The International Handbook of Political Ecology

The International Handbook of Political Ecology

by Raymond L. Bryant (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781786438430
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 02/17/2016
Pages: 720

About the Author

Edited by Raymond L. Bryant, King’s College London, UK

Table of Contents

1. Political Ecology: Handbook Topics and Themes
Raymond L. Bryant
2. Reflecting on Political Ecology
Raymond L. Bryant
3. Doing Political Ecology Inside and Outside the Academy
Simon Batterbury
4. Encountering Political Ecology: Epistemology and Emancipation
Enrique Leff
5. Connecting Political Ecology and French Geography: On Tropicality and Radical Thought
Denis Gautier and Baptiste Hautdidier
6. Roots, Rhizomes, Networks and Territories: Reimagining Pattern and Power in Political Ecologies
Dianne Rocheleau
7. A Time for Gramsci
Alex Loftus
8. Integrating Science and Politics in Political Ecology
Tim Forsyth
9. Postcoloniality and the North-South Binary Revisited: The Case of India’s Climate Politics
Shangrila Joshi
10. Depoliticized Environments and the Promises of the Anthropocene
Erik Swyngedouw
11. Mining in Latin America: Coloniality and Degradation
Héctor Alimonda
12. Political Forests
Peter Vandergeest and Nancy Lee Peluso
13. Resources, Wars and Violence
Philippe Le Billon
14. Benefit Sharing in Environmental Governance: Beyond Hydropower in the Mekong River Basin
Seungho Lee
15. Gender, Group Behaviour and Community Forestry in South Asia
Bina Agarwal
16. Political Ecologies of Religious Pilgrimage
Shanti Nair
17. Governing People in De-Populated Areas
Raymond L. Bryant, Ángel Paniagua and Thanasis Kizos
18. Political Participation and Environmental Movements in China
Lei Xie
19. Understanding Fukushima: Nuclear Impacts, Risk Perceptions and Organic Farming in Feminist Political Ecology Perspective
Aya H. Kimura
20. Mind the Gap: Global Truths, Local Complexities in Emergent Green Initiatives
Adeniyi Asiyanbi
21. Disaster, Degradation, Dystopia
C. Anne Claus, Sarah Osterhoudt, Lauren Baker, Luisa Cortesi, Chris Hebdon, Amy Zhang and Michael R. Dove
22. Contesting Hunger Discourses
Lucy Jarosz
23. Green Governmentality
Ting-Jieh Wang
24. Whose Good Living? Post Neo-Liberalism, The Green State and Subverted Alternatives to Development in Ecuador
Elizabeth Bravo and Melissa Moreano
25. Assessing South Korea’s Green Growth Strategy
Sanghun Lee
26. Naturetm Inc.: Nature as Neoliberal Capitalist Imaginary
Robert Fletcher, Wolfram Dressler and Bram Büscher
27. The Cultural Politics of Waterscapes
Amitangshu Acharya
28. Greening The Job: Trade Unions, Climate Change and the Political Ecology of Labour
Stefania Barca
29. Eco-Cities and the Promise of Socio-Environmental Justice
Harvey Neo and C.P. Pow
30. Useful Outsiders: Building Environmental Policy Reform Dossiers
Piers Blaikie and Joshua Muldavin
31. Neoliberalism, Scientism and Earth Systems Governance
Ariel Salleh
32. From 'Participation' to 'Negotiation': Suppressing Dissent in Environmental Conflict Resolution in Brazil
Andréa Zhouri
33. The Political Ecology of Colonias on the US-Mexico Border: Ethnography for Hidden and Hard-to-reach Communities
Guillermina Gina Núñez
34. Political Ecology of Scale
Roderick P. Neumann
35. The Political Ecology of Weeds: A Scalar Approach to Landscape Transformations
Christian A. Kull and Haripriya Rangan
36. Bordering and Scalar Thickening in Nature Conservation
Maano Ramutsindela and Christine Noe
37. The Best of Many Worlds: Methodological Pluralism in Political Ecology
Amity Doolittle
38. Integrating Politics and Ecology through Mixed Methods
Matthew D. Turner
39. Globalising French Écologie Politique: A Political Necessity
Denis Chartier and Estienne Rodary
40. Jahát Jatítotòdom: Toward an Indigenous Political Ecology
Beth Rose Middleton
41. From Ecological Modernization to Socially Sustainable Economic Degrowth: Lessons from Ecological Economics
Hali Healy, Joan Martinez-Alier and Giorgos Kallis
42. Urban Political Ecology ‘Beyond the West’: Engaging with South Asian Urban Studies
Anna Zimmer
43. Towards a Lusophone Political Ecology: Assessing ‘Para Inglês Ver’ Environments
Tiago Ávila Martins Freitas and Augusto Cesar Salomão Mozine
44. Political Ecology in and of China
Emily T. Yeh
45. Emotional Political Ecology
Farhana Sultana
46. Thermodynamics Revisited: The Political Ecology of Energy Systems in Historical Perspective
Gustav Cederlöf
47. Political Ecology of the Body: A Visceral Approach
Allison and Jessica Hayes-Conroy

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