The Key to the Gate

The Key to the Gate

by EksAyn Aaron Anderson


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Anyone can approach an organization;
not everyone can get in.

The first step in business-to-business sales is getting in the door. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product or the most dynamic presentation if you can't get in front of the decision maker. That decision maker is often highly guarded by a savvy gatekeeper who screens out sales calls--leaving even talented, experienced salespeople frustrated by their inability to get access to the right people.

The experience of selling to a business isn't limited to salespeople. At some point, many people find the need to approach an organization, whether it is selling an idea or service, for fundraising needs, or even just selling personal credentials in an interview or audition. Success in these "sales" approaches comes through impressing key decision makers.

Unlike many sales books and trainings that focus on what to do once you have an appointment to sell, The Key to the Gate addresses how to get the initial appointment and offers proven methods for getting through to the decision makers. Influence isn't always where you expect, and The Key to the Gate presents specific principles and techniques that can work wonders in getting you the appointment.

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ISBN-13: 9780990395201
Publisher: Eks Communications, LLC
Publication date: 06/13/2014
Pages: 126
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About the Author

EksAyn's new business book, The Key to the Gate, has been featured in Forbes, television, and other respected venues. EksAyn is an expert on sales and negotiation has been "in the trenches" of sales for well over a decade. He has successfully sold in venues ranging from door-to-door sales to large and complex organizations including associations and governments. Both his formal education in psychology and his life experience have taught him how to understand, communicate, and connect with people. He conducts highly-rated trainings on sales and negotiation principles and techniques.

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