The Internship Bible, 2003 Edition

The Internship Bible, 2003 Edition


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ISBN-13: 9780375763076
Publisher: Random House Information Group
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Series: Career Guides
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 8.34(w) x 10.76(h) x 1.53(d)

About the Author

The Princeton Review is the fastest growing test-preparation company in the country, with over 60 franchise offices in the nation. Each year, we help more than 2 million students prepare for college, grad school, professional licensing exams, and successful careers.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii
How to Read an Entry xvii
The Internships 1–467
Exclusive Interviews
Peter Arnett, veteran war correspondent 349
Bob Cohn, White House correspondent for Newsweek 432
Joan Embery, goodwill ambassador for the San Diego Zoo 177
Nora Ephron, journalist and screenwriter 255
Dianne Feinstein, US Senator 372
Stuart Flack, playwright 247
Jodie Foster, actress 122
Jean Fugett, Jr., former NFL football player 46
Kathryn Fuller, president of World Wildlife Fund 364
Tipper Gore, advocate for mental health and children’s issues 96
Mark Green, New York City mayoral candidate 208
Julie Hanson, polar explorer 271
John Hays, Christie’s auctioneer 217
Richard Hieb, NASA astronaut 81
Roald Hoffman, Nobel Prize–winning chemist 57
Nancy Hogshead, Olympic swimming champion 370
Kay Bailey Hutchison, US Senator 452
Betsey Johnson, fashion designer 71
Tom Lehman, professional golfer 465
Linda Koch Lorimer, Secretary of Yale University 321
Mark McCormack, founder and CEO of International Management Group 63
George Plimpton, journalist and professional intern 150
Jane Pratt, founder of Sassy 24
Harold Prince, director and producer 159
Tabitha Soren, MTV News anchor and reporter 10
George Stephanopoulos, former White House senior advisor 199
Matt Stover, Cleveland Browns kicker 281
Janice Voss, NASA astronaut 306
P. Roy Vagelos, former chairman and CEO of Merck & Company 385
Information You Need
Beyond the Internship Chase 249
Congressional Intern Program Office 259
Dressing for the Job Interview 166
Go Get ’EmKid!: Exclusive Advice from Illustrious Former Interns 274
Geffen Records’ “Tips For A Successful Internship” 197
Governor’s Office Contacts 201
The Great Cover Letter 47
How to Obtain A Visa/Work Permit for Overseas Internships 117
How to Write a Trashproof Resume 66
Interning on Capitol Hill 7
Interning Overseas? Ten Things To Do Before You Leave 241
Interviewing Tips 21
It Comes Down to Attitude 355
It’s Good to Be Here, Jim . . . 367
Social Opportunities for DC Interns: Network & Noodles 87
Sports Team Contacts 406
Summer Jobs with Uncle Sam 72
Tips for Snagging ’Ships 53
United Nations Internships 324
Using the Internet to Help You Win an Internship 359
What Makes a “Bad Intern”: Interview with DJ Jo Maeder 402
Winning Admission to a Top Internship—Thoughts from Prof. Mary Radford 124
Miscellaneous Features
Interview with an Oscar Mayer “Hotdogger” 337
“I was an Intern-Spy for Playboy” 113
Origins of the Apprenticeship 398
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile—Specifications at a Glance 336
Some Apprentices in History 398
Fascinating Lists and Information
Blissful Intern Experiences 358
The Caddyshack Internship 347
Camille Lavington’s Advice for Interviews 5
Chief Justice Warren Burger’s Take on Internships 20
Dream Internships 103
Employee Qualifications that Matter to Employers 289
Estimated Starting Salaries for Recent College Grads 165
From Intern to Rival Candidate 104
Flirting with Your Boss 34
The Intern Tattler: Real Stories of Controversy and Mayhem! 266, 417
Lights . . . Camera . . . Intern!: Interns in Film and on Television 139, 253, 315
Internship = Job or $5,000 Back 70
The Internship Watchdog 187
Altered States: Internships at Alternative Organizations 308
Child’s Play: Internships for the Kid in You 132
Fun in the Sun: Internships Offering a Great Tan 427
Cyber Internships 446
Jurassic Internships: Internships That Have Stood the Test of Time 439
INTERNational: Internships with a High Proportion of International
Participants 68
Star Gazing: Internships with Substantial Star-Gazing Opportunities 243
Internship Wish List: Organizations That Don’t Offer Internships But Should 429
An Intern by Any Other Name is Also an Intern 116
Preppy Internships 376
The Intern Library
—Apprentices Mentioned in the Classics 146
—Interns Mentioned in Modern Literature 425
Science and Math Research Internships for High School Students 431
Perks R Us: Unique Perks at Selected Internships 342
Special Interest Internships (Asian/Asian-American,
African/African American, Conservative, Hispanic, Jewish,
Liberal, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Women’s Organizations) 296
Top Capitol Hill Internships 380
The Top Ten Internships in America 467
Brief Profiles of Prominent Former Interns and Apprentices
Ansel Adams 232
Aldrich Ames 101
King Sunny Adé 13
Madeleine Albright 421
Paul Attanasio 75
Lee Atwater 93
Maroun Bagdadi 331
Ingmar Bergman 375
Carl Bernstein 443
Steven Bochco 5
Erma Bombeck 31
Dick Cavett 140
Connie Chung 97
Dick Clark 335
Bill Clinton 65
Linda Davis’s “Internship” with Reba McEntire 404
Brian DePalma 110
Michael Eisner 305
J. William Fulbright 65
Buckminster Fuller 173
Bill Gates 287
David Geffen 186
George and Ira Gershwin 277
Bob Graham 367
Larry Hagman 363
Gregory Harbaugh 301
Benny Hill 52
Horst 250
Daniel Inouye 59
Arata Isozaki 422
Donna Karan 437
Yousuf Karsh 39
Jeffrey Katzenberg 112
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy 11
The Kennedys 251
Calvin Klein 48
David Lean 340
Spike Lee 180
Rush Limbaugh 369
Judith Martin 442
NBA Players Who Interned on Capitol Hill—Greg Anthony, Bill Bradley,
Patrick Ewing, & Dikembe Mutombo 27
Queen Noor al-Hussein 362
Michael Otto 80
Norman Pearlstein 350
David Peterson 115
Richard Petty: “A Mascot for NASCAR” 100
Barney Pressman 60
Terrance Quaites 463
Ronald Reagan 461
Eric Reed 463
Rob Reiner 120
Charlie Rose 389
Robert Rosenthal 405
Francesco Scavullo 184
Brooke Shields 369
Roger Straus, Jr. 169
The Apprentices Sutherland: Donald & Kiefer 453
Time, Inc.—The Fantastic 4 Start at Time Publications and Rise to the Top 135
Donald Trump 91
Mark Twain Owes His Name to an Apprenticeship 363
Diane Von Fürstenberg 163
Mike Wallace 95
Sigourney Weaver 451
William F. Weld 440
Oprah Winfrey 461
Tom Wolfe 154
Ron Wood 138
Vladimir Zhirinovsky 37
Internships with the Highest Compensation 470
Most Selective Internships 471
Deadlines for Summer Internships 473
Internships with Rolling Deadlines 480
Internships by Academic Level 485
Internships Open to International Applicants 526
Internships with Minority Programs 531
Internships by Perks 532
Internships by Interest 538
Internships by Location—United States 579
Internships by Location—Abroad 602
Photo Credits 625
About the Authors 627

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