The Irish Ordnance Survey: History, Culture and Memory

The Irish Ordnance Survey: History, Culture and Memory

by Gillian M. Doherty



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ISBN-13: 9781846820366
Publisher: Four Courts Press
Publication date: 11/10/2006
Pages: 237
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations7
Note on Abbreviations and Terminology8
1Mapping and writing Ireland: objectives, innovations and ideologies
The Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1824: an introduction13
The Ordnance Survey and orthography17
Ordnance Survey publications: commendations and criticisms22
2Mapping the present for the future: Ordnance Survey statistical investigations and the idea of improvement
Historical perspectives on mapping and surveying33
Race, nation and reform44
Grafting improvement: defence of plantation51
3Surveying the surveyors: topographical department staff and activities
Origins of the topographical department and profiles of its staff55
'Teepetrie': research in Dublin61
Information gathering: fieldwork65
Life on the road71
4Surveying the long past: historical and archaeological research on ancient Ireland
Scientific history: the practice of history in the early nineteenth century78
Monuments and antiquities: destruction and preservation89
Investigating the past: Ordnance Survey methodologies102
Interpreting the past: the Round Towers debate107
5Interpreting 'folk' and folklore: Ordnance Survey attitudes to the rural poor and popular culture
Enlightenment and Romantic influences on memoir staff118
The critique of folklore by memoir staff122
Cultural change: coercion and consent129
6Anglicization and the Ordnance Survey
Language shift: a historical overview140
Name changing: opinions and interpretations141
Reasons for and implications of anglicization146
Ordnance Survey preservation work152
7Remembering the past: the Ordnance Survey and the cult of genealogy
Limerick and Derry: popular interpretations of colonization157
The old order: descendants of the dispossessed and dispossession mentality160
Topographical scholars' attitudes to old Irish families162
The Irish genealogical tradition164
Popular attitudes to old Irish families178
Implications of genealogical research184
8Interpretations of Ordnance Survey work
Ordnance Survey memoir staff: 'a peripatetic university'193
The intelligentsia and memoirs199

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