The Joe Public Guide to the Jewish Phenomenon

The Joe Public Guide to the Jewish Phenomenon

by Colin Richardson




In 2012 Joe Castello read in a news magazine that the global population of Jews was only about 13 million, and thereby was inspired to make the study you will find in these pages. He was already fascinated by Jewish culture and the land of Israel, following his visit in 1993. He was amazed to find that such a small population and its ancestors have had an irreplaceable impact on the world by virtue of their determination, tenacity and way of life. The book celebrates the number, for example, of Jewish Nobel prize winners, those in academia, the arts, commerce and show business to name but a few. Many household names are mentioned, all fêted in their own field. Joe Castello is a Gentile, and hopes that others like himself will, through his work, gain a little insight into a fascinating heritage.

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ISBN-13: 9781849638517
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Publication date: 11/28/2014
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About the Author

Joe Castello was born in 1939. He graduated in Pharmacy and created a small chain of pharmacies. He is now part of a family business that is focussed on bars and restaurants.He was active in rugby, judo and skiing until common sense prevailed. He still plays in a 9-piece jazz and blues band. He has a son who is diabetic.

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