vrtti)151

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