The Invisible Wound

The Invisible Wound

by Wayne Kritsberg


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The Invisible Wound by Wayne Kritsberg

Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse suffer from a deep and invisible wound. Left untreated, they will carry emotional and physical scars that last a lifetime.

Unique in its focus on healing physical-energy blockages and body memories, The Invisible Wound also offers an exception tool for recovery, The Healing Journal, which includes dozens of techniques for self-exploration, memory recall, and healing.

Clearly outlining the stages of recovery also offers readers much needed reassurance that the pain of the process does end and that they can find hope, peace, empowerment, and a new sense of control over their future.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780553372656
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/01/1993
Pages: 288

Table of Contents

Part 1The Wounded Heart
1What Is Child Sexual Abuse?3
"Not Guilty"4
Myths and Realities8
Who Commits Child Sexual Abuse?9
Family Members10
Kate's Story
John's Story
Gloria's Story
Carol's Story
Jean's Story
Don's Story
The Accomplice21
2Categories of Child Sexual Abuse23
This is a memory-jogging chapter for adult survivors
Brenda's Story
Physical Sexual Abuse25
Common Physical Sexual Abuses25
Violent Physical Sexual Abuse29
Brad's Story
Seductive Physical Sexual Abuse34
Paula's Story
Emotional Sexual Abuse38
Violent Emotional Sexual Abuse39
Carla's Story
Seductive Emotional Sexual Abuse40
Combined Physical and Emotional Sexual Abuse42
3Living with Secrets: The Effects of Childhood Sexual Trauma43
Alan's Story
The Traumatization Process44
The Child45
Sexual Trauma46
Shock State46
Inability to Resolve the Trauma47
The Core Defenses48
Survival Living54
The Tensions of Survival Living54
Secondary Consequences56
Part 2Healing and Recovery
4Recovery: An Unfolding Process75
The Three Stages of Recovery75
Stage 1Discovery77
Stage 2Active Healing79
Stage 3Integration80
Laura's Story
The Whole Person84
Windows to the Past84
The Body85
The Emotions86
The Mind88
The Spirit90
5The Experience of Healing92
The Healing Cycle92
1.Exposing the Wound93
2.Reexperiencing the Trauma95
3.Externalizing the Pain95
4.Healing the Wound96
Jenny's Story
Working with Healing Cycles102
6Healing Your Inner Child104
The Wounded Child104
The Magical Child107
Finding Your Inner Child110
"The Gift of the Star"110
Parenting Your Inner Child113
7Healing Energy116
Releasing the Energy of Held Pain117
Healing Energy Meditations125
Earth Healing
Women's Meditation126
Men's Meditation128
"The Blue Sphere"130
Directing Healing Energy to Other Parts of Your Body132
"The Energy Chalice"133
Healing Touch134
Healing Touch and Your Boundaries134
Healing Touch and Energy in a Group Setting136
A Healing Circle138
8A Safe Place139
Finding a Therapist140
Some suggestions for interviewing and choosing someone who can guide you through recovery
Treatment Options144
Individual Therapy144
Group Therapy145
Treatment Programs145
Treatment Intensives146
Psychiatric Drugs147
Support Groups148
Your Sexual Relationship148
Your Family of Origin154
Your Family of Choice157
"The Temple of the Heart"158
Part 3The Healing Journal: Writing your way to wholeness
9Keeping a Healing Journal163
Setting Up the Journal166
10Daily Expressions168
A log of your day-to-day experience in recovery
11Family History170
The Family Tree170
Family Environment173
12Family Members175
Letter Writing178
13Personal History182
Your Sexual History186
Writing About the Sexual Abuse Incidents187
14My Body191
Dialoguing with Your Body192
Creative Coloring and Artwork195
Through the Eyes of Others...199
Feelings Responses199
Feelings Statements201
16Welcoming the Inner Child205
Letter Writing206
Dialoguing with the Inner Child208
18The Abuser(s)216
Letter Writing217
19Affirmations for Healing219
Creating and Using Affirmations220
20Spiritual Reflections223
Letter Writing224
Spiritual Exploration224
Experiencing Healing and Moving On
22Some Questions and Thoughts231
In Closing...237
Bibliography and Resources238

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