The John Adams Edition

The John Adams Edition

by John AdamsJohn Adams

CD(with Blu-ray)

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The John Adams Edition is not some kind of official John Adams anthology, but it might as well be. The hefty set -- four CDs and two Blu-Ray discs with live concerts and other goodies -- documents Adams' year as composer-in-residence with the Berliner Philharmoniker (Berlin Philharmonic), and it offers a fine sampling of Adams' work as one could wish. The music ranges from the mid-1980s (Harmonielehre, whose name signaled Adams' ambitions so vividly) to recent works. There are instrumental and vocal works; there are crowd-pleasers ("Short Ride in a Fast Machine"), atmospheric Americana ("City Noir"), big theatrical statements (two CDs are given over to "The Gospel According to the Other Mary," which suffers slightly as a standalone work instead of as a theater piece, but which is still well worth rehearing), virtuoso music (the recent "Scheherazade 2," with Leila Josefowicz as violin soloist), and comparative rarities (the 1989 Walt Whitman setting "The Wound Dresser"). There are four different conductors, including Adams himself, and the project shows that the top conductors in the world have to be as ready to deal with Adams as they are with Beethoven. But the biggest reason to shell out the investment for this box is the chance to hear the Berliners, who still produce a more brilliant orchestral sheen than anybody else, play the music and render its surfaces in living color. Sample the finale of the "Harmonielehre," among many other possibilities. In a way, Adams' music, which added layers of orchestration and textural manipulation to the base minimalist language, was waiting for these performances. You might find one you don't particularly care for (perhaps one of the vocal pieces), but few will receive these as anything other than landmark Adams recordings. The John Adams Edition was nominated for the Grammy award for Best Classical Compendium in 2018.

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Release Date: 11/17/2017
Label: Berliner Philharmon
UPC: 4260306181414
catalogNumber: 170141
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Disc 1

  1. Harmonielehre, for orchestra

    1. Part I  (18:50)
    2. Part II. The Anfortas Wound  (12:07)
    3. Part III. Meister Eckhardt and Quackie  (11:28)
  2. Short Ride in a Fast Machine, fanfare for orchestra  (04:21)
  3. City Noir, symphony for orchestra

    1. 1. The City and its Double -  (13:32)
    2. 2. The Song is for You  (08:32)
    3. 3. Boulevard Night  (12:08)

Disc 2

  1. Lollapalooza, for orchestra  (06:46)
  2. Scheherazade.2, symphony for violin & orchestra

    1. 1. Tale of the Wise Young Woman – Pursuit by the True Believers  (15:27)
    2. 2. A Long Desire (Love Scene)  (14:22)
    3. 3. Scheherazade and the Men with Beards  (10:10)
    4. 4. Escape, Flight, Sanctuary  (08:26)
  3. The Wound-Dresser, for baritone & orchestra  (18:32)

Disc 3

  1. The Gospel According to the Other Mary, opera

    1. Act One: Scene 1: The Next Day in the City Jail  (04:19)
    2. Act Two: Chorus: Who Rips His Own Flesh Down the Seams  (04:01)
    3. Act One: Scene 1: Now a Certain Woman Named Martha  (02:54)
    4. Act Two: Scene 1: Martha and Mary, Not Knowing what was happening  (05:58)
    5. Act One: Scene 2: And She Had a Sister Named Mary  (01:45)
    6. Act Two: Scene 2: Introduction  (02:20)
    7. Act One: Scene 2: I Am Surprised That I Am Beginning to Pray Daily  (03:28)
    8. Act Two: Scene 2: Up at Two a.m., Picketed All Day  (01:57)
    9. Act One: Scene 2: Chorus: En un día de Amor Yo bajé hasta la Tierra  (04:43)
    10. Act Two: Scene 2: The Said Defendants  (02:52)
    11. Act One: Scene 3: Now a Certain Man Was Sick  (04:19)
    12. Act Two: Scene 2: Chorus: Jesus, Incomparable Perdonador de Injurias  (03:11)
    13. Act One: Scene 3: Lazarus Dies While the Sisters Await Jesus  (02:06)
    14. Act Two: Scene 3: And They Were Come unto a Place Called Golgotha  (06:14)
    15. Act One: Scene 3: Why Standest Thou Afar off, O Lord?  (02:36)
    16. Act Two: Scene 3: Daughters of Jerusalem, Weep Not for Me  (02:37)
    17. Act One: Scene 3: In My Own Quietly Explosive Here  (03:02)
    18. Act Two: Scene 3: Now There Stood by the Cross of Jesus  (01:14)
    19. Act One: Scene 3: Don't Touch My Left Arm  (02:24)
    20. Act Two: Scene 3: When Jesus Saw His Mother  (03:13)
    21. Act One: Scene 3: When Mary Was Come Where Jesus Was  (03:46)
    22. Act Two: Scene 4: When the Rain Began to Fall  (04:54)
    23. Act One: Scene 3: Jesus Said, Take Ye Away The Stone  (02:14)
    24. Act Two: Scene 4: On Earth When He Heard the First Rain  (03:35)
    25. Act One: Scene 3: And When He Thus Had Spoken  (04:41)
    26. Act Two: Scene 4: His Son Cried Out to Him  (01:56)
    27. Act One: Scene 3: Chorus: Drop Down, Ye Heavens, from Above  (02:55)
    28. Act Two: Scene 5: Now in the Place Where He Was Crucified There Was a Garden  (04:30)
    29. Act One: Scene 4: Then Jesus Six Days Before the Passover came to Bethany  (00:44)
    30. Act Two: Scene 5: Mary Awakens on the Third Morning  (02:24)
    31. Act One: Scene 4: For the Grave Cannot Praise Thee  (07:08)
    32. Act Two: Scene 5: Chorus: It Is Spring  (04:17)
    33. Act One: Scene 4: Then Took Mary a Pound of Ointment  (04:48)
    34. Act Two: Scene 6: And, Behold, There Was a Great Earthquake  (03:09)
    35. Act One: Scene 5: And There Were Some That Had Indignation Within Themselves  (01:53)
    36. Act Two: Scene 6: Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead?  (07:37)
    37. Act One: Scene 5: We Know There Will Be No Utopias  (06:17)
    38. Act One: Scene 5: Tell Me: How Is This Night Different  (11:39)

Disc 5

  1. Harmonielehre, for orchestra
  2. Short Ride in a Fast Machine, fanfare for orchestra
  3. City Noir, symphony for orchestra
  4. Lollapalooza, for orchestra
  5. Scheherazade.2, symphony for violin & orchestra
  6. The Wound-Dresser, for baritone & orchestra
  7. Bonus Blu-Ray Video Material: John Adams in conversation with Peter Sellars (10

    1. John Adams in conversation with Peter Sellars (10 mins)

Disc 6

  1. The Gospel According to the Other Mary, opera
  2. Bonus Blu-Ray Video Material: John Adams in conversation with Peter Sellars (15

    1. John Adams in conversation with Peter Sellars (15 min)

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