The Internet Security Guidebook: From Planning to Deployment / Edition 1

The Internet Security Guidebook: From Planning to Deployment / Edition 1

by Juanita Ellis, Tim Speed
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Elsevier Science

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The Internet Security Guidebook: From Planning to Deployment / Edition 1

The Internet Security Guidebook provides a complete analysis of an enterprise's Internet security. Strategies, steps, and procedures for conducting business securely on the Internet are discussed and reviewed. Very few organizations take the needed precautions to protect their Internet enterprise. Protection is not simply a firewall or technology; it is a strategy that encompasses risk, trust, business goals, security processes, and technology. The holistic approach offered in this book evaluates security needs in relation to business goals and the current attacks on the global Internet. The goal of The Internet Security Guidebook is to protect the business-computing environment by keeping our online enterprises functioning correctly and securely.

Unlike other books available, this book contains a complete guide to Internet security that is accessible to both novices and computer professionals. The specific steps discussed and illustrated show the reader how to implement security from the individual process to the complete corporate enterprise. The reader will also learn about resources that can help such as the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and even their own software vendors.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780122374715
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 02/05/2001
Series: Korper and Ellis E-Commerce Books Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 0.72(w) x 7.50(h) x 9.25(d)

Table of Contents

Copyright Notices and Statements
Introduction Who Is Knocking at the Door?
Chapter 1 Let's Do Business
1.1 Security Components
1.2 Do You Have a Process?
1.3 The Cost of Security
Chapter 2 Security Review
2.1 Review the Business
2.2 What Is a Trusted Network?
2.3 Initial Risk Analysis
2.4 The Policy
2.5 Implementation and Feedback
Chapter 3 Cryptography
3.1 History
3.2 Key Types
3.3 RSA-Public and Private Key
3.4 PKI and Business Solutions
Chapter 4 Secure Networks
4.1 TCP/IP and OSI
4.2 Port of Call (Let's Go on a Cruise)
4.3 Denial-of-Service Attacks
4.4 Virtual Private Networks
4.5 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Chapter 5 Protecting Your Intranet from the Extranet and Internet
5.1 So Many Choices! I'll Get One of Each!
5.2 Firewall Product Functional Summaries
5.3 Firewall Buyer's Assessment Form
5.4 Firewall Vendors: Picking the
Products That Are Right for You
Chapter 6 Authentication
6.1 The Basics
6.2 Authentication
6.3 Authorisation
6.4 Smart Cards
Chapter 7 E-Commerce-
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
7.1 PKI and You
7.2 X.509
7.3 Certificate Authority
7.4 Certification Practice Statement
7.5 Certificate Revocation List
7.6 Key Recovery
7.7 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
7.8 Public Key Cryptography Standards
7.9 Public Key Infrastructure (X.509) Standards
Chapter 8 Messaging Security
8.1 Safe Communication-Messaging
8.2 Getting Killed with Junk Mail
8.3 Keep It Running
Chapter 9 What Are We Doing Here?
9.1 Risk Analysis
9.2 Where Are the Threats?
9.3 Technology Security Review
9.4 Control Directory and Environmental Risk Table
9.5 Competitive Asset
Chapter 10 Let's Make the Plans
10.1 Security Plans, Policies, Procedures
10.2 The Corporate Security Policy Document
10.3 Physical Security Policy
10.4 Network Security Policy
10.5 Acceptable Use Policy
Chapter 11 We Have Been
Hacked! Oh, the Humanity!
11.1 Incident Handling
Chapter 12 The Total Package Specific Steps
12.1 Putting It All Together
12.2 The Plan
12.3 Sample Plan to Roll Out PKI
Appendix 1 Security Tools
A1.1 Tools
A1.2 Other Tool URLs

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