The Jig Is Up

The Jig Is Up

by Johnnie P. Mitchell


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The Jig Is Up by Johnnie P. Mitchell

Race and racism have played a significant role in the rise and fall of America. In The Jig is Up: We Are One!, author and educator Johnnie P.
Mitchell details how the man-made concept of race is a hoax that is destroying American education and presents a plan to restart education in America.

Based on more than twenty-five years of research, The Jig is Up: We Are One!:

Chronicles the history of race to justify slavery Presents ten lessons of how race was constructed Shows how race has been used to take America to greatness for the benefits of white people on the backs of blacks Narrates how the
"jig is up" and shows how Americans must face the truth of the past, present, and future Invites Americans to consider a non-racial America

The Jig is Up: We Are One! presents a new paradigm for learning and delivers a call to restart education in America based on teaching and learning and not a bell curve standard to survive and thrive in a smart and successful non-racial America.

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ISBN-13: 9781450219860
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/26/2010
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Johnnie P. Mitchell attended Spelman
College in Atlanta, Georgia, and taught school for many years. She has two grown children. Mitchell lives in
South Carolina.

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The Jig is Up: We Are One!

Race is a Hoax that FAILS American Education
By Johnnie P. Mitchell

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Johnnie P. Mitchell
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-1986-0

Chapter One


Lesson #1

RACE MYTH Made-In-America

In the beginning when I was first introduced to the concept of race, we were taught that there were three races, Black (Negroid), White (Caucasoid), Yellow (Mongoloid) and Red.

As a Black person I grew up with the understanding that the United States operated by this rule: if you are White, you are right; if you are Brown (Mixed) stick around; and if you are Black, get back!

At the inauguration of the first "Black" President, the Rev. Dr. Lowery ended his prayer asking God to bring about a change to that operational rule:

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when Black will not be asked to get in back, when Brown can stick around ... when Yellow will be mellow ... when the Red man can get ahead, man; and when White will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen.

My prayer is that all men will give truth a chance and walk into the marvelous light of that truth ...

The Origin of the Race Myth

This is how I believe the story goes ...

Once upon a time humanity started in Africa and after people traveled and settled in other areas of the planet, they started to look and act differently.

So when the Europeans began to settle America they had in place a servant system until they realized that the people in certain parts of Africa could be enslaved forever because of their distinct physical characteristics.

We must trace, learn, and understand the history and origin of "race" in America to get us to the conclusion regarding what we must do to truly reconstruct America and restart education.

In the scientific world, it is generally accepted that the biological species of man started in Africa and later different groups migrated from Africa and settled in different areas of earth. Those groups consequently developed different characteristics based on their history, culture, and geographical conditions.

When you uncover the roots of the concept of race in North America, it's the beginning of a tale or myth to rationalize, or justify the enslavement of one group of people. Since some physical characteristics of the enslaved group's, color, nose structure, feet, and hair, etc, looked like "genetic" differences; "race" was "legitimized" by 19th century "science."

When the world was divided by distance, it was easy to believe that human beings could be bundled into three or four fundamentally different groups according to their physical traits: Blacks, Whites, Asians (Yellow), and Indians (Red).

If there is anybody left who really believes that there is more than one biological or scientific "race" this is the place for you. Whether you agree or disagree you must have this understanding if you are going to be able to proceed from this point onward and the fact that America is #31 in the world in regards to "education" and after 25 years of "reform" what we have gotten is the #31 rank. Twenty-five years earlier we were approximately #5.

The Facts about Race as I have learned are as follows:

There is only one (1) race, and that is the "human" race.

Any other notion of race is a "myth." Americans dealing with the issue of slavery devised a "pseudoscience". Consider these concepts from (Race-The Power of an Illusion: 3-Part documentary about race in society, science & history (

1. Race is a concept devised in recent times. During earlier times they did not use physical characteristics to classify humans; instead they used things like religion, status, class, and in some cases language. The word 'race' turns up for the first time in England in a 1508 poem by William Dunbar. 2. Race is only a concept and has no scientific, biological or genetic criteria. That means that there is no one characteristic, trait or gene all the members of one so-called race have in common and different from all the members of another socalled race. 3. There are no subspecies of the Human species. All humans belong to the species Homo sapiens sapiens. Scientists believe that the reason for this is the fact that humans have not the conditions that would have allowed humans to divide into sub-species or "races." More specifically, humans are one of the most genetically alike than all other species. 4. Skin color is just skin color. This means that a person's skin color only tells you one thing, the person's skin color. Other things like blood type, talents, abilities, and eye shape have nothing to do with the skin color of a person. 5. Variations occur to a greater degree within races rather than between so-called "races." The occurrences of differences reveal where there is human variation, approximately 85% occur within local populations like Italians, Kurds, Koreans or Cherokees rather between groups. That means that two random Blacks could exhibit more differences than a White person and a Black person.

The facts are that there just is no characteristic that members of a "race" have that distinguishes them from another "race." If any number of characteristics or traits were assigned to a particular "race" there is no group of those traits that would correspond to America's concept of race. When you go below the skin color, the human species is one of the most homogeneous species in existence!

Among those not considered White at some time in American history have been the Irish, Germans, some Jews, Italians, Spaniards, Slavs, Greeks and other Mediterranean peoples.

The differences we call "race based" are socially-based. The stress of racism, access to medical care, health insurance, race-based poverty, and living conditions can certainly affect medical outcomes. But the reasons aren't innate or genetic as America is still operating.

America's adoption of the concept of "race" has allowed the country to disregard all of the social factors that have created the inequalities and differences that they want to believe are innate or natural rather than environmental.

Accepting the fact that the concept of race is a hoax is critical at this point in America's history. The concept of race is based on a pseudo-science that was constructed to justify the differences between Black people and White people. The hoax is man-made and the discrepancies are consequently man-made. Not until this fact is known and accepted, the ignorance of the lie is going to keep everyone in America from getting a good education and having a fair chance in life.


1640 - Chattel Slavery The term White race or White people entered dictionaries of the major European languages in the 1600s. 1680- Duringthis period, the laws referred to people as "Christians" or "Englishmen" and not "Whites." Then during the time of Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 there is a noticeable change which distinguishes Black slaves from European indentured servants. The concept of "race" then becomes prevalent as status of slavery becomes an inherited status. The legal category of "White" was put into effect to institutionalize a variety of laws that gave different rights and privileges to the "races." 1705- The institution of slavery becomes more preferred than indentured servitude for the wealthy planter. At that point they began to put on the books laws that turned African slaves into a permanent status that definitively distinguished Blacks from Whites. With Blacks being skilled, knowledgeable, possessing natural immunity to European diseases and no place to hide with their dark skins, the Africans/Blacks became the group chosen to become permanent slaves. 1735- The publishing of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae is key to this trace of the man-made creation of "races." 1758- A Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, Carolus Linnaeus gives White people a classification, Homo sapiens europaeus and for the first time attributes mental capabilities to them as a group. 1775- The philosopher Immanuel Kant has the term "White" in book, "About the Different Races of Men" and describes them as a race or group. In Blumenbach's Natural Varieties of Mankind, the "White" and "Black" race is introduced. 1776- This is the point in time when Johann Blumenbach is credited with the originator of Caucasians/Whites. This is when he generates a template for "races." He creates hierarchical pyramid of five human types. He placed "Caucasians" at the top because he believed that all of the other types diverged. (This belief becomes the "scientific" basis for the claim of White superiority that continues to today!) 1790- Since the U.S. Constitution orders a census count every 10 years; racial classification is included. (At this time in history, finding out who is free and who is enslaved is more important than whether as person is Black or White- to this day, that is still what the census is trying to find out, "are you a descendent of slavery (Black) or descendent of the free (White). This is when a slave/Black person is counted as 3/5ths of a person. (At this point in history they believe in the difference between Blacks and Whites but they attribute the difference to environment rather than inherited.)

1899- People brought to America from southern and Eastern Europe increase at this time. They joined the already present Africans, Mexicans and Chinese Americans doing the undesirable, low-wage jobs living in the urban ghetto. They saw the new immigrants as "not quite White." To adjust for this belief, the anthropologist William V. Ripley publishes The Races of Europe, and separates "Whites" into a distinct hierarchy of subraces and sub-subraces. (Some become naturalized, organized, voted, and eventually assimilated into "Whiteness." This occurred after WWII as they moved into governmentsubsidized White suburbs and up the economic ladder.) (In the census of 2010, they are still trying to figure out how become who are not fully "White" or "Black" should be accounted for, it's so absurd, it's laughable! Not really, it's tragic! - ignorance personified in 2010 America!) 1922- Who is White becomes a question for the courts; so when the 1790 Naturalization Act restricted naturalized American citizenship to Whites only in the early 20th Century, new arrivals petition the courts to be legally designated White to qualify for citizenship. The Supreme Court concluded that Japanese were not legally White because science classified them as Mongoloid (Yellow) rather than Caucasian (White). The court then contradicted itself by concluding that Asian Indians were not legally White, (although they were classified as Caucasians). The courts got really ridiculous and declared that "Whiteness" is based on "the common understanding of the White man." 1924- The declaration of who are Black changes. In 1866, the rule is that "every person having one-fourth or more Negro blood shall be deemed a colored person." The percentage changes in 1910 to 1/16th and then in 1924, the Virginia Racial Purity Act defines Black persons as having any trace of African ancestry or the prevailing "one-drop" rule. Since most people cannot prove their ancestry and the rule is applied subjectively. 1977- In 1974 the Equal Educational Opportunity Act, the federal Office of Management and Budget Issues Directive 15 forced the government to create a standard government definition of race and ethnicity. The categories turned out to be arbitrary, inconsistent, and exposed how different groups are defined. "Black" was defined as a "race" but "White" was not. "Hispanic" is identified as a pattern of colonization and excludes non-Spanish parts of Central and South America. The "American Indian or Alaskan Native" must be supported with "cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition." Categories were amended in 1996, and a new one, "Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander," was added to the "absurd list." 2000- Credited with inventing "race": 1. Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) 2. Johann Blumenback (1752-1840) 3. Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882) What I believe:

Racism was invented during the time that tens of thousands of Africans were captured, enslaved and transported in chains to the Americas to work as field hands and manual workers for European owners.

If I know this, what do the scientists and professors at Harvard and the other universities know? What do the great doctors of this age know?

What do you believe?

Lesson #1

Facts to be Verified by Individual Investigation

After completing Lesson #1, you should be on your way to investigate the following truth for yourself:

1. "Race" is not biological; it is a social construct made in America to justify slavery. 2. Race as separate biological groups cannot be scientifically verified; there is no "race" gene. 3. Scientists do not consider "race" as a fact. 4. There is only one human group, "homo sapiens sapiens" 5. According to current scientific findings, modern man originated in Africa and groups migrated to other areas on earth. 6. Human variation is only skin deep or due to social, cultural or environmental differences/causes. 7. Races have been defined differently at different times in the history of America. 8. Is there any belief(s) you would have to give up if there is only one race? 9. How would you change if you were no longer "White" or "Black"? 10. Are you a "racist" - are you Black or White or Human?

Let's proceed to Lesson #2- Race Based Superiority

Letter #2 - What is the Benefit of Having "Races?"

Dear Reader,

At this point, we will be covering the period in history where we find America divided into "free" and "enslaved." The men in charge of the development of this country were having problems with declaring this a country with great emphasis on equality and the rights of man while at the same time engaging in "bondage."

At first it was easy because "indentured servants" could be anyone and their status was based on the "debt" that they were overcoming. When people from Africa came into the picture, religion was brought into the mix. Since Africans were for the most part if not exclusively, not Christians, they could be demonized if they did not choose to become "Christians." Many African slaves immediately used that "loophole" to obtain their status as a "human being" worthy of freedom. (That loophole was immediately closed when the African slaves took advantage of this and converted to Christianity in such abundance!)

Then a conscious decision was made to give preference to one group. It is at this point that the status of "superiority" was given to the White race; and the status of "inferiority" was given to the Black race. There was also created a middle group, which has been called different things, "Brown," "Mixed," or "Mullatto."

Fast forward to my lifetime, this is an incident involving my Father that shows how well the system that was started during slavery prevails in practice and in power to today. My Father ("Papa") was taken to the emergency room on the weekend and after the initial examination by a White doctor he decided that Papa needed to be seen by a specialist who was not available on the weekend. The doctor got on the phone with the specialist he was trying to persuade to come to the hospital. The doctor says, "He (referring to Papa) is "mullatto." The specialist came and saved my Papa's life!

In this lesson we will cover how and when this system of "privilege" was developed and how it still affects our lives if we are shown how to "see."

I am so happy to have you on this journey as we re-visit our past ...

Ms. Johnnie


Excerpted from The Jig is Up: We Are One! by Johnnie P. Mitchell Copyright © 2010 by Johnnie P. Mitchell. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


In the Beginning was the Word ... "Restart Education"....................3
PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK....................4
Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again....................8
Are You Ready to Learn?....................9
Why I am the Author....................10
The Irony of the "Conversation on Race"....................12
PART 1 History of Racism and How It Fails America Today....................17
Study Guide & Timeline....................18
SECTION 1 ORIGIN OF THE HOAX....................21
Lesson #1 The Race Myth....................21
Lesson #2 Race Based Superiority Standards....................32
Lesson #3 Bell Curve Tale....................46
Lesson #4 Brown v. Board of Education....................71
SECTION 3 BEGINNING OF THE END....................82
Lesson #5 A Nation-At-Risk....................82
Lesson #6 Ebonics Dilemma....................114
Lesson #7 Academic Gap Delusion....................129
SECTION 4 THE FAILING OF AMERICA....................137
Lesson #8 25th Anniversary of A Nation-At-Risk....................137
Lesson #9 Collapse of a Divided America....................151
Lesson #10 We Are Now One: The New Reconstruction....................156
PART 2 The Educational "R" - evolution How to Restart Education in a Non-Racial America....................173
SECTION 1 THE GOAL FOR EDUCATION....................174
Step #1 - Identifying the "Problem"....................175
Step #2 - "Obstacles" to Addressing and Solving the Problem....................182
Step #3 - The "R" - Evolution to Restart Education....................185
SECTION 2 Restarting Education with the new 4-"Rs"....................200
FIRST R: RESPECT for the Student/Learner....................200
SECOND R: RESPONSIBILITY of the Teacher....................202
THIRD R: RELEVANCE of the Curriculum....................207
FOURTH R: RIGOR for Testing off the Race-Based Curve....................211

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