The Kinderchat Guide to the Classroom

The Kinderchat Guide to the Classroom

by Heidi Echternacht, Amy Murray
The Kinderchat Guide to the Classroom

The Kinderchat Guide to the Classroom

by Heidi Echternacht, Amy Murray


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From the founders of #Kinderchat, this book provides a comprehensive, friendly guide to teaching in the early childhood classroom. Organized around the same core topics as #Kinderchat, conversational yet authoritative chapters cover everything a novice teacher needs to know, from setting up your classroom to establishing routines and engaging with parents. Learn how to effectively incorporate play, meet the needs of diverse learners, and cover curriculum like a pro. With helpful tips for working with a range of program structures, this is a must-have read for anyone new to the kindergarten or pre-K classroom.

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ISBN-13: 9780367469351
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/20/2021
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 516,904
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Heidi Echternacht (@hechternacht) is the co-founder of #Kinderchat, an online space for early childhood advocates and educators to collaborate. Heidi has been an educator for 20 years and currently teaches second grade in Princeton, NJ, USA.

Amy Murray (@happycampergirl) is the co-founder of #Kinderchat and a speaker and trainer on learning through play, self-regulation, and behavior management. She is currently Principal of Early Childhood Education at the Calgary French & International School in Calgary, Canada.

Table of Contents

List of Figures x

List of Images xi

List of Tables xii

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction and Getting Started 1

Who We Are 1

What We Believe 2

The Goals of This Book 3

How to Use This Book 4

Getting Ready 5

Teadiing Tips From Mrs. Lederer 6

Setting Up the Classroom 7

1 Red: Establishing Routines and Relationships 14

Routines: The First Six Weeks of Teaching 14

Basics of Interacting With Young Children 25

The Importance of Observing 26

Relationships 27

Assessment Checklist: Establishing Routines and Relationships 38

References and Recommended Reading 38

2 Orange: Curriculum 39

Inquiry Approach and Why It's Key 39

Knowing What You Have to Teach 40

"Ride and Read" Literacy 41

Math: Inquiry, Centers, Skills, and Teamwork 58

Supporting Scientific Inquiry 64

Show What You Know 65

Social Studies: Keeping Community 67

Importance of the Arts 69

Assessment Checklist: Things Every Kindergartner Should Do 70

References and Recommended Reading 72

3 Yellow: Child Development 73

The Basics of Child Development and Why It Matters 73

Staying True to Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) 74

Development versus Learning 76

All About Five-Year-Olds 77

Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation 82

The Importance of Movement to Children's Development 86

Keeping Bads Moving, Even in Rigid OR Restrictive Settings 89

Valuing Children Where They Are: Letting Five Be Five 90

Assessment Checklist: Is Your Classroom Developmentally Appropriate? 91

References and Recommended Reading 91

4 Green: The Complexity of Play 93

Play Is Learning 93

Defending Play 101

Making Space: Setting It Up for Play 103

Popular Center Ideas 106

Outdoor Play 119

Assessment Checklist: Free Play 122

References and Recommended Reading 123

5 Blue: Behavior and Classroom Management 124

The Basics of Classroom Management 124

Creating Independent Problem-Solvers (So YOU Don't Have to Referee!) 128

When Things Get More Serious 130

Making Amends 132

Defining and Understanding a "Problem" Behavior 133

Doing Something About "Problem" Behavior: Supporting the Child 137

Thoughts on Behavior Charts 140

Managing Your Own Behavior 141

Assessment Checklist: When a Behavior May Need More Expertise Than Yours Alone 142

References and Recommended Reading 143

6 Indigo: Research, Readings, Assessing, and Documenting Learning 145

Basic Philosophies 145

How and Why to Stay Current 147

Sharing Learning 150

Reflection and Feedback 160

Assessment Checklist: Academics and Social-Emotional Development 162

References and Recommended Reading 163

7 Violet: Professional Life 165

The Policy and Politics of Teaching Young Children 165

Global Education 166

Working and Playing With Others (and Hopefully Finding Your People) 169

Working With Volunteers 176

Balance and Boundaries As Professional Responsibilities 178

Taking Care of Yourself 183

References and Recommended Reading 186

Appendix 188

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