The Keeper's Price

The Keeper's Price

by Marion Zimmer Bradley, MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY
3.6 10

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The Keeper's Price 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
brjunkie More than 1 year ago
VAI DOM: Marion Zimmer Bradley writes that this short story "comes first in this collection [...] because it is, chronologically, the earliest in recorded Darkovan history, coming only a few generations after Darkover Landfall." A combination of drunkenness, powerful laran, and fighting the native Darkover bird-like creatures, the Ya-men, causes a blood debt between the childhood friends Darriel di Asturien and Robard Macrae. THE KEEPER'S PRICE: Tells the heart aching story of Callista Lanart making her decision to be Keeper of Arilinn, and not fully understanding the price she will have to pay to avoid the increasingly deadly crisis that Hilary endures for the sake of the Tower. THE HAWKMASTER'S SON: (2 of 4 of the Dyan Ardais Short Story Series) Another great story with Rafael Hastur and Rafe Syrtis, when they were cadets in the Thendara City Guard. However, Dyan Gabriel, the Regent of Ardais, will not stand for a commoner such as Rafe raising his status through a marriage that goes against the Comyn's authority. BLOOD WILL TELL: The second chapter of book one (pages 39 to 57) of 'Sharra's Exile' was previously published in a slightly different form as a short story: 'Blood Will Tell' in 'The Keeper's Price'. This is a sequel to 'The Heritage of Hastur'. This novel is a complete rewrite of 'The Sword of Aldones'. This short story takes place after 'Destined for the Tower' in 'Towers of Darkover'. It's a fantastic tale, (and one of my favorites), of how the damaged Lewis Alton met up with Dio Ridenow of Serrais on the pleasure planet Vainwal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago