The Jekyll Revelation

The Jekyll Revelation

Audiobook(CD - Unabridged)

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A spellbinding thriller from the bestselling author of The Einstein Prophecy.

A chilling curse is transported from 1880s London to present-day California, awakening a long-dormant fiend.

While on routine patrol in the tinder-dry Topanga Canyon, environmental scientist Rafael Salazar expects to find animal poachers, not a dilapidated antique steamer trunk. Inside the peculiar case, he discovers a journal, written by the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson, which divulges ominous particulars about his creation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It also promises to reveal a terrible secret—the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Unfortunately, the journal—whose macabre tale unfolds in an alternating narrative with Rafe’s—isn’t the only relic in the trunk, and Rafe isn’t the only one to purloin a souvenir. A mysterious flask containing the last drops of the grisly potion that inspired Jekyll and Hyde and spawned London’s most infamous killer has gone missing. And it has definitely fallen into the wrong hands.

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ISBN-13: 9781511326230
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 11/08/2016
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 5.50(h) x 1.12(d)

About the Author

Robert Masello is an award-winning journalist, television writer, and bestselling author of many novels and nonfiction books. His most recent novels, published in more than a dozen languages, include The Romanov Cross, The Medusa Amulet, and Blood and Ice. His guide to composition, Robert’s Rules of Writing, has been adopted in many college classrooms. His articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in prominent publications such as the Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, People, Newsday, and the Washington Post. A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America, he has taught and lectured at colleges and universities nationwide, including the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also served as visiting lecturer in literature at Claremont McKenna College for six years. A native of Evanston, Illinois, he now lives and works in Santa Monica, California.

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The Jekyll Revelation 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Cthulhu99 More than 1 year ago
jayfwms More than 1 year ago
Historical action blends with modern in this parallel study of Robert Louis Stevenson and a young forest service ranger in California's Topanga Canyon. It takes a while to deal with the abrupt shifts from one story to the other. In the end, the stories come together. The historical side of the plot is exciting and interesting. The modern side flirts with action, but ends with threads for some of the sub-plots unraveled. Definitely an enjoyable book to read, but not as engrossing as I would have hoped.
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
"Jack the Ripper" I always thought no one was ever able to identify this gruesome killer! Apparently our talented author Robert Masello has a theory that he shares in the Jekyll Revelation. The reader is drawn in to the later part of the nineteenth century and Robert Louis Stevenson who entertained us with the novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This work is done in alternating first person accounts between Mr. Stevenson and Rafael Salazar a present day environmental researcher. Once the rhythm of the prose is established there is a pulsating action just hinting at what is drawing these times together. Even though I felt the ending was a bit rushed, will be sure to seek out more by Masello. Gift given by Publisher and author via NetGalley.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Rafael, Rafe, is an environmental scientists that is tracking coyotes in Colorado when he discovers an ancient steamer trunk. Rafe is expecting treasure but instead finds a journal of Robert Louis Stevenson and a few other items. As Rafe reads the journal we are transported to Robert’s time. Robert was very ill and many experimental treatments were used to try and cure him. He tells how he came up with the Jekyll and Hyde story and Jack the Ripper’s origins. Back in the present day, Rafe is trying to save his coyotes. To do so he has to fight poachers, bikers, and face many other obstacles. This is really two stories in one. Each one has their own feel. The story revolving around Robert Louis Stevenson has the classic gothic feel to it. I can even see some of the horrible treatments they tried to cure Robert with. Rafe, although more modern, has some similar connections to Robert but they are not apparent right away. I admit that the beginning of the story did drag. I had a hard time staying focused. Also, the double narration was interesting in how each was handled with the different writing styles and such, I found myself wanting to read Robert’s story. I think this could have been a great book just about Robert Louis Stevenson. Overall, this is a good story and one that I think most people will like. It has a fresh take on the Jekyll and Hyde story along with a great idea on Jack the Ripper. I have not read any other books by Robert Masello but I am going to be check them out. I received The Jekyll Revelation from the publisher for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
JuliW More than 1 year ago
Working in Topanga Canyon in California, Environmental Scientist Rafael Salazar spies an antique steamer trunk. It's definitely out of place, revealed only because of the bad drought conditions in the canyon. Little does he realize the items inside the trunk will not only reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper but also bring to light circumstances that changed the life of the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson. As he reads a journal written by Stevenson, the whole story unfolds. A flask containing remnants of a dangerous elixir used by Stevenson to hold his tuberculosis at bay will bring a long dormant violence to Topanga Canyon. This story is fantastic! Alternating in time from London in the late 1880s to present day California, this story unfolds a suspenseful and creepy tale, akin to Stevenson's own Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The story is well-written and the plot moves along at perfect speed. Usually I don't like stories that switch back and forth in time, but Masello pulls it off masterfully. I also enjoyed the creative mix of history and fiction. Very creative! I listened to the audiobook version and it was perfect. One narrator read the present day portions of the story, and another read Robert Louis Stevenson's portions. Very well done! I have hearing loss, but was easily able to hear and understand everything. At about 12 hours in length, the audio performance took me several days to finish, but I enjoyed every moment! This is the first book I have read by Robert Masello. He has written several other similar suspense books including The Einstein Prophesy and The Medusa Amulet. I enjoyed this one so much I am definitely going to read more of his work!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Robert Louis Stevenson/ Louis has come to the Alpine slope to the town of Devos where he is to spend the winter with his wife fanny his fifteen year old stepson Lloyd and their dog - Woggin. Louis had traveled here for the last chance he has at getting a cure for his tuberculosis. Louis and his family are staying at the Hotel Belvedere where the most renowned pulmonologist was- Dr. Carl Ruedi. Louis was an author Rafael was a field officer with the Environmental Science Service. Rafael had been looking for Seth and Alfie who were trappers but didn’t tend to take care of the trapped animals as they were supposed to. Rael and his assistant find an old trunk. Inside is some old clothes that a museum might be interested in: an opera case, a top hat, white gloves, an old pocket watch, and a journal. The journal was on the crimes of Jack The Ripper and written by Stevenson. Rael wondered how the journal got in the trunk and at a bottom of a drying up lake in California. Louis did eventually get better but what happened to the patients that disappeared? Their bodies were put on sleds and pushed over the cliffs. Louis was attacked by wolves then he found out he was being given an elixir made from wolf’s blood. One night after taking the medicine Louis looks in the mirror and sees a grotesque caricature of himself. Louis wrote The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to get rid of the memory. Then Louis discovers someone else is using the elixir and not as medicine. Then Louis finds out the identity of the killer. I could not get into this story. I never liked jumping back and forth in a story. This just can't keep my attention. I guess just not my type of story.
NNLight More than 1 year ago
This is my first time reading Robert Masello and while he is a wonderful storyteller, I couldn't help thinking he tried to do too much in this book. The historical aspects and fictionalizing Jack the Ripper and Stevenson was impressive but it got lost with all the shifting between past and present. I love time-travel novels but it didn't work here. By the time I was finished, I needed something to calm my stomach. Thank you to Netgalley and 47North for giving me an ARC in the hopes I'd review it.