The Joy of Scrapbooking

The Joy of Scrapbooking


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The Joy of Scrapbooking by Kerry Arquette, Andrea Zocchi, Darlene D'Agostino

This mammoth book is the must-have resource in every scrapbooker’s library. The history of the craft unfolds in over 300 pages, from the albums of eras past to today’s scrapbooking renaissance. Interviews and profiles of leading designers offer insight, and there’s abundant advice for newcomers on improving images and layouts. Learn how to take full advantage of your camera; store photographs to ensure archival quality; and create powerful, balanced page designs. Invaluable tips cover choice of materials, using words effectively, and selecting and integrating typefaces. There’s also a plethora of fabulous techniques to try, from cropping, matting, and mounting photos to stamping, embossing, and distressing papers. Sample layouts spotlight those important moments—from birthdays to weddings—that everyone most wants to commemorate.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781600592195
Publisher: Lark Books NC
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 1,249,704
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Discover the Joy of Scrapbooking: Embrace this appreciation of life     10
Express Your Love     12
Tell Your Story     14
Sharing Stories in a Scrapbook     15
Connect the Past and Future     16
Preserving Your History     17
Be Creative     18
Scrapbooks: A Timeless Tradition     20
Scrapbooking Through the Centuries     20
Scrapbooking: A Retrospective Look     22
The Many Faces of Fashionable Pages     24
Create Lasting Images: Great scrapbook pages begin with great photos     28
Get to Know Your Camera     30
Point-and-shoot vs. an SLR     30
Camera Control Basics     31
Lenses     32
The Speed of Film     32
A Photographer's Accessories     33
Understand Exposure     34
Aperture     34
Depth of Field     34
Shutter Speed     35
How to Use Exposure Controls     36
Your Exposure IQ     37
Recognize Light Quality     38
Two Difference Types of Light     38
The Color of Light     39
The Direction of Light     40
Electronic Flash     41
Red-eye Reduction     41
Mix Natural and Artificial Light     41
Compose Simply Beautiful Images     42
Use the Rule of Thirds     42
Frame the Shot     42
Allow Color to Influence Mood     43
Find Patterns, Shapes and Textures     44
Get Close     45
Ready to Shoot a Close-up?     45
Change Your Perspective     46
Manipulate Scale     47
A Variety of Scale     47
Tell a Story With a Photo Series     48
Photo Essays: The Theme of Things     48
Look for Details     49
Focus on Your Loved Ones     50
Bringing Out the Best in People     51
Highlight a Personality     52
Go on a Gender Bender     53
Define Relationships     54
Arrange Stunning Group Shots     54
Capture Candids     55
Location, Location, Location     55
Mark Your Memories with Words: Delight in telling the tales of your memories     56
Journaling Basics     58
The Importance of Handwritten Journaling     58
Titles That Tempt     60
Title Resources     61
Pull Together Primary Information     62
The Five "Ws"     62
Keys to Compelling Storytelling     64
Inspiration Tips     64
Writing Tips     65
Express the Uniqueness of a Personality     66
Apt Descriptions     66
Express Your Innermost Feelings     68
It's All About You     69
Express Your Love and Passion     70
Love Notes     70
In the Mood     71
Express The Dynamics of a Special Bond     72
Friends Forever     73
Express Pride in a Challenge Met     74
Making a Difference With Scrapbooking     75
More Great Journaling Ideas     76
Papers Worth Saving     76
Understand the Mechanics of Successful Design: Make the pieces of a layout fit     80
Create Page Designs Based on a Grid     82
Break Bad Design Habits     82
Emphasize a Superb Image     84
Drawing the Eye     85
Energize Your Page with Color     86
What Colors Say to Us     86
Familiar Color Combinations     88
The Color Wheel     88
Color Intensity and Value     89
Tried-and-True Color Formulas     89
Use Texture for Touchable Page Appeal     90
Great Textures for Great Pages     91
Take Advantage of Simple Shapes     92
Move the Eye with Repetition     94
More Ways to Create Rhythm     94
Integrate Appropriate Type Styles     96
Selecting the Right Font     96
Relish the Craft: Experiment with popular scrapbooking techniques     38
Become Familiar with the Basic Supplies     100
Choose the Right Album     100
4 Types of Album Binding     100
CSI: Scrapbooks     101
The Art of Preserving Photos     101
Stock Your Scraproom with the Right Stuff     102
What's Inside His Toolbox     102
The Wide World of Paper     103
Get Inventive with Your Photos     104
Crop Photos for Emphasis     104
Cropping Tool     105
Print Photos on Unexpected Surfaces     106
Execute an Image Transfer     107
Master Celebrated Scrapbook Techniques     108
Stamping and Embossing     108
Stamps and Inks, Explained     108
Using Colorants      110
Colorants at Work     111
Aging and Distressing     112
Creating Paper Accents     114
Making Things Stay Put     116
Sticky Situations     116
Making Things Fold, Flip and Pull     118
Pocketing Items for Safekeeping     120
Pick a Perfect Pocket for Your Page     120
Creating Unique Backgrounds     122
Matchmaker Tips for Mixing Patterns     122
Tying Things Up and Tying Things Down     124
Getting Friendly With Your Computer     126
Digital Terms to Know     127
The Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking     128
Beautiful Baby Pages: Create layouts worth cooing over     130
Create Perfect Infant Pages     132
Taking Baby for a Formal Portrait     133
Break the Rules Beautifully     134
Wonder at the Miracle of Your Baby     140
Keeping a Baby Journal     142
Add More Joy: Miniature Tag Books     148
Cooking Up Boy Pages: Whip up boy pages that are a special treat     150
The Secret Recipe for Great Boy Pages     152
Choose Your Boy Carefully     154
Add a Spoonful of Sugar and Allow to Simmer      156
Put Things in Motion and Mix it Up     158
Add Some Spice for Kick     160
Bad Boys We Love     161
Add Water and Chill     162
Neat Embellishments for Boy Pages     163
Allow to Age (Like Fine Wine)     164
When Done, Simply Enjoy!     166
Add More Joy: Rough and Ready-Made Texture     168
Texture With Boyish Charm     168
Sugar and Spice Girls: Fashion layouts for princesses and tomboys     170
A Young Lady Is     172
A Young Lady Should Caution Herself Not to Stare     174
A Young Lady Never Becomes so Absorbed That She Removes Herself From Interaction     176
Ladies Observe Fashion Dictates That Show Good Taste     178
A Young Lady Does Not Go Outdoors Without a Hat and Appropriate Attire     180
Trousers Are Better Worn by the Gentlemen     182
Crop Etiquette     182
Ladies Should Exercise Modestly But Avoid Overexertion     184
A Smile Should Never Be Far From a Lady's Lips     186
Page Publishing Hints     186
Add More Joy: Wearable Art     188
A Charming History     188
Captivating Pet Pages: Construct warm and fuzzy animal-themed layouts     190
Pets Can Teach Us New Tricks     192
It's What's Inside that Matters     193
Life Doesn't Stand Still, Embrace Every Minute     194
Naps Aren't Just for Babies     195
Whistle a Happy Tune     196
There's No Place Like Home     197
We Benefit as Much From Play as Work     198
Age Doesn't Matter When Souls Touch     199
Pet Photo Tips     199
It is Only Through Curiosity That Knowledge Takes Seed     200
You Don't Have to Be the Centerpiece at Every Party     201
Spread Love, Spread the Word     202
Best In Show     204
What Should You Scrapbook About Your Pet?     205
Add More Joy: Playful Pet Accents     208
Festive Holiday Pages: Celebrate special times throughout the year     210
Great Holiday Pages Begin With Great Photos     212
Traditional and Less Traditional Palettes     218
Christmas Carols Make Great Page Titles     218
Hippity Hoppity Pastel Pages     220
Hurray for the Red White and Blue     222
Traditional Halloween Colors     224
Overlooked Holiday Page Themes     225
Add More Joy: Handcrafted Gift Sets     226
Shining Seasonal Pages: Savor the poetry of spring, summer, fall and winter     228
Spring Fills the Air     230
Flower Power Poetry     233
Hot Summer Scrapbook Pages     234
Capturing the Flavors of Fall     238
From Whither Cometh Inspiration?     241
Wonderful Winter Wonderland Pages     242
Add More Joy: Savvy and Seasonal Digital Art     246
Wonderful Wedding Pages: Design and decorate exquisite "I Do" layouts     248
Symbols and History of Weddings     250
White Wedding Dress     252
Man on the Right     253
Way Back When: Something Blue     253
The Bridal Party and Witnesses     254
Way Back When: The Officiate     255
The Flowers     256
Don't-Miss Photo Moments     256
Way Back When: Flower Girls     257
The Wedding Cake     258
The Kiss     259
Wedding Memorabilia to Scrapbook     259
Fashion and Trends     260
Way Back When: Proposals     260
Way Back When: Man and Wife     261
Create a Wedding Theme Album     262
Add More Joy: Cards and Invitations     264
Way Back When: Wedding Invitation     264
Heritage Pages to Commemorate: Immortalize the past with vintage layouts     266
The Headlines Tell the Story     268
Business News     270
Asking Your Elders     270
Fashion and Trends     272
Putting on Your Sleuth Hat     272
Community Happenings     274
Flea Market and Antique Store Page Additions     274
The "Junior" League     276
Wedding and Society Pages     278
Add More Joy: Heritage Keepsakes     280
Winning Sports Pages: Scrapbook the success of today's athletes     282
Sports Offer a Bag Full of Benefits     284
Let's Talk Real Flexibility!     284
Sports Improve Hand/Eye Coordination     286
Famous Sports Families     287
Sports Develop Motor Skills and Social Skills     288
Fan Etiquette     289
On Wheels, Wake or Foot, Sports Improve Fitness     290
Sports Connect Effort and Accomplishment     292
Sports Inspire Confidence     294
The Power of Positive Affirmation     294
Sports Provide Youngsters with Role Models     296
Sports Prepare Us to Face the Challenges of Life      298
Add More Joy: Scrapbooking with Found Objects     300
Index     302

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The Joy of Scrapbooking 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am just starting to learn how to do scrapbooking. I found this book very easy to understand, great ideas,etc. I know the star ratings go only up to 5 for outstanding, but I'd give it a 10 if I could.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago