The iTunes for Windows Book

The iTunes for Windows Book



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ISBN-13: 9780321267443
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 03/12/2004
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Get the Party Started: iTunes Essentials1
Playing a Song2
Who's Singing the Song?3
Adding Your Own Song Info4
Finding Your Playlist's Total Running Time5
Groovin' with Meters6
Controlling Information Overload7
Faster Column Views8
Changing a Song's Name. Or Artist. Or...9
Delete a Song from iTunes10
Delete Multiple Songs from iTunes11
Rearranging the Song Order12
User-Friendly Columns13
A-to-Z or Z-to-A14
Finding the Currently Playing Song15
A Better iTunes Window16
It's Mini-Tunes17
Chapter 2We Can Work It Out: Working with Songs19
Pump Up the Volume20
Stop the Highs and Lows21
iTunes' Built-in EQ22
Saving Your Own Custom EQs23
A Different EQ for Every Song24
Apply EQ Settings to Groups of Songs25
You Can Control iTunes from Here26
Add Album Artwork to Your Songs27
Play it Again and Again and...28
The All On, All Off Shortout29
Crossfade Between Songs30
Adding Songs to Your iTunes Library31
Chapter 3Quit Playing Games with My Heart: Playing with Playlists33
Create a Playlist34
Delete Songs from a Playlist35
Delete a Playlist36
How to Skip over a Song in Your Playlist37
Smart Playlists Really Are Smart38
My Top 10, Automatically39
Shortcut for Creating Smart Playlists40
Create a Playlist from a Selection41
Everybody's a Critic: Rating Songs42
A Five-Star Playlist43
A Window of Its Own44
Reset a Song's Play Count45
Combine Playlists46
Exporting Your Playlists47
Chapter 4Sort It Out: Organizing Your Music49
Can't Find Your Songs?50
Browsing Is a Breeze51
Browsing by Genre52
Bring Order to iTunes53
Come Together54
Add Custom and Multiple Genres55
Font Super-Sizing56
Get to the Good Stuff: Editing Out Long, Boring Intros57
Editing a Bunch of Songs at Once58
Quick Ratings59
Locate Your Songs60
Chapter 5Can't Buy a Thrill: The Itunes Music Store63
My iTunes Music Store Wish List64
iTunes on a Budget65
Tell a Friend66
Better Song Previews for Dial-Up Users67
"Deauthorize" Your Computer68
Linking to Songs in the Store from Your Webpage69
Spoiling Your Kids...Automatically70
Music Preview Shortcut71
The Shortcut to Finding More of an Artist's Work72
The ITMS's Hidden Links73
What to Do If the "Buy Now" Button Says "Add Song"74
The Home Page Navigation Dots75
Ready for a "Power Search"?76
Find an Artist's Website77
Don't Use the Back Button. Shortcut It78
Don't Just Search: Browse79
Sort Your Searches80
Keep Other People from Buying on Your Computer81
How Much Have You Bought?82
Can't Remember Which Songs Were Hot That Year?83
If You're Sharing Music, They Won't Hear ITMS-Downloaded Songs84
Getting Faster ITMS Song Previews85
Chapter 6Rip It Up: Importing from CDs and Burning Your Own CDs87
Taggin' Your Mp3s88
Quick Tag Edits for Multiple Songs89
Auto Tags90
CD-Quality Importing91
Import Your Way92
Eliminate the Gaps...Join the Tracks93
Auto-Import Your Music94
Import to Playlists95
Damaged CD? iTunes Can Help96
One-Button Burning97
The "Almost an iPod in Your Car" Trick98
Be Selective when Burning99
Burning MP3 CDs100
Adjust the Gap101
Chapter 7Portable People: Using iTunes with Your iPod103
Putting Songs on Your iPod104
How Much Space?105
Manually Update Your iPod106
iPortable Hard Drive107
iPod-Only Playlists108
Beat the Alphabet110
Give Your iPod a New Name111
Raring Songs Goes Both Ways112
Your iPod as Voice Recorder113
Add "Group" Words to Make Portable Song Lists114
Finding "Unrated" Songs on Your iPod115
Chapter 8Silver Screen Shower Scene: iTunes Visuals117
Get Funky118
Maximize Your Funk119
iLogo (The Hidden Corporate Message)120
Visual Effects121
Who's Playing?122
One-Key Control123
Gettin' Geeky with Visuals124
Plug in to Visual Effects125
Chapter 9Advanced Deviation: Advanced iTunes127
Tuning in to iTunes128
Hey, Who Did That Song?129
My Favorite Radio Stations130
It's Good to Share131
Keep it Simple--Import Your Playlists132
Another Way to Shuffle133
Convert Your Songs134

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