The iPad and iPad mini Pocket Guide

The iPad and iPad mini Pocket Guide

by Jeff Carlson

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The iPad is a game-changing product that reinvented the way we interact with digital content and the Web. Versitile, portable, powerful, ergonomically and functionally designed, it's the perfect companion for digital media. With Photos, music, movies, email, and hundreds of thousands of apps, the iPad helps you organize, explore, and maximize your digital world.

Inexpensive and to-the-point, The iPad Pocket Guide is a complete companion to all the features and functions of the iPad including: Facetime, HD Video, Mail, Safari, Photos and Video, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, and more. It will help you get up-and-running with easy to understand instructions and then show you hidden gems and tips to make you a true iPad expert.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780133367003
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 12/04/2012
Series: Peachpit Pocket Guide
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 99998
File size: 56 MB
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About the Author

Jeff Carlson is the author of Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, iMovie 09 and iDVD for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Pocket Guide. He divides his time between his Seattle Web design company, Never Enough Coffee Creations, and writing for publications such as Macworld, I.D., and HOW Magazine. He is also the managing editor of the weekly electronic newsletter TidBITS, which covers Macintosh and Internet issues.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Conventions Used in This Book xv

Referring to iPad models xv

Popovers xv

Navigating settings xvi

The Action menu xvi

Chapter 1 Meet the iPad 1

Power On and Set Up the iPad 2

iPad Essentials 5

Sleep and wake 5

Power off 6

Home screen 6

Launch and run apps 7

Switch quickly between apps 8

Change screen orientation 8

Lock screen rotation 10

Adjust screen brightness 11

Charge the iPad battery 11

Multi-Touch Gestures 13

Tap 13

Touch and hold 14

Drag 14

Flick and swipe 14

Pinch 14

Rotate 15

Shake 15

Use two hands 15

Work with Text 15

Type text 16

Select text 20

Cut, Copy, Paste, and Suggest 21

Voice dictation 22

Sync with a Computer 23

Disconnect the iPad 25

Set up Wi-Fi sync 26

Special sync options 26

Update the system software 28

Connect to the Internet Using Wi-Fi 28

Choose a Wi-Fi access point 29

Connect to a Wi-Fi network manually 30

Disconnect from a Wi-Fi network 31

Turn off Wi-Fi 32

Connect to the Internet Using Cellular Data 33

Understand 4GLTE 34

Activate cellular service 35

Measure your cellular data usage 36

Add or cancel cellular service 36

Share the Internet connection using Portable Hotspot 37

Use iCloud 38

Set up iCloud 38

Sync data to iCloud 39

iCloud backup 40

Read Notifications 40

Connect to Bluetooth Devices 42

Pair the iPad and the device 42

Forget the Bluetooth device 44

Mirror Video 44

Print using Air Print 45

Search Using Spotlight 47

Chapter 2 Get and Use Apps 49

Find and Install Apps 50

The App Store on the iPad 50

The App Store within iTunes on a computer 53

Automatically install purchased apps 53

Run iPhone apps on the iPad 53

Update Apps 54

Remove Apps 55

On the iPad 56

In iTunes 56

Share Apps 57

Set App Preferences 59

Customize the Home Screen 60

On the iPad 60

In iTunes 62

Change the Home screen image 63

Chapter 3 Browse the Web 65

Access Web Sites 66

Open and read a new Web page 66

Reload or cancel 68

Read uncluttered pages using Reader 68

View your browsing history 69

Open new pages 69

Close pages 70

Watch videos 70

Search the Web 72

Read Pages Later with Reading List 74

Create and Organize Bookmarks 75

Open a bookmarked page 75

Create a new bookmark 75

Edit a bookmark 76

Add a Web page to the Home screen 78

Share a page's address via email 79

Share a page via Twitter 79

AutoFill Forms 81

Enable AutoFill 81

Store a new login 82

AutoFill contact information 83

Maintain Web Privacy 83

Chapter 4 Communicate Using Mail and Messages 85

Set Up Mail 86

Sync mail accounts from a computer 86

Set up an account on the iPad 86

Read Mail Messages 88

Read email conversations 90

Navigate accounts and mailboxes 90

View file attachments 92

Act on special data 93

View information about senders and recipients 94

Check for new mail 95

Compose Mail Messages 98

Create a new message 98

Reply to a message or forward it 100

Manage Mail Messages 101

Delete a message 101

Move a message 102

Delete or move multiple messages 103

Search for messages 104

Communicate Using Messages 105

Set up Messages 105

Send a text message 106

Chapter 5 Capture Photos and Video 107

Shoot Photos 108

Capture a photo 108

Choose a focus point, exposure, and white balance 110

Zoom in on a subject 110

Capture Video 111

Make Face Time Calls 112

Set up your FaceTime account 112

Set up a FaceTime contact 113

Make a FaceTime call 114

Chapter 6 View Photos 117

Getting Photos onto the iPad 118

Sync photos from the computer 118

Import photos from a camera 120

Import photos from email 122

Import photos from other apps 123

View Photos 123

View a photo 123

View a collection 125

View photos in Places. 126

Edit photos 127

Play a video 128

View a Slideshow 130

Share Photos 131

Share one photo via email 132

Share multiple photos via email 132

Print a photo 133

Copy a photo 133

Assign a photo to a contact 133

Use a photo as wallpaper 134

View photos on a TV or projector 134

Sync imported photos and videos back to the computer 135

Use iCloud Photo Stream 136

Chapter 7 Read Books and Magazines 137

Install the iBooks App 138

Browse Your Library 138

Manage collections 139

Search for books 142

Read Books and PDFs 143

Navigate a book 144

Navigate an illustrated book 145

Navigate a PDF 146

Search Text 147

Change Appearance 149

Adjust screen brightness 149

Change text size and font 149

Use Bookmarks, Highlights, and Notes 151

Create a new bookmark 151

Create a new highlight 151

Change highlight coloring 152

Create a new note 153

Return to a bookmark, highlight, or note 153

Look Up Word Definitions 154

Buy Books from the iBookstore 154

Import Your Own Ebooks 157

Other Ebook Readers 158

Read Magazines with Newsstand 160

Chapter 8 Entertain Yourself 161

Sync Media 162

Choose which media to sync 162

Create a Smart Playlist in iTunes 164

Play Music 165

Navigate songs 167

Shuffle songs 168

Repeat playback 168

Play Genius Mixes 169

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks 169

Create Music Playlists 170

Build a playlist 170

Create a Genius playlist 171

Sync Media Using iTunes Match 171

Download iTunes Match tracks 172

Upgrade low-quality songs 173

Play Videos 174

Video sync options 174

Watch a movie 175

Buy or Rent a Video 177

Download previously purchased videos 178

Watch Your Own Movies 178

Convert DVDs 178

Stream Media 179

AirPlay 179

Home Sharing 180

Strearning-video services 182

Chapter 9 Find Yourself with Maps 183

Find Yourself 184

Map views 186

Find Locations 187

Get information about a location 188

Visit Street View 189

Drop a pin 189

Get Directions 190

Follow the directions 192

Chapter 10 Be Productive 195

Sync Personal Information 196

iCloud, Google, or Yahoo wireless sync 196

Exchange sync 197

iTunes sync 197

Manage Your Schedule 198

View your calendar 198

Create or edit an event 200

Reply to an event invitarion 202

Hide or show calendars 203

Manage Your Contacts 204

Find a contact 204

Create or edit a contact 206

Share a contact 208

Receive a shared contact 208

Delete a contact 209

Take Notes 210

Create a note 210

Edit a note 211

Delete a note 211

Sync notes 212

Share notes 212

Set Up Reminders 213

Move Data Files to and from the iPad 214

Use email 214

Copy to the Apps pane 215

Sync with iCloud or another network service 216

Chapter 11 Be Secure 217

Set a Passcode to Unlock 218

Use a VPN 220

Set Up Usage Restrictions 221

Use Find My iPad 223

Set up Find My iPad 223

Take action on a lost iPad 224

Encrypt iPad Backup 226

Chapter 12 Troubleshooting 227

Restart the iPad 228

When an App Crashes 228

If an App Is Sluggish or Unresponsive 228

Reinstall an App 229

Connectivity Issues 231

If the iPad Doesn't Appear in iTunes 232

Battery Issues 233

Reset the iPad 233

Restore the iPad to Factory Defaults 234

Force the iPad into Recovery Mode 235

Index 237

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The iPad and iPad mini Pocket Guide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Tunguz More than 1 year ago
It is no exaggeration to claim that iPad has forever changed personal computing. In terms of its form factor, ease of use, and always-on accessibuility, it has revolutionized how we consume digital information, interact with each other, and create unique content. Its intuitive user interface is very easy to master, and yet there are few details and features under the hood whose that may require the use of a written resource. "The iPad PocketGuide" provides one such easy resource, and I'd recommend it to most iPad owners. This short pocket guide aims to take away the mystery behind the iPad and help you make the most of it. The guide is written in an extremely accessible and to-the-point style, and from the very outset it takes you straight to the actual demonstrations of how to achieve certain actions on your iPhone. It helps you navigate the plethora of settings and adjustment options, and tries to make sense of them. This is in fact one of the book's greatest strengths - it is not just a bag of tricks, but also a clear and lucid explanation of the rationale behind every design option on your iPad (both hardware and software). Even seasoned iPad users will find many valuable tips and insights, and the book is a valuable reference for the long-term use. I also enjoyed the format of the book. As the name suggests, it is rather small but I would still not attempt to put it in my pocket. The illustrations, although small, are very clear and help to illustrate all the relevant material. It is a very intuitive guide for a very intuitive device. The 4th edition is the first major update in this series in a while, due largely to the inclusion of material on iPad mini. Even though iPad mini is essentially scaled-down version of iPad 2, it has enough of the idiosyncrasies that stem from this new format that it deserves slightly different treatment. iPad mini is particularly well suited for media consumption, and its size and portability make it a much more convenient device to carry around. All these aspects of iPad mini are properly addressed in this wonderful book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
They are #1 tablits