The Kamikaze Hunters: Fighting for the Pacific: 1945

The Kamikaze Hunters: Fighting for the Pacific: 1945

by Will Iredale


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An extraordinary story of courage, valor, and doggeddetermination,thevivid account of how a few brave young pilots ensured lasting peace during World War II.

In May 1945, with victory in Europe established, the war was all but over. But on the other side of the world, the Allies were still engaged in a bitter struggle to control the Pacific. And it was then that the Japanese unleashed aterrible new form of warfare: the suicide pilots, or Kamikaze.

Drawing on meticulous research and unique personal access to the remaining survivors, Will Iredale follows a group of young men from the moment they signed up through their initial training to the terrifying reality of fightingagainst pilots who, in the cruel last summer of the war, chose death rather than risk their country's dishonourable defeat—and deliberately flew their planes into Allied aircraft carriers.

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ISBN-13: 9781681771670
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 05/31/2016
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Will Iredalejoined the LondonSunday Timesin 1999, working first on the foreign news desk and subsequently undercover investigations. He lives in London with his family. This is his first book.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Maps xi

Prologue 1

Introduction 6

1 Flying sailors 13

2 They were like gods 27

3 Wakey-wakey, rise and shine, show a leg 51

4 Bags of food and lights and girls 70

5 Wings 83

6 They don't know what they want and they won't be happy till they get it 100

7 Flat-hatters 115

8 Blooded 136

9 Flat tops 152

10 An enterprise of the first magnitude 166

11 The balloons go up 184

12 The jitter effect 203

13 The body crashers 223

14 April fools 246

15 A formidable return 261

16 Little yellow baskets 269

17 Breaking point 286

18 The absolute full 303

19 The final onslaught 320

Epilogue 340

Acknowledgements 347

Bibliography 349

Notes and References 353

Index 371

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