The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life

The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life

by Helen Irlen
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The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life by Helen Irlen

After decades of revolutionizing the treatment of dyslexia through the use of colored lenses, educational pioneer Helen Irlen has turned her attention to children and adults who suffer from other learning disabilities. The Irlen Revolution examines the author’s unique program for helping people with ADHD/ADD, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, depth perception problems, head injuries, strokes, and a host of other conditions that affect learning.

The Irlen Revolution begins with an overview of learning disabilities and a look at standard treatments. It then examines the Irlen Method and explores the scientific basis of the program. Finally, the author discusses the individual disorders—what they are, and how the Irlen approach may be used to treat them successfully. An extensive resource section provides additional guidance for readers who want to learn more about the program.

When 60 Minutes featured a dyslexic child being “cured” with the Irlen Method, the world was introduced to a safe and effective tool to combat dyslexia. Now the battle lines have been expanded, and many more people can benefit from The Irlen Revolution.

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About the Author

Helen Irlen is a graduate of Cornell University and an internationally known educator, researcher, therapist, scholar, and expert in the area of visual perception problems. While working with adults with learning disabilities, Irlen made a startling discovery that resulted in a marked improvement in her students’ reading ability. Today, there are over 80 affiliated Irlen Clinics worldwide, and over 7,000 educators have been trained in the Irlen Method.

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The Irlen Revolution: A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great discussion describing the discovery and assessment of Irlen Syndrome - a perceptual difference in individuals that interferes with visual tasks including reading, writing, depth perception and sports performance. Helen Irlen, a school psychologist, describes her quest to help struggling learners and those with reading difficulties that are due to a light sensitivity and visual perceptual difference that responds to using colored filters or overlays. The overlays reduce fatigue, headaches, distress when reading, improve accuracy, retention and comprehension and attention. This book an excellent handbook for parents and professionals regarding a very effective method to enhance learning and reduce the pain of light sensitivity, reading and learning difficulties. The book discusses processing differences including Asperger's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders, light sensitivity, head injuries, and psychological disorders that respond to the Irlen method. Readers are also educated on advocating for their children, educating educators and using the overlays and lenses in the educational and vocational settings. Clients, parents and educators have experienced life changing benefits that allow them to reach their goals improving reading and learning.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If this book could be placed on a compulsory reading list for all new teachers it would save a lot of children and young adults from struggling unnecessarily. The book gives a good insight into the development of the current screening process and the addition of personal accounts really helps the reader to better understand how life changing it can be for individuals when they start using coloured overlays or glasses. The book is a 'must read' for parents whose children aren't performing as well as they could at school and are looking for answers. The appendices are a welcome addition to the book as they provide useful suggestions for parents to help their children regardless of whether they have Irlen Syndrome or not. It echoes the fact that this book is genuinely trying to help people.
W_B_E More than 1 year ago
As an Irlen screener, I found the book full of more information on Irlen Syndrome and the Irlen method. This book is very informative and helpful to any parent or educator interested in learning more about Irlen Syndrome.  Many children suffer needlessly with many problems including light sensitivity, reading  difficulties and many other physical problems that can be helped by using the colored overlays or filters. Great book that is easy to read and understand for anyone seeking more understanding of Irlen's.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All teachers and parents should read this book to understand how some struggling readers feel. If you have or know anyone who suffers from light sensitivity, headaches, reading or depth perception problems, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, dyslexia, or any visual perceptional related condition, you need to read this book. Helen Irlen discusses her successful treatment of these issues with the use of colored filters and ways to identify the cause of the problem. She goes into great detail on different factors which might cause symptoms helped by the Irlen Method. This is a must read book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a book to be read by all educators as well as parents. This is a very informative book about the IRLEN Method. Problems with processing visual information can cause issues with attention, concentration, and a student's performance. The IRLEN screening method is a cost-effective way to see if visual processing is the problem first if symptoms exist. This book is a must read.
MirjamS More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this book for educators, Irlen screeners and diagnosticians, and others with a previous knowledge of Irlen Syndrome. For parents, I would recommend that they first read Irlen's other book, "Reading by the Colors" which I think is more oriented to those new to the subject. This is not a book you read in a few days, but rather one that you read a little at a time and then spend time thinking about the ideas presented and how they apply to you and those you have screened or an individual of concern, especially those with learning disabilities with visual reversals or depth perception. The book not only gives you an overall view of Irlen Syndorme, but shows how Irlen can be misdiagnosed or be connected with other disorders such as autism and attention deficit. The chapter on Attention Deficit disorders is very enlightening. This and other chapters make you observe and look for underlying causes. The chapter on Light Sensitivity also makes sense of many of my experiences and validates some of the positive methods I have been using. It will do the same for others that have had or seen others with light sensitivity. A question people always want to know is "Where is the research?". This book includes case studies and research studies that help verify that this is a real disorder. It even talks about brain wave changes between someone with and without Irlen filters and how all of communication is affected. I like the way that the book portrays Irlen as a piece of the puzzle and that one needs to carefully look at each individual to see the underlying causes of his/her behavior and learning problems. I recommend that you read it with that thought in mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
VALUABLE READING Working with adults who struggle with learning and literacy, I have observed several students who saw large gains in their reading ease and ability after being screened for Irlen Syndrome and subsequently using a recommended colored overlay. So, I was glad to have the chance to read Helen Irlen’s latest book, The Irlen Revolution, which I found to be both insightful and enlightening. Irlen’s writing style is clear and readable. Difficult scientific concepts are described and summarized in a way that the average person can easily follow. Her passion for the subject shows and ignites a similar interest and enthusiasm in the reader. I would recommend this book to anyone – it provides a chance to understand and sympathize with those who don’t experience their environment as you do. However, more importantly, this book is essential reading for all educators, parents, and those with Irlen-like symptoms (ex. Autism, ADD, light sensitivities, headaches, etc). The advice Irlen offers to parents about advocating for their children in the face of a bureaucratic educational system or a narrow diagnosis by a doctor or specialist is realistic and encouraging. Also, The Irlen Revolution offers a wealth of resources. From checklists and self-tests to lists of sources for more information and suggested strategies for different sensitivities and problems, Helen Irlen offers a thorough starting point for helping those with special, sometimes misunderstood, needs.
LGoodwin More than 1 year ago
This second book of Helen Irlen's about Irlen Syndrome does a great job of bringing the discussion down to a "layman's" level. She is able to clearly describe Irlen Syndrome and its symptoms (many of which sounded just like me!) in everyday language. More importantly, she uses her knowledge as an Educational Psychologist and counsellor to give clear, practical advice on how to advocate for your child, regardless of ability or disability. I must confess, being Canadian, I glossed over the specifics about American education bills, etc., but the non-specific information encouraged me as a mother and aunt to children with learning disabilities. Her discussion regarding other factors that can influence LDs and many other struggles children face in school was eye opening and encouraging! Helen Irlen's description of other learning disabilities, brain injuries, and syndromes clearly demonstrate that the Irlen Method a technique that can help more than just those with a light sensitivity. This book is a must read for any parent or person dealing with a learning disability or who knows someone with a learning disability.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book, "The Irlen Revolution" by Helen Irlen was a very informative, and helpful book for me as a counselor, and can also be a useful resource for any teacher, aide, or anyone working in the educational field. I first thought when I first picked up the book that it was going to be a dry, boring book, but I was very wrong, it was very teacher-friendly, and practical. It was very down to earth, and spoke to the heart of the problems that alot of people face ie. reading the printed page, comprehending the written language, judging spacial distance, driving at night, light sensitivity that distorts words on the written page, ect. The book spoke of numerous disabilities that children, and adults have to deal with, ie. ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, headaches, autism, head injuries, psychological problems, migraines, and visual conditions. In each situation the person was given an Irlen screening when everything else had seemed to fail. After the screenings were administered the person was able to read, comprehend, and function 100% better. The book also gave alot of success stories written by people that were at the lowest point in their lives, but because of the Irlen filters the adults, or children were given a second chance to reach their potential while other institutions, and people had given up on them. The book also spoke about parents being an advocate for their children while they are in school since they know their child better then anyone else does. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the world of education to help young adults, children, and anyone for that matter to become all that they are meant to become to fuction in this world, and to become a happier person,too.
VMK More than 1 year ago
The Irlen Revolution is Helen Irlen’s second book, following Reading by the Colors and its revision in 2005. In this second book, Helen Irlen takes the reader through the many discoveries and developments she has made as she continues to devote her life’s work to helping children and adults with visual perceptual difficulties. The Irlen Revolution discusses Irlen Syndrome, a visual perceptual processing condition comprised of a myriad of symptoms to varying degrees. Given its invasiveness, Irlen symptomatology can be part of reading difficulties, ADD, ADHD, autism, light sensitivity, and certain medical and psychological conditions, such as migraines, light-sensitive epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety disorders and depression. This inability of one’s brain to accurately process visual information can cause or exacerbate many problems. The intervention -- Irlen filters -- are colored tints applied to lenses. These specifically determined colors, or layers of colors, alter the visual processing occurring in the brain by screening out certain wavelengths of light. Scans of the brain show that after Irlen filters have been worn, brain activity becomes more normalized, so that it is better able to process visual information. The Irlen Revolution discusses relevant research in a clear and practical writing style, as the intent of the book is to be a readily available resource. Twenty-five years ago Helen Irlen’s research was jumpstarted with her initial discovery that not everyone sees letters and words in the same manner. Her uncanny knack for questioning the most basic assumptions about reading “When you read are the words clear, stable, and is it comfortable?” has taken this skilled researcher on a journey of revelation, with her most recent discoveries and developments shared this latest text, The Irlen Revolution.
Cindy-2 More than 1 year ago
This book does a great job of explaining why some people have problems reading and/or with math and what simple things they can do to improve. If you have an underachiever child or have problems with reading yourself, then this book could hold the solution for you.
12readRW More than 1 year ago
This second book by Helen Irlen goes beyond the simple description of the syndrome in her first book. I want to compliment her on achieving a balance between writing for those interested in the scientific aspects of the visual perception difficulty and parents, whom I think will gain the most out of this publication. This book is written in a straight forward not too technical tone,that parents will readily identify with. The chapters stand largely independent of one another, with useful cross referencing between chapters. There are very good self checks along the way that a parent or someone who suspects Irlen can self administer and make an informed decision whether to seek additional guidance. The inclusion of client testimony is a powerful tool that I will definitely be using in my next round of presentations to educators.