The Killing Tide

The Killing Tide

by Dani Pettrey


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Praised by New York Times bestselling author Dee Henderson as "a name to look for in romantic suspense," Dani Pettrey has sold more than half a million copies of her novels to readers eagerly awaiting the next release. Dani combines the page-turning adrenaline of a thriller with the chemistry and happy-ever-after of a romance. Her novels stand out for their "wicked pace, snappy dialogue, and likable characters" (Publishers Weekly), "gripping storyline[s]" (RT Book Reviews), and "sizzling undercurrent of romance" (USA Today).

Her Alaskan Courage series and Chesapeake Valor series have received praise from readers and critics alike and spent multiple months topping the CBA bestseller lists. Dani has also been honored with multiple awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award, two HOLT Medallions, two National Readers' Choice Awards, the Gail Wilson Award of Excellence, and Christian Retailing's Best Award.

Dani considers herself blessed to be able to write the kind of stories she loves--full of plot twists, peril, love, and a longing for hope and redemption. She researches murder and mayhem from her home in Maryland, where she lives with her husband. Their two daughters, a son-in-law, and two adorable grandsons also reside in Maryland. For more information about her novels, visit

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ISBN-13: 9780764233432
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/06/2019
Series: Coastal Guardians Series , #1
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.75(h) x (d)

About the Author

Praised by New York Times bestselling author Dee Henderson as "a name to look for in romantic suspense," Dani Pettrey has sold more than half a million copies of her novels to readers eagerly awaiting the next release. She is the bestselling author of the Chesapeake Valor series and the Alaskan Courage series and winner the Daphne du Maurier Award, two HOLT Medallions, two National Readers' Choice Awards, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and Christian Retailing's Best Award. She and her husband reside in Maryland. She can be found online at

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The Killing Tide 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
AnOpenBookFamily 17 days ago
If you like a tight story and fast-paced writing, you'll likely enjoy The Killing Tide. To the author's credit, there were a lot of characters to introduce in this new series, and I was able to keep them all straight! Their names and personalities were distinct enough to prevent confusion. Dialogue is snappy and moves the story along through a series of mysterious murders implicating known bad guys and some presumed good guys as well. There's not a whole lot of room for the romance, but being a second-chance romance, the reader didn't have to see the first bloom of attraction. We get it all in bread crumbs of backstory. And that's enough!
SusanSnodgrassBookworm 19 days ago
Dani Pettrey starts off a new series with The Killing Tide, about a group of Coast Guard Investigative Service special agents. This one centers around Finn Walker, who is facing a very dangerous crime with little to no evidence, while at the same time dealing with the woman who broke his heart coming back into his life again. Gabby Rowley, sister of one of the Coast Guard special agents, and investigative reporter, is supposed to be in hiding because of a threat to her life. But Gabby has a mind of her own and doesn't want to stay hidden and keep her nose out of the crime that's taken place. The crime that the Coast Guard needs to solve, not her. Pettrey once again gives her readers a book full of suspense and great characters. We get a brief glimpse of all the special agents, and know that they each will most likely have a book dedicated to them. Fans of Pettrey will delight in this kick off to her new series, *My thanks the Bethany House for a complimentary preview copy of this book via Net Galley. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.
SarahGraceGrzy 3 days ago
Dani Pettrey is a talented author, and I won't deny that. While I haven't actually found one of her books that I hands-down love yet, I keep coming back and trying more. This series, in particular, seems to have a lot of promise. Plus, I can't get over that gorgeous cover. Plot and story wise, Pettrey's books are sound and incredibly unique. I am always sucked in by that aspect and can't stop turning pages! I had no idea who the perpetrator was until it was revealed near the end, and I was quite shocked! Although for a moment, I had to remember who that character was, so maybe a little more interaction with him in the book would have made that clearer for the reader. The ending took a pretty creepy turn that I didn't particularly care for, but the action and suspense throughout was on point. My adrenaline was racing at times! Character and romance wise are where I feel that Pettrey falls short. For me, at least. The characters seem to be based entirely around each other and the romance, leaving little room for character arcs and development. Characters can make a or break a story for me most times, so that is perhaps why I feel a lack of connection with Pettrey's books. Although I will say that her secondary characters seem to be so much more developed and I honestly found myself more attached to them than our main characters. And as for the romance, it ends up being far too steamy for my tastes. There are many heated scenes throughout including passionate kisses, loads of physical attraction and 'tingles' and 'jitters' at the other's nearness\touch. While of course it never becomes an all-out sex scene in any way, I nonetheless found myself blushing and skimming through these scenes. The romance was based so much on physical attraction and not the characters personality or character qualities, which always gets a thumb-down for me. All in all, if you are looking for a suspense-y, action-packed story heavy on the romance, definitely check this one out! It wasn't my favorite, but it could be yours. :) FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for promotional purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.
ARS8 4 days ago
The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey was a fast-paced thriller with a great romance mixed in. I loved Finn, who is trying desperately to do his job in solving the mystery, getting justice for his friend, protecting the sister his boss foisted off on him despite their past, and trying to convince Gabby to love him again. And then we follow the female coast guard team member, Rissi, every few scenes or two in her own attempt to solve the mystery- and try to ignore the ghosts of her past. But, wow, hide yo husband, hide yo self if you are the husband- there's a widow maker running around over there. Anyway, I loved Finn. He was too sweet to be here. Gabby was a reporter so, of course, she got on my nerves a bit. Yes, you should try to get to the truth. But some things are just too far when there are lives on the line. Oh, and the villain was spot-on creepiness. To conclude, if you like romantic suspense, you will like The Killing Tide. So go enjoy! I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
stephNEReads 4 days ago
One thing I love about Pettrey's books is that when you flip open the page expecting suspense/adventure with a side of romance, you get it. In spades. The Killing Tide was no different. The action picks up right from the get-go and is seriously non-stop the whole way through. Warning: the chapters are short, so it's easy to "just one more" yourself all the way to the finish without realizing how much sleep you've lost. (Ask me how I know!) I blame the engaging story and likeable characters, with Pettrey's signature style of weaving plot lines and making readers crave more of the characters in action and interaction alike. I'm excited to see what this new Coastal Guardians series brings, as this book had one of the best buildups to the next book I've read in a long time. It wasn't so much a cliffhanger at the end as it was a stunning way to set up The Crushing Depths (book two) without detracting from the impact of The Killing Tide's resolution. It left me in awe of the first book and ready to dive into the next. I definitely recommend The Killing Tide. Might as well add The Crushing Depths to your TBR, too.
bsnksmom 5 days ago
When Gabby Rowley's investigative reporting puts a drug kingpin behind bars, attempts on her life send her running home. Her brother, Noah is a Coast Guard Investigative Services officer, and is far better able to protect her than the police can. While home is her best chance for protection, is she prepared to face Finn Walker, the man she fell in love with last time she was home but ran from rather than lose out on a story? Finn's feelings for Gabby never went away. Can he protect her from herself, when she pokes around in his dangerous investigation? Her nose for a story is what sent her home in the first place. As fellow Coasties are killed and evidence points to drug runners, can Finn solve the case with his attention divided between keeping Gabby out of trouble, and the murderers intent on keeping their identities secret? Gotta say, I did NOT like Gabby Rowley very much. It wasn't enough that she was foolhardy with her own safety. She had to take her pregnant, newly-widowed friend into danger, too. As if that wasn't enough, then she comes within seconds of getting her own sister killed by a madman. All for a story. If I were her friends and family, she would be off my Christmas card list! Her change of heart feels a bit "too little, too late" for me. Dani Pettrey is amazing at keeping the suspense screaming. Every time i thought everyone was safe, someone else stepped into danger, or another bad guy crawled out from under his rock. Suspense lovers will love this story. It's a great beginning to the Coastal Guardians series!
swissgranny 8 days ago
With action and suspense starting on the first page and continuing to the end, The Killing Tide will likely satisfy those readers who enjoy Christian mystery and suspense books. The beautiful cover set the stage for the story, and multiple twists and turns kept me turning the pages and guessing. Dani Pettrey is a master at creating colorful and layered characters that come alive on the page. Although I really liked Finn Walker, I had a hard time warming up to Gabby Rowley. While she is independent and plucky, she was also quite irritating when she kept putting herself and others in danger by disregarding those who were trying to protect her. I was a bit confused by the sheer number of characters introduced in the book, but since it’s the first in the Coastal Guardians series, I’m sure we’ll be learning more about many of them. One thing that bothered me is that the book showed Gabby being present during discussion of investigation progress by Coast Guard members while they were trying to solve crimes. I highly doubt that civilians would be included in actual crime investigation discussions, especially if they were a reporter as Abby was. All in all, I enjoyed the story and I’m looking forward to learning more about the other characters in the series. Pettrey is a talented writer and knows how to keep the suspense going. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from Bethany House/ NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
Homesteading 9 days ago
3.5 Stars The Killing Tide has an amazing cover and it’s even better in print. I’m visual, so I base whether or not I want to read a book on the cover first and the blurb second. Both of these things made me anticipate the release of The Killing Tide (Coastal Guardians 1). The mystery and suspense is good too. Anyone who has read a Pettrey book knows she is one of the “big fish in the sea” when it comes to writing compelling stories. So this was how she was going to die… Quite a first line, huh? Waves of intrigue crash onto the page right from the beginning. The plot is believable as far as the Coastal Guardians go with their extensive training and investigative techniques. Gabby, the heroine, is an investigative reporter with a back story involving Finn, our hero. While Gabby is not afraid of danger, many of her attitudes and actions seemed irresponsible and bratty to me. She’s constantly going against wise counsel where her safety is concerned. I just couldn’t connect with her character. And I would have found her inclusion in every aspect of the CGIS case more plausible if she had been introduced as official support personnel. Regardless of my disconnect with Gabby, I still liked the story and I learned a lot about the United States Coast Guard while reading The Killing Tide. I’m anticipating book two highlighting more of our brave Coastal Guardians. I recommend this book to fans of contemporary romantic suspense interlaced with strong faith. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.
Ronya 9 days ago
“Jesus walking on water, calming the storm… Knowing He tamed something so wild and free settled her soul in a way nothing else did.” Wow…just wow! The Killing Tide is the first book in Dani Pettrey’s new Coastal Guardians series…and what a way to get things started!! It’s fantastic! In true Dani Pettrey fashion, this book captured me from the get-go and didn’t let go all the way through. I very much enjoyed getting to know the new cast of characters. The author sets up this new series well, introducing us to many new characters in a way that doesn’t overwhelm, but leaves us looking forward to learning their stories as the series continues. Both Finn and Gabby are strong characters that evoke great emotion in the reader. From the beginning the reader is pulled into the life of Finn and can’t help but root for him both in his career and his personal life. Gabby is very headstrong and determined, not willing to take no for an answer. Her tenacity has the potential of putting her in very dangerous positions and causes the reader to worry for her safety. The suspense definitely kept me on the edge of my seat! When watching a suspenseful movie, I am known to be quite jumpy. And the further from the screen I am, the safer I feel. So, as my family and friends can attest, hiding in the hall or behind a couch is a normal occurrence. Haha! With a book I’ll never learn what happens from the hall or behind the couch…so, when it gets a bit too suspenseful and I need to feel safe, the book gets decidedly shut. That happened more than once in this story. But, of course, it couldn’t remain shut for long because I just had to find out what was going to happen next!! It was written perfectly, keeping me guessing the identity of the “bad guy” to the very end! Readers of The Killing Tide are privy to the thoughts and perspectives of some of the other characters as well. Rissi is one of those characters and the ending sets up the next book beautifully. I’m already anticipating its release! Dani Pettrey is a fantastic author and her stories never disappoint. If you love romantic suspense, you don’t want to miss this book. *Thanks to Bethany House for a complimentary preview copy. All thoughts and opinions are expressly my own. A positive review was not required.
the_judylwd 10 days ago
Dani Pettrey does it again. This author is an expert with the Christian romantic suspense genre. She does an excellent job with blending the romance, the suspense and the Christianity into one superb book. This series focuses on the CGIS, Coast Guard Investigative Services. We always hear so much about NCIS, so this was awesome. This book focuses on Gabby & Finn. Finn is CGIS and Gabby is a reporter. Chapter One starts off with Finn tearing his rotator cuff during a rescue. Gabby is nearly killed in chapter 2 and the action does not stop! And she doesn't let a little thing like nearly getting killed stop her from trying to get her story. Not only do we get nonstop action, we also get romance, but the romance doesn't overshadow the story. Being that this was the first book in a new series, it does get a little confusing as there are so many characters to learn. I loved that the characters were living their faith openly. I just really enjoyed the entire story and I can't wait for the next book in the series. Thank you to Netgalley and Bethany House for the copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
dana michael 10 days ago
The Killing Tide is a fast paced romantic thriller involving a cast of characters from the Coast Guard's CGIS. This particular book features Finn and an investigative reporter named Gabby. I have to admit it took me a quick minute to get into it because of the many characters in the book. But once I got a few chapters in, I felt I knew them all and they were my good friends. I'm excited because this is the first in a series and I am already anxious to read the next book about Rissi. *I was given a copy of this book by the publisher and this is my honest opinion
Kelly Hodgkins 10 days ago
“Fire ripped through Finn’s right shoulder, ricocheting down his arm.” Opening line of The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey From the first page, The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey keeps a cracking, action-packed, pace full of tension and suspense. The ”good guys” are all awesome and I loved seeing the investigations unfold from their multiple viewpoints, and without repetition, it’s been beautifully done! Our leading ladies are feisty, intelligent and determined. The gents are equally well-rounded and the team gels together fabulously. I’m so glad this is a start of a series and I get to spend more time with them! The coast guard angle is well-research and feels realistic, I have a new appreciation of the amazing work these men and women do. It is another feather in the cap of this book that 10% of the profits from it go to the Coast Guard Foundation…in case you needed one more reason to buy this book! Christianity with gently lived out by the characters and tough topics like guilt, forgiveness and purpose tackled elegantly and soulfully. There are several twists in the mystery and it kept me guessing…who is working as a double-agent and who is the one behind it all? The ending is clever! And wanting to know what happened next meant I read it straight through and I highly recommend this one. It’s five out of five on the en-JOY-ment scale and I can’t wait for book two!
luvnjesus 11 days ago
What an excellent way to start Dani’s new series, Coastal Guardians. The Killing Tides was a quick read, but full of surprises and suspense. Several things happened throughout the story that I did not expect especially the ending. Will Finn and Harper be able to ignore the sparks between them? Will they be able to see past their preconceptions long enough t9 track down an elusive killer before they come his next Mark? Looking forward to the second book. This is a series that should be on everyone’s to be read pile. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.
PrincessGlor 11 days ago
This was an excellent debut to Dani's new series! It was a very easy and quick read but boy did it pack a ton of suspense and surprises within its pages. I love the new crew of folks we are meeting in the Coastal Guardians and I can not wait for ALL of their stories! This a series that will be on must read as they release pile! The story moved very quickly and flowed well throughout and it definitely kept me guessing. There multiple things that happened that I was not expecting. Highly recommend for anyone that loves great Christian fiction suspense stories! I received this book from the author and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
MI_Reader 12 days ago
Love, love, love this new series by Dani Pettrey! With her trademark suspense that just keeps ramping up as the story moves on, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I loved the characters of Finn and Gabby, especially Finn. I enjoyed learning more about the CGIS and can't wait for more stories with them. Loved the twist at the end and especially the last sentence, as I know what the next book will be about! :) I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.
Librarycataloger 12 days ago
I am a big fan of suspense novels but I am an even bigger fan of Christian fiction and this novel by Dani Pettrey satisfies my love for both of these genres. The Killing Tide is book one of Pettrey's new Coastal Guardians series and it centers around a team of Coast Guard Investigative agents working the coastal regions of North Carolina and based out of the Wilmington, NC office. This book features several of these agents but the main focus is on Finn Walker and the reporter who captured his heart but then walked away six months ago. Gabby Rowley lives and breathes investigative reporting and she can't see herself doing anything else, even though she is now sidelined because of her involvement in a drug investigation. Through a series of events, she and Finn find themselves thrown together and once again, their hearts and their lives face dangerous risks! The action in this book begins immediately and it never let up. Just when I thought there couldn't be anything else happen, BOOM, it did! There was a scene that had me wondering just how much more Gabby could endure and I didn't come close to guessing the conclusion. As Finn and Gabby work together to find the killer (or killers), they once again experience their incredible chemistry and Gabby begins to question if her work is really all that she wants. But, along with the intense intrigue and suspense, there is an underlying message of faith. I appreciate the many prayers that Pettrey is able to incorporate into her plot; she subtly shares her Christian beliefs without cramming religon down her reader's throats. Since it is the beginning of a new series there is apparently lots more adventure to come with these Coastal Guardians. The Killing Tide is also romantic, suspenseful, and thought-provoking. What more could a lover of romantic suspense and Christian fiction ask for? I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House and I am voluntarily offering this review. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Anonymous 13 days ago
I couldn't put this book down. It's a great suspense story that left me wanting to read the next book in the series.A reporter that's afraid to trust her heart and a Coast Guard Investigator who is dealing with past. trauma. She's on the run and has broken his heart. He agrees to help her brother protect her.Drugs, stolen artwork, smuggling and wreck diving are all brought together in this story. Will she survive? Will he? Read and find out.
Virginiaw 14 days ago
This story has so many twists and turns. I did not want to put this book down. I loved Finn Walker and Gabby Rowley. They were so good together. I did get mad at Finn once in a while when he got mad at Gabby for doing some of the dangerous things that he also did every day. I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series. I loved the action and learning a little bit about the Coast Guard Investigative Service. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
MrsTina42MR 14 days ago
The Killing Tide #1 Coastal Guardians by Dani Pettrey Whenever I pick up a book by Dani Pettrey I know two things: I will get immersed in the story and I will end up reading way past my bedtime, as I did with The Killing Tide. There is always some aspect of her stories that stay with me long after I close the last page. My favorite character is GCIS (Coast Guard Investigative Service) agent Finn Walker. A man of integrity, handsome, dedicated and with a strong faith which impacts those around him. I love his strength and dedication to GCIS, those he loves and his growing faith. As he faces his most dangerous crime he certainly does not need any distractions, especially the destruction of Gabby Rowley, his boss’s sister. Gabby is an investigative reporter and has a history with Finn, one that did not end well. Now they are thrown together for her protection, however, she does not intend to stay sheltered when there is a crime to be unraveled. Thus begins a suspenseful, dangerous search to uncover the few clues they have to catch the murderer. Gabby is a strong-willed woman set on a path that seems to be filled with dangerous situations at every turn. I found myself shaking my head at some of the things Gabby does to stay in the investigation despite the danger to herself and thereby bringing more danger to those protecting her. At times I didn’t like her much and then she does something that changes my mind about her. I really like her family and their part in the story and I hope to see more of them in future books as the series unfolds. A gripping story. ~(I bought a copy and also received a copy of this book from the author/publisher/NetGalley (no monetary gain were exchanged), this is my honest review)~
tickmenot 14 days ago
Healthier at the Ocean? Gabby Rowley is an investigative reporter whose story exposed a dangerous man, and is now running for her life. She relocates to her hometown to hide. Once there, she finds her brother, as well as, her former love interest, Finn, ready to protect her. Both men are special agents with the Coast Guard Investigative Service, and are working on an interesting case. As the story unfolds, murders, mystery and suspects abound. With more curiosity than a cat, Gabby tries to involve herself by attempting to uncover the person behind it all. Unfortunately, Gabby’s snooping exposes her location to the killer hunting her. Besides trying to solve the crime, the Coast Guards are forced to spend a lot of time protecting Gabby from both the man after her, as well as, herself. This fast-moving yarn has lots of action and mystery. Gabby was hard to like because she constantly breaks her word to family and friends, along with doing lots of fool-hardy things. There are a number of characters to keep track of, but the story will grab your interest, and the person behind it all is a surprise. Christianity is brought into the story in a very natural way, and adds to the tale’s appeal. This 5-star book will be enjoyed by those liking action, fast-moving tales, or romance. Bookreadingtic received a complimentary copy of The Killing Tide, for the purpose of review.
PaulaShreckhise 15 days ago
“ A corpse that only leads to secrets. An old flame with danger written all over her. Things are about to get complicated.” I have been a fan of Dani Pettrey since I first opened Submerged from the Alaskan Courage series and I continued to love her writing in the Chesapeake Valor series. I eagerly anticipated the new Coastal Guardian series. The Killing Tide is the first of this one. Ms. Pettrey’s newest book starts out with a heart wrenching rescue scene which shows the hero, Finn Walker as a motivated, caring person. The excitement continues throughout the book. I did find the introduction of so many characters in the beginning to be a little confusing. Our hero, Finn, is flawed but is very likeable and takes his job seriously. Gabby Rowely, is driven, but at the expense of a blooming relationship with Finn. At times she seems selfish and so obsessed that she takes risks and doesn’t think through the consequences. I did question her involvement in the ongoing investigation since she was a reporter. It didn’t seem quite by-the-book. The plot kept me guessing about who was behind the scenes, pulling the strings. I wondered if the two villains would somehow be working together. To the team, the clues were confounding. All was not what it seemed and there were many possible suspects, even among those they thought they knew well. There was a lot of action in this book. It showed the camaraderie among the members if the Coastal Guardian Investigative Service. The family dynamics of the Rowley’s were fun to watch and something to look forward to in subsequent books. A couple characters reminded me of the TV shows NCIS and Criminal Minds. There were hints at who was going to be the focus of the next book. I’m sure the suspense level will not dissipate. I recommend this new series to fans of Dani Pettrey and those who like romantic suspense. *I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher on behalf of the author. I was not obligated to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*
amybooksy 16 days ago
The Killing Tide gives me yet another reason why Dani Pettrey is among my favorite Romantic Suspense authors. This one is the beginning of her new series, Coastal Guardians. It starts off full of action filled suspense. I was left guessing what would happen next. It had so many twists and turns that I could never predicted. I loved the Finn and Harper duo. They made quite the team. I highly recommend The Killing Tide. It gets five plus stars from me. I can not wait to get my hands on the second installment from the Coastal Guardians series and see what adventures the characters will get into. I received this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Mandy Elliott 16 days ago
* I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from Dani Pettrey and Bethany House Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts below are my own. I’m excited to be sharing with you as part of author Dani Pettrey’s Suspense Squad, a team of readers who got a first look into her newest novel, The Killing Tide, available for pre-order now and debuting on August 5, 2019. I’ve been a long time fan of Dani’s, thoroughly enjoying her Alaskan Courage series from years ago. Now, she’s back with another highly anticipated novel that delivers exactly what readers want… Mystery, murder, suspense, romance, and a team of friends who are fiercely equipped and devoted to protecting those they love. Also, can we just take a moment to swoon over the gorgeous cover? Without giving too much of the story away, I’ll say that I loved Finn and Gabby, and their unique dynamic together. It was interesting learning about these two characters who had a history together and watching them reconnect on a new level. Pettrey keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the dramatic opening chapters to the nail biting ending with exciting events taking place throughout The Killing Tide. She kept me guessing until close to the end when process of elimination really helped me determine the villain and even then, I was still surprised with how the story played out. One of my favorite parts of Pettrey’s series is how the books interlock, following the lives of friends, who in this case also happen to be teammates on the CGIS team. Readers will meet the entire team in this novel and as they dive into Finn and Gabby’s story, they’ll get a peek into the lives of the characters from the next novel she has planned. I always enjoy the strong friendship and fierce determination Pettrey’s characters have. Their faith, their loyalty, and their morals are always honorable. I also really enjoyed the coastal setting, for obvious reasons! The only tiny drawback for me was the part of The Killing Tide that Pettrey penned from the villian’s point of view. I found myself rushing through those parts, not really caring what the villain was up to or thinking because I was enjoying Finn, Gabby and CGIS team more! I preferred to be surprised with the next turn of events just as the character’s were, always wanting to side with them and cheer on their defeat of whatever bad circumstances came their way. I highly recommend The Killing Tide to those who enjoy romantic suspense, mysteries and even popular, fictional investigative television shows.
itsjessicanichole 17 days ago
When I found out Dani was coming out with a new series Costal Guardians, I set my expectations high and I wasn’t disappointed. This book had me hooked from the very first page and I couldn’t put it down. Turning each page in anticipation with what comes next. We had previously met Noah in the Chesapeake Valor series and only caught a glimpse of what was to come, but here we get to learn more about him and his team. All of the members on the investigative team had their own strengths, but how they used those strengths within the team is what made it feel like they were family! I couldn’t help but fall in love with each of these new characters and I hope to get a book about each of them especially Noah. I will admit I was a little nervous at first seeing as Finn and Gabby did have a history together, but the worry quickly passed as the story progressed. The way Dani was able to grow and build these characters individually and together given their history was absolutely brilliant. My finally thought on The Killing Tide is that Dani delivers another amazing story filled with suspense, adventure and romance. The way she wrote this villain was uniquely twisted and something I didn’t see coming so, if you love investigative stories that have you on your toes than this is the book for you! *I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers, these opinions are my own.*