by Lara Eardley


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In this book has been written for women wanting to learn exercises that create superior internal strength. It is for women desiring true embodiment and a holistic internal exercise program that leads to exceptional control, even mastery, over their pelvic floor muscles (the love muscles).

These practices are for creating superior sexual fitness, satisfaction and increased libido in women. These exercises ensure a life of continence. They greatly asist the prevention and cure of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and unsatifsying sex.

In this book, you will find numerous techniques that provide a terrific workout for all your amazing pelvic floor muscles. I have written this manuscript for practices that use The Jade Egg (internal weights); however, a woman can achieve formidable strength and tone by practicing these exercises alone. I have structured it with the exercises themselves at the front so that they can be mastered first in order to use The Jade Egg effectively later on.

All of the exercises should be mastered independently. Every squeeze one makes, every flex, contraction and pulse one completes pumps oxygenated blood into the muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons of the pelvic girdle, making it responsive, juicy and vibrant. I encourage you to thoroughly enjoy every move, squish and sea sponge like squeeze that you are able to perform along your journey to complete pelvic floor strength and trust you will be able to experience true embodiment of this for yourself.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780646954844
Publisher: Sexy Yoga
Publication date: 01/11/2016
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

The Jade Egg 1
Legal 1
Introduction 3
Perfect Grace 5
Reproductive System 9
Pelvic Floor Muscles 11
The Vulva 13
The Vagina 15
The Clitoris 17
The Breasts 21
The Uterus 23
The Fallopian Tubes 25
The Ovaries 27
The Broad Ligament 29
The Menstrual Cycle 31
Why Practice 33
Enlightening Facts 35
Sexual Fitness 39
Libido 43
Incorrect Practice 47
The Perineal Lift 51
Stop Stopping The Flow Of Urine 57
Frequent Urination Poor Bladder Habits 59
Holding On Technique Bladder Retraining 63
Structural Alignment/Posture 65
The Lower Lumbar Curve 67
High Heels 71
Internal Posture 73
Lifting 77
Abdominal Exercises 81
Pulling In Your Tummy 83
Exhale And Perineal Lift 85
Pump Your Muscles 87
Abdominal Breathing 89
Chest Breathing 93
Belt (Kidney) Breathing 97
Your Kidneys 99
Where Are Your Kidneys 101
Pelvic Floor Pumping And Breath Work 103
Healing Breath 107
Maximum Contractions 111
Medical Illustrations 113
Pelvic Diaphragm 1 (Viewed From Below) 117
Diaphragm 2 (Viewed From Above) 118
Pelvic Diaphragm 2, (Side View) 119
Three Sections Of The Vaginal Chamber 120
The Sacred Chamber 121
Secttion One-The Lower Gate 123
Section Two - The Sacred Apex 131
Section Three - The Sacred Heart 135
Experimentation And Experience 139
Do Not Over Exercise 141
The Jade Egg 143
Metaphysical Properties And Cleansing Rituals 151
Preliminary Considerations 153
Historically 157
Caring For Your Jade Egg 159
Retaining The Jade Egg 161
Hygiene 163
Size Selection 165
Medical Consultation 167
Insertion 169
Can They Get Stuck 171
Advanced Practices Sipping And Embracing 173
Moving Up And Down 175
Moving Left And Right 177
Tilting 179
Combine All Movements 181
The Front 183
The Middle 185
The Back 187
Tugging 189
Vaginal Weight Lifting 191
Two Jade Eggs Together 195
Speed And Strength Training 197
Holding 199
Rhythm 201
The Bladder And The Detrusor Muscle 203
Incontinence 207
Urge Incontinence 211
Stress Incontinence 213
Overflow Incontinence 215
Caffeine And Alcohol 217
Constipation, Chronic Sneezing, Coughing And Obesity 219
The Program 221
The Exercises Waking Breath 225
Maximum Contraction 227
Dance And Hold 229
Sing And Get Fit 231
Internal Dancing 233
Belt Breathing 235
Mini Trampoline 237
Hula Hoop 239
6 Week Exercise Program

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