The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians

The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians

by J. B. Bury, F. J. Hearnshaw
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Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.


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The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians

The classic study of how the Roman Empire gradually succumbed to barbarian encroachment.
In print for more than thirty years, this book has long served as a standard text on the Germanic penetration of the Roman Empire. Bury's history is indispensable to anyone who seeks to understand the connection between the barbarian migrations of the third to the ninth century and the framework of modern Europe.

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ISBN-13: 9780393003888
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 08/17/2000
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 934,251
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

J. B. Bury taught history for many years at the University of Cambridge.

Table of Contents

Lecture IThe Germans and their Wanderings3
1.Early German History
2.West Germans and East Germans
3.Political Institutions of the Germans
4.Early Gothic Migrations
Lecture IIThe Roman Empire and the Germans21
1.The Gothic Attack in the Third Century, A.D.
2.The Visigothic Occupation of Dacia
3.Ostrogothic and Visigothic Settlements
4.New Organisation of the Empire
Lecture IIIThe Clash of Roman and Barbarian37
1.The Population of the Empire
2.The Forces of the Empire and of the Barbarians
3.The Germanic Penetration of the Empire
4.Hermanric and Wulfilas
5.The Advent of the Huns
Lecture IVThe Visigothic Entry into the Empire55
1.The Hunnic Attack on the Goths and its Sequel
2.The Battle of Hadrianople
3.The Visigothic Settlement
4.Theodosius and Alaric
5.Stilicho and the Divided Empire
6.Alario at large in Illyricum
Lecture VThe Raiding of Italy and Gaul75
1.Alaric turns from East to West
2.The Puzzle of Stilicho's Behaviour
3.The Breaking of the Rhine Frontier
4.Death of Stilicho
Lecture VIThe Visigoths in Italy and in Gaul91
1.The Sack of Rome
2.Death of Alaric
3.Ataulf and Galla Placidia
4.Wallia and the Settlement in Gaul
Lecture VIIGaul, Spain, and Africa in Transition109
1.The Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse
2.Sueves and Vandals in Spain
3.Galla Placidia and Boniface
4.The Vandal Conquest of Africa
5.Aetius and Valentinian III
Lecture VIIIA New Menace to the Empire127
1.The Treaty between Aetius and Gaiseric
2.The Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain
3.The Huns and Attila
Lecture IXAttila's Attack on Gaul and Italy141
1.The Intrigues of Honoria
2.The Hunnic Invasion of Gaul
3.The Incursion of the Huns into Italy
4.Death of Attila and the Collapse of the Empire
Lecture XDecline of the Roman Power in the West159
1.Influence of the Vandal Occupation of Africa
2.Ricimer and the Last Phantom Emperors in the West
3.Gundobad and Orestes in Italy
4.Deposition of Romulus Augustulus and its Significance
5.Odovacar, Patrician and King in Italy159
Lecture XIThe Ostrogothic Conquest of Italy177
1.The Early Life of Theoderic the Ostrogoth
2.The Overthrow of Odovacar in Italy
3.The Completion of the Ostrogothic Conquest
4.The Ostrogothic Constitution
5.The Reign of Theoderic
Lecture XIIVisigoths and Franks in Gaul211
1.The Kingdom of Toulouse under Euric
2.The Roman Remnant in Gaul
3.The Early History of the Franks
4.The Reign of Childeric the Frank
Lecture XIIIThe Reign of Clovis231
1.The Overthrow of Syagrius
2.The Marriage of Clovis and Clotilda
3.The Conquest of the Alamanni
4.The Conversion of Clovis
5.The Conquest of Visigothic Gaul
6.The Absorption of the Ripuarian Franks
7.Relation of Clovis to the Roman Empire
Lecture XIVThe Lombard Invasion of Italy257
1.The Origin of the Lombards
2.Changes in South Germany
3.The Lombard Migrations
4.The Advent of the Avars
5.The Destruction of the Gepidae
6.The Lombard Settlement in Italy
7.The Lombard Polity
Lecture XVThe Lombard Law275
1.The Administrative System of the Lombards
2.The Code of Rothari
3.The Laws of Liutprand

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