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"The Opal Ring" by Elizabeth Alsobrooks: Upon the death of her mother, Jasmine accompanies her distracted, grief-stricken father to her perverted uncle's hotel in Cairo, Egypt. She takes her mother's job and becomes the magician's assistant and also learns to enhance her father's magic with spells discovered from her mother's Book of Shadows. They carry on, but all is not as it seems. Behind the glitz and glamour the smiling facade is a true illusion. Jasmine is in danger and needs to escape the gilded cage in which she's imprisoned. Her magic, though strong, is not powerful enough, so she plans to use a talisman she acquires from an antiquities dealer with the help of her one true friend, Ahmed, the hotel's security assistant. The legendary ring of King Solomon will enable her to control a terrifying but powerful jinni. He will boost her father's magic enough to secure a contract in Vegas so they can return to America. But at what cost?

"Mary-Margaret Callahan's Perfect Day" by Joseph J. Christiano: Mary-Margaret doesn't have a perfect life. She doesn't have a perfect husband, or a perfect son. Her house, her garden and her job aren't perfect. In fact, some might say she's a pretty boring woman, with a somewhat miserable existence. Most people take her for granted, and those that do notice probably pity her, but not for long. Mary-Margaret isn't the sort of person that holds one's attention for too long. Sometimes her husband looks up from the paper to comment about something, usually something casual, or something critical. Her son usually likes to complain or to cuss. But Mary-Margaret has a plan. She's going to have a perfect day. A day just for herself.

"The Vanishing of Princess Devonswan" by Daniel Hunter: The princess has vanished and it seems certain that she has been taken by the other-worldly creature rumored to inhabit the mysterious castle within the forbidden forest. Only her personal guard, Sir Victor Winchester, has the strength and determination to brave the labyrinth of corridors and ever-changing staircases that lead nowhere and then back to where he started. Only someone who cares for the princess as deeply as Victor would follow the sound of a lonely violin that draws him further into the depth of the sinister dwelling. And only a princess who cares enough for Victor's survival that she is both angry at him for coming after her and relieved to see him arrive would be resilient and tough enough to tell him to hurry--because when he finally finds the princess, it seems unlikely that either of them will escape what is racing toward them to end their lives.

"The Keeper's Secret" by Robert James: Megan misses her mom, but her dad took her to Shawnee Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan for her 17th birthday. That's where she met Joseph. He used to be the lighthouse keeper., and he's got a really big problem. He needs Megan to help him with it. She's the only one who can, but she might not be able to if her dad has her put back in the nut house. Her shrink isn't much help, aside from being a drunk, because he doesn't believe her any more than her dad does. The problem is that no one believes her. That's why she can't tell her dad about Joseph. He wouldn't understand. But how is it her fault that Joseph is a ghost and she can see and talk to him? To all of them?

"Terrible Choices" by Patricia Mattern: When a research scientist is abducted by a cartel during a romantic getaway with his wife, he is faced with stunningly terrible choices:. Will he betray his government to save his family--or save his family and become a traitor? His captors have no idea that he is not as vulnerable as he seems. All his neurons will be working overtime as he outwits his captors and escapes, though not unscathed, from an unthinkable situation.

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BN ID: 2940157045647
Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 10/13/2016
Series: Tell-Tale Publishing's Annual Horror Anthology , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 260
File size: 518 KB

About the Author

ELIZABETH ALSOBROOKS enjoys the sunny Sonoran Desert where she lives with her personal editor, Hudson (AKA Maltese), and husband, Kenton, (AKA Irish-Scotsman) at the foot of the
beautiful Santa Catalina Mountain Range where she writes Urban Fantasy, Horror,
and nonfiction.

JOSEPH J CHRISTIANO grew up in Connecticut's Naugatuck Valley. A voracious reader since he was old enough to hold a book in his hands, he surprised his second-grade teacher by using the word "invulnerable" (learned from a Superman comic book) in a sentence. He wrote his first story at the ripe old age of 11.

DANIEL HUNTER--D. Hunter grew up and lived in the Great Northwest. Throughout his younger years, his two greatest passions were storytelling and aviation. His first great adventure led him into the United States Air Force after college. He still finds himself in the world of travel while continuing to spend time with his family and write stories in his time of leisure.

ROBERT JAMES is an author of dark fantasy, horror, and supernatural thrillers. His stories draw on his love for Great Lakes maritime history, his worst fears, and the Irish chip on his shoulder. When he’s not padding his resume for dad of the year, you’ll catch him listening to anything from acoustic folk to death metal, reading about the mysteries of the universe, or playing guitar. Everyone has demons. Escape yours at RJfiction.com.

PATRICIA MATTERN relies on her background as a Behavioral Specialist to add depth to her characters and is currently involved with one of them ("It's complicated."). She is a member of the Thriller Writers Association.
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