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The Kinfire Tree

The Kinfire Tree

5.0 2
by Elaina J Davidson

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We return to Valaris, Land of Skies, where the war of eternal darkness is about to commence. One battle is already behind the team, the disastrous events upon Ardosia, a battle Rayne and Vannis were too late to alter the outcome of. It is time now to look ahead to the stability of Valaris, or the same fate awaits her.

Hidden from humankind on Valaris are


We return to Valaris, Land of Skies, where the war of eternal darkness is about to commence. One battle is already behind the team, the disastrous events upon Ardosia, a battle Rayne and Vannis were too late to alter the outcome of. It is time now to look ahead to the stability of Valaris, or the same fate awaits her.

Hidden from humankind on Valaris are fourteen sacred Valleur sites, each built upon a node of power. Vannis of the Valleur advocates unveiling the sites to restore balance to the earth, balance he claims will aid them in the fight against Margus.

The Darak Or has other ideas, and unleashes his soltakin…

In the north Averroes discovers her true past and together she and Kylan run the gauntlet of the Maze. Nearby Kisha, Mordan, Cristi and Samson prepare the clans of old for the darkness about to befall them. In the south Vannis, Rayne and Saska continue the unveiling process, begun with the Square Pyramid and the Obelisk, at the ruins of the White Palace, along with the charismatic little Falcon, Phet.

Taranis and the Guardians delve arcane ritual in the Dome in an attempt to find the answers to the ending of soltakin…and wonder when the dara-witch Infinity will bring her Darkling Horde into the mix.

Meanwhile McSee, unmasked as a traitor, meets the crazy Lanto and together they hatch a bold plan, involving a pirate and ancient loot.

Rayne confers with the Mantle and begins the internal battle that will change all.

The ruling house is almost extinct. How, therefore, does a Valla recognise the blood for the future?

By the blue flame of trebac. Kinfire. The legendary Vannis is kin to him, but there is more in store for Rayne than the reality of this profound kinship. The kinfire tree is larger with branches hidden in its foliage, a condition Rayne suspects, a greater truth he must reveal…

Is reincarnation possible? Who will Rayne become when that question is finally answered? Will an answer aid against the approaching darkness?

Book 2 of the Lore of Arcana

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Elaina J Davidson
Publication date:
Lore of Arcana , #2
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677 KB
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18 Years

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Meet the Author

Elaina is a galactic and universal traveller and dreamer. When writing she puts into words her travels and dreams, because she believes there is inspiration in even the most outrageous tale. Born in South Africa, she grew up in the magical city and surrounds of Cape Town. After studying Purchasing Management and working in the formal sector as a buyer, she chose to raise and home-school her children. She started writing novels around 2002, moving from children’s stories, poetry and short stories to concentrate on larger works. She lived with her family for some time in Ireland and subsequently in New Zealand. Returned now to South Africa, she realises the vibrancy of Africa has much to do with the inspirational side of her work. Something happens daily, something to shock, something to uplift … and the colours and diversity of nature itself fires the imagination.

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The Kinfire Tree 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was with enthusiasm that I started reading, sucked back into the drama of the humans and golden glowing lumin Vallorians fighting the dark evil of the Darak Or. This is an epic novel, so alike to the first fantasy author Tolkien, in that it leaves nothing out. It is a vivid construction of alien landscapes, races, sorcery and magic, all blended to help you fall into the hologram and live this book while you read it. And I am emotionally invested in Rayne's future and all that haunts him. This is a book sizzling with magic, both dark and light, the unveiling of holy site after holy site in a bid to ward off the evil hunting humans and the planet. These sites are ancient, from a long ago race. Imagine growing up around Stonehenge, or the Giza Plateau, only to one day have some guy stroll up to them, mutter words in the ancient language, and in an instant restore them to their full glory as if new, and in so doing revealing their function. That's what happens in this novel, just with sites we can attribute to an incredible imagination living inside this author. I read for days. Sometimes almost all night. This book is so long that it was beginning to feel like a bottomless cup of coffee. It was becoming a mainstay in my routine, the book without an end. And this is hilarious too, because this is only the second installment of an extensive adventure, one I'm locked into and am now craving the release of having full disclosure of the rest of the story. This series must have taken this author years and years to write, because it took me a week to read this book, and usually it takes me less than a day to read a book. But this novel is such a treat, as a reader you travel from one end of a planet to the other, learning about the people, their customs, their magic and their fears, all while in the back pockets of the raised Valleur leader and his kin. Rayne discovers his connections to the immortals and the Valleur, he finds out much more about the House of Valla, and we have a love triangle and some pretty eye candy thrown in for good measure. But basically, it's up to Rayne to solve the problems coming. The Darak Or and his fetches who destroyed the last world are already here, and they are ready to attack, and they have back up. How can I possibly stop reading now? That's like stopping a movie just as the president presses the red button. Even though it means I will fall behind my own schedules and responsibilities, I have a date with Rayne when the next book comes out, and I cannot wait to see the prophecies fulfilled. The book ends with the prophecies, which gives me excited chills. There are twin boys in Rayne's future, and it looks like the wrong lady, the one he doesn't love heart and soul, will be the mother of his children. This prophecy is enough to send a reader like me over the edge. I'm like a football hooligan yelling at the TV, except this is me yelling at a character in a book. I may need therapy after this. I can't recommend this series enough, I love this complete magical immersion into a foreign / alien world and the people, yet at the same time relating to every part of it. It's an awesome read, but so long it can only be considered an epic. Fantastic read! And I think I may have a severe crush on Rayne.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago