The Irish Dad's Survival Guide to pregnancy & beyond

The Irish Dad's Survival Guide to pregnancy & beyond

by David Caren


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Congratulations, you're having a baby. Yes, that's right, you're expecting too!

David Caren, the founder of popular website, delivers a long 'overdue', practical, straight-talking pregnancy guide for Irish expectant dads - all from a dad's perspective.

Combining real-life experiences from a fraternity of Irish fathers, tried-and-tested dad tips and expert views, The Irish Dad's Survival Guide to Pregnancy [& Beyond] accompanies the expectant dad through:

each trimester

every mood swing (his and hers)

the headline event in the labour ward

those first few weeks of new family life

Highlights include:

Testing, Testing … (Scans and Checks),

What's up, Doc? (Monitoring Mum),

Prams, Trams and Automobiles (Choosing the Right Wheels),

Lights, Camera (Maybe?), ACTION (The Delivery),

Gone with the Sleep (Surviving Sleep Deprivation)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781847172822
Publisher: Irish American Book Company
Publication date: 05/20/2012
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Congratulations … 12

Introduction: You're going to be a dad … 15

It All Started with The 'Late Late' Show

Tell-tale signs that she's pregnant! 15

A Game of Three Parts

Trimesters 25

1 The First Trimester: Times they area changin 27

Trimester 1 Weeks 0-12 27

The 'All-Day' Infliction

Morning sickness 30

CATastrophe in Waiting

Toxoplasmosis 34

Take That out of Your Mouth …

The no-no foods of pregnancy 36

Won't He Feel IT?

Sex in pregnancy 38

What's up, Doc?

Well in advance of your new arrival 43

The 'M' Word

Miscarriage in pregnancy 47

Keeping Mum

The 12-week rule 54

Joe Public v Peter Private

Irish maternity care -an overview 55

Testing, Testing …

Scans and checks 63

What's up, Doc?

Monitoring mum 64

Join the Club

The waiting room 69

2 The Second Trimester: When reality 'kicks' in 73

Trimester 2 Weeks 13-28 73

In My Day …

Handling advice 76

Nobody puts Baby in a Corner!

Preparing a child for the new arrival 77

Woof Time of It

Your dog and your unborn baby 79

I Can't See Him as a Thor FitzGerald!

The baby name game 81

Is that His Little …?

Finding out the sex of your baby 84

Seeing Things

Expecting multiples 86

The Name's 'Bond'

Bonding with your unborn baby 90

Small Change

The price of parenthood 92

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Choosing the right family car 95

Buckle up!

Choosing the car seat 98

3 The Third Trimester: The final stretch 105

Trimester 3 Weeks 28-Birth 105

'I Love It When a Plan Comes Together …'

The birth plan 108

The MANternity Bag

The expectant dads' survival kit 112

Getting Anti about Attending

The antenatal class 114

In the Thick of It

Attending the birth 117


Air restrictions 120

What's up, Doc?

Health concerns in the third trimester 121

Twigs and Berries

Preparing the nest 124

Kitting out Your Kid

The essentials 125

Prams, Trams and Automobiles

Choosing the right wheels 131

4 Labour: The main event 139

Show Me the Baby

Signs that she is in labour 140

Get that Kettle away from Me!

How to deliver a baby … 142

What's up, Doc?

The three stages of labour 145

Tongs of Praise

Assisted deliveries 148

Exploring Other Avenues

Caesarean section 151

Help Wanted

Pain relief in labour 153

I Like It in Here

Natural methods in bringing out baby 159

Not the Cooking Appliance!

Indroduction 163

Lights, Camera (Maybe?), ACTION …

The delivery 164

Afterbirth Antics

The third stage 179

Keep the Cord

Stem-cell collection 180

The Iceman Cometh

How are you REALLY feeling? 181

5 Surviving the First Six Weeks: We are family… 183

Home Alone

The final checklist 184

Get Into Line

Managing visiting hours 185

Mothering Mum

Post-natal depression 188

Sad Dad

Male post-natal depression 191

How to:

Change a nappy 195

Wind a baby 199

Bathe a baby 202

Stop a baby crying 206

Wolverine Rocks!

Say no to rocking 209

Gone with the Sleep

Surviving sleep deprivation 210

It's Breast to Bottle It …

The methods of feeding 214

Game on, Dad

Video games & fatherhood 223

Left Holding the Baby

Going back to work 225

Relight the Fires

Sex after birth 226

When Sex Can Mean More Babies!

The dad's guide to contraception 228

What's up, Doc?

The six-week check-up 233

Dad's the Final Word 235

6 Men of the House: & the dad bloggers 237

Role Reversal

The stay-at-home-dad 237

10 Survival Tips for the Irish SAHD 238

Show Me the Money

What are your entitlements as a SAHD? 247

Chores are all Done

Education & innovation 249

Putting Word to Web

Blogging 253

7 Legal Issues

Paternity Leave 257

Parental Leave 261

Force Majeure Leave 263

Maternity Leave 264

Unmarried Dads and Joint Guardianship Rights 265

Paternity Testing 273

Registering the Birth 276

8 What's up, Doc?

The glossary 281

Useful Resources 289

References 291

Index 295

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