The Journey Of The Soul

The Journey Of The Soul

by Olivia and Raf Ocana
The Journey Of The Soul

The Journey Of The Soul

by Olivia and Raf Ocana


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For All who have Loved and lost someone and want to Know

For All who Fear Death and what happens next

For All who Understand there is more, that Life must go on after Death, but want to Know how

For All who Feel there is more within them and want to Access it

For All who want to Know why their Life matters and how it matters

For All that want to Move forward after the loss of a Loved One

For All that want to Know in order to Live Now in the Beauty of Life

This Book Is For You

The Journey Of The Soul: What Happens When You Die is a Spiritually Guided book. It is full of brand new Insight, that has never been published before relating to the Energetic Journey of the Soul when you reEmerge and Transition into Non Physical. It includes the authors experiences of Interaction with this Energy, what their Non Physical Team have simulated to them and helped them to Understand in order to write this book. It does not include any reference to Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives or Rebirth, but is expressly focussed upon each Soul being Unique and Eternal and what that means. If you are Ready to Understand new Insight, if you are Ready to not just read but Feel as you read and be open to trying a new way of Connecting to your own Soul Energy as well as Understanding how you can Connect with Transitioned Loved Ones, you definitely want to read this book. 

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