The Justified Vision

The Justified Vision

by Alan V. Halton


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ISBN-13: 9781456768164
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/13/2011
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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The Justified Vision

By Alan V. Halton


Copyright © 2011 Alan V. Halton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6816-4

Chapter One

    Tears of God
    A poem concerning the futility of racism

    How can we live like we do and
    persecute each other on a daily basis?
    God created us in his image,
    so isn't it God in each one of our faces?
    But still we humiliate and kill in the name of God ...
    Bigotry, wars, and death in the name of something divine
    so when the hate kills,
    and mothers and fathers bury their children before their time
    we see the tears of God falling from their faces ...
    all in the name of something as insignificant as race ...

    The Game, how it's changed
    Hip hop has lost its way. So much of the message is lost now in hip hop

    What happened to the soul of hip hop,
    to the messages of social injustice,
    stories of social conviction,
    meaningful dictation?
    What happened to the meaning of our rhymes?
    Righting the wrongs?
    The "this" or "that" perspective of Black Sheep ...
    The politically versed method of Public Enemy?
    Instead I hear of hoes and tricks,
    bitches and whips,
    who got shot, who gonna die,
    ice, and club hoppin ...
    Videos with our beautiful black women shakin they asses,
    half naked ...
    men disrespectin and not treatin them as the queens they are ...
    Its 2005 and we made it this far,
    but yet we're putting ourselves back when all we were was black
    No culture, no sound, no identity, just a face to spit on
    or a neck to stretch and a body to lynch ...
    We worked hard to establish this shit, but these ...
    niggas ...
    settin us back almost 200 years ...

    With so many negative images from the media, especially concerning
    ebony greatness, this is my ode to the black woman.

    I swear there's nothing like a black woman ...
    chocolate skin, soft lips, and that surprise in the back ... MMm!
    Make white men think twice ...
    make em wanna wife 'em ...
    or wish their women were just like 'em ....
    I remember when thick hips and big lips just wasn't it
    when beauty wasn't all about the booty ...
    when white skin was in and you had to be thin ...
    when one-fifty was what you had to be to get on T.V ...
    When a big chest and the size of your breasts
    was all you needed to be the best ...
    shit I remember when Michael was black,
    but he changed his skin just to fit in,
    now the nigga lookin like a damn skeleton.
    Times change I guess ...
    Now white women walkin around with junk in they trunk ...
    and our black women sittin around like "what the fuck",
    cuz they still can't get those roles ...
    they still being cast as hookers and video hoes ...
    It's still the wider the nose, the more doors that close ...
    so they dance around stupid ass niggas, without they clothes,
    to fill spots they ain't chose ...
    I say the blacker the berry, the purer the beauty,
    at least that's what beauty is to me ...

    A poem written for a very special friend who has given me strength in
    times of weakness. Thank You so much Moni.

    that's what I am to you,
    not because you sit and listen to the shit I go through,
    but because your friendship is true ...
    not to mention you've helped make me into a man,
    so I'm going to do all I can to show you,
    to be the man you helped me become ...
    I can't think of none closer, no one,
    who has done the things you've done,
    heard me complain and set me straight ...
    I swear you've always been down, off gate ...
    you let me know when I didn't make sense
    and improved my sense of common sense ...
    you've held me down like Bow Wow,
    and you stand by me even now ...
    when shit at home ain't like I'd expect,
    when ol'girl trippin and showin serious disrespect ...
    you stand by and keep my head up,
    when all I wanna do is give up ...
    who else has really cared as much as you do?
    no one, and for that..... Thank You!

    Does anyone hear me?
    When you question yourself and wonder when will the BS let up.

    A soul weeps, but can anyone hear it?
    my heart aches, yet no one can see it
    I've been pushin myself to my outer limits
    believing God has his hand in it
    I know he does cuz I'm still in it
    I don't think I'd be the person he forgets
    cuz I've been up and down this road of bullshit
    and my feet and legs are so tired, I can't stand it
    yet I keep trudging along
    tryin to ignore the stench of my failures,
    cuz I know I'm fakin it
    knowin good and well my ass needs to be on the bench
    but I have a hope that God has my pinch hitter
    to get me out of my trench

    Black Power
    I've known two sides of who I am. However, college made me aware of
    what most saw me as: a black man.

    America done fucked up
    it's created a monster
    brown skin, young and brilliant
    a greater mind, unblocked intelligence that's become self evident
    unlocked chains and soon to be unlocked thought
    They couldn't break us no matter how hard they tried
    They took our freedom and raped our children
    murdered our brothers from Chicago to Macon
    Left us as fruit to vultures and crows
    severed our bonds like Kunta's foot and toes
    Had us living a life ain't none of us chose
    but, trust revolution is close
    your time of treating us like bastard children is coming to a close
    Its our time for redemption
    when we'll march as more than a billion men and women
    all ready to punish America's sins
    with the strength of Gods wrath behind them

    A Rose at Midnight
    You may know her. The strong, independent woman. The woman who
    pains herself to be better than anything and everything. The one that
    shines through her dark and foreboding exterior. The beauty of her soul

    She's bright even in the darkness of night
    blooming through the cold and the crisp morning frost
    her dawning smile brightens the sun on its morning song
    just as her beauty reflects off the moon in the dead of night
    delicate as the dewdrops that caress her petals
    but strong and rigid as the night she thrives in
    she is that rose that blooms in the night air
    A rose that thrives at midnight
    when all else is lost and frozen.

    Young, Black, and Brilliant
    Education, pride in self, and knowing it ... A dangerous combination.

    I'm young, I'm black, and I'm brilliant
    I'm well spoken and intelligent
    I believe this even when you think I'm worth less than two cents
    I'm the color of the earth and the night sky
    I'm the greatness and the constant focus of God's eye

    I'm pride and I'm power
    I'm a bad ass mother fucker
    from shackles to whips to black movement
    I'm here to begin my movement
    and I'll take your lies and your bullshit
    from Reagan to Bush,
    it doesn't matter how hard you'll hold me down
    I'll pull myself out of my grave and haunt you in the here and now
    resurrect like Jesus without the crown

    I'll be that thorn in your side ...
    and there's nothing you can do to stifle my black pride

    I'm young, I'm black, and brilliant
    well spoken, beautiful, and intelligent
    Don't ever think to forget that shit
    I'm educated man, trust, I'm dangerous

    Images of a Black Woman
    Again, a poem dedicated to the beauty only a black woman can hold.

    In you I see so much
    so many positive traits, so much of what any man would want
    you have the beauty of Nefertiti and Cleopatra
    You possess all that is pure and the beauty of a Christian woman
    a man who would deny you their love would be ignorant
    men should strive to be right for you
    women should want to be you ...
    you are the epitome of all that is good
    God broke the mold when he made you
    You may not see it yourself, but its there
    from your lips, to your hips, to your eyes
    to your sweet voice, and bright smiles
    you are all that a black woman should be

    Soul of my Brother
    Brothas of the world unite.

    The soul of my brother ... its not limited to the ghettos
    of Chicago or Brooklyn ... nor the streets of
    Harlem or Detroit ... No, my brother extends far beyond ...
    my brother has soul ... undying ... with immeasurable depth
    like the Nile, my brothers' blood flows strong
    and like the African sun my brother's passion burns
    his resilience stands as strong as the pyramids of Alexandria
    my brother has soul

    Faded Pictures
    If you've ever lost touch with the most high, then you know the feeling.

    I've lost touch, and it seems you're no longer there
    My hands tremble and my palms sweat every morning
    its been so long since I've talked to you
    my life has been in shambles, and I'm losing my mind
    did you walk away or did you abandon me?
    have you been talking or have you been silent?
    or maybe I haven't been listening
    I can't deny that I've fallen
    I can't deny that my back holds the scars
    but I'm trying so hard to do right by you
    I hope and pray that you read these words
    To see how much I miss your love
    keep me sane don't let me lose faith.

    Black Family
    Family is everything. It doesn't matter the race. But, what faces the
    Afro-American culture today is the lack, there-of.

    Our roots run deep ... deeper than the Atlantic
    they run clear to Africa ... to the Congo to Egypt and Zaire
    we have lineage of inventors, intellectuals, and heroes
    we've faced persecution for more than a hundred years
    but we still stand
    they could not break us in Mississippi
    they could not stifle our rage in Chi town
    even when our King was murdered,
    we stood proud,
    When they killed the mighty prophet Malcolm
    we wept tears of God
    They could not break our will when they hurt our children
    we walk with our heads high
    they sent dogs, we sent love and silence
    we represented empires and dynasties
    we are a people of strength, power, and perseverance

    Pray For You
    Dedicated to those who struggle with life and those who simply need a

    I see you wondering how you'll pull through ...
    because your questions of love plague your thoughts,
    and you try to push through the tough moments,
    as you try to reason through your desires and wants
    So I'll pray for you, and help you make it
    To another moment in life, so you feel brand new ...
    I pray for deeper blessings,
    and peace everlasting ...
    and answers to all the questions your mind is asking,
    cause I know what you're going through
    and I know that though I'm here for you,
    you need more from a higher power ...
    the love God can give and sustain.
    it never dies and will never change.
    I pray you'll reach your mindset
    and you get all your emotions in check
    though your future seems convoluted,
    I pray that God will pull you through it.
    I say this in love and compassion,
    that you're blessed without condition
    and your sins are forgiven

    Let The Tears Flow
    Dedicated to the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

    Broken and torn from tragedy and hardship
    I can't help but think of all the shit brought on,
    one year ago on September 1st, 2006
    when babies and mothers lay in wait
    for the help that would make them safe
    while they drowned in the flood of their own tears
    when the levees broke
    and swept years of culture, life, families, and history
    from a city so dear to me,
    can't say I was born and raised
    but I can say I was more than fazed
    to see the frustration of a thousand faces
    and people had the nerve to say it wasn't about races ...
    When you have the suffering of the thousands of those who
    couldn't leave because of the shit they've grown through,
    no help, no attention years before the waters flooded their homes
    Bush, no where to be found and that shit was known ...
    The Uncle Tom bitch Condoleezza Rice shoppin for shoes
    while thousands were suffering, but she claimed she never knew.
    How do you justify your ignorance?
    Arrive five days late and your talking about deliverance?
    You can help those abroad, but here at home you're lost?
    Just because they were poor and not important to you,
    Bush, tell that to the children without mothers on your drive through,
    and I'm sure they saw you.
    There's no justification for that shit.
    Here we are one year later and still haven't rebuilt it.
    Let the tears flow my people cuz I pray everyday,
    that somehow God will make a way,
    to bring back the beauty once seen
    in the city of resilience, strength, and survival
    our city, New Orleans....

    Get Collected
    Smoking is bad for your health, but for some reason some of my best
    work is written when I smoke. My coming to terms with growing up.

    My soul burns with these question
    as this black burns in slow motion
    thinkin of what could be and what's comin
    cuz my hearts ready but my mind's still pacin
    thinkin of my justifications for being poetry,
    livin life like its short and its 'spose to be ...
    God doesn't have us here forever and I know this.
    Sittin here anticipatin a life with a wife and kids
    Bout damn time I slowed my ass down now
    If I kept going I knew I'd hit a wall
    just a matter of when and how.
    Time to progress this life and get collected.
    Put behind all the shit I've ever messed with
    Fucked up situations on an immature tip ...
    In college dealing with high school shit ...
    Gotta move on, progress, do what's necessary
    I know its gon' be hard and the shit is scary
    movin on, growin up and gettin married
    C'mon son, pull it together, you gon make it ...
    stand up tall, don't back down and face it.

    My Prayer
    A poem I wrote while working 3 jobs and barely making the bills.
    Tough times ...

    God help me wise up and live my life right
    get me on a straight path so I can live my life like,
    I got sense, cuz my future is in sight
    I just need a blessing and your divine insight
    you know I got the drive, even though I flunked out twice
    Got me feelin like Kanye on College Dropout
    or like a boxer hittin the mat on a first round knock-out
    I'm not askin for much, just seein if you could help out
    since I dug my grave, and I can't seem to dig out.
    My mom's is still stressin and my nephew can't look up to me
    how does that look to have family have to witness me
    lost in doubt when all the world it seems,
    is on the up and up like George and Weezy.
    I'm tryin my hardest but I can't fight my dreams
    when I'm in the gutter lookin for a bite to eat
    Tryin to get past all these life complications
    To break through all these walls I'm facing
    Fucked up bosses, low pay, and racism.
    cuz they know I got more common sense than all of them
    Get me past this Lord, so I can stop this hustlin'
    Two hours of sleep until I'm back on the grind again
    So could you help me out and forgive my many sins
    help me deal with my issues and all my addictions
    In Jesus name I pray,

    I hold women in high regard. We as men should remember that without
    women, we simply cannot be.

    To the mothers and sisters,
    baby girls and boo boos
    and all the women men ain't stayed true to ...
    I pay my respects to you for being all royalty
    for keeping men, men ... even when we act disrespectfully.
    We treat you like shit, but we know you're a blessing.
    See, we just seem to lack the capacity.
    to be right when we know in actuality,
    You're queens and blessings from heaven above.
    Who deserve more than a man's sorry excuse for love.
    To not be called bitches and hoes, you don't deserve it.
    A man wouldn't call his mother one, and he knows it.
    So my apologies to my princesses and queens for all of it.
    No matter your color ... white, black, or latino
    You deserve more from men and only God knows,
    that without you we'd be lost, bare-ass naked without clothes
    Real men treat women like kings do ...
    and won't forget that the mother, sister, baby girl, or boo boo
    is more than just the bringer of life and stability for us dumb dudes
    she's all of the above and a Queen too.


Excerpted from The Justified Vision by Alan V. Halton Copyright © 2011 by Alan V. Halton. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Justified Vision 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TrinityKB More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed the roller coaster ride that is the epitome of this young man's journey. I highly recommend this book. In it you will find parallels to your own journey through life, good and bad.