The Knife's Edge

The Knife's Edge

by Matthew Wolf

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BN ID: 2940044388819
Publisher: Matthew Wolf
Publication date: 03/17/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Matthew Wolf was born on March 14, 1986 in San Diego, California. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara as a literature major with a specialization in medieval studies and Japanese. Throughout college, he studied Old English and Japanese extensively, both of which are strongly tied to the languages of the book. He has also traveled considerably, from Switzerland and Scotland to Bonaire, and these sights inspire much of the land of Daerval.Aside from the book (which is his main passion), he is also a Kung Fu instructor. His hobbies include woodcraft, archery, and of course, writing. He has several works of poetry published with Leafnotes in June 2010, a UCSB publication. And as of Spring 2013, The Knife’s Edge is available to readers worldwide. Matt Wolf is currently building the brand of the Ronin Saga, giving rousing speeches, and encouraging others on the exciting path of writing.

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The Knife's Edge 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bought this book for my son who is an avid fantasy book reader.  He loved it and is now reading it again.  I bought another copy just so I could read it.  It is fantastic - exciting, great action and characters and  great good vs evil theme. You won't be disappointed.
RobinWrite More than 1 year ago
A terrific young adult adventure.  The characters are compelling and the dialogue is clever and fast paced.  You can tell this writer has many books up his sleeve.  Can't wait to read more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just read The Knifes's Edge and i was expecting it to be just like all the other fantasy books i read(and trust me i have read like 60 of those books) But this book......Wow It had everything i ever dreamed in a book and the story and characters were just perfect! I expect The Ronin Saga to rival the star fantasies and maybe even go further :)
reececo331 More than 1 year ago
The Knife's Edge  by Matthew Wolf Life is balanced on the Knife’s edge, a way of life, a way of survival. Young Kirin despite his years of training was not prepared for the choices life would give him. His beloved friend is attached, he is forced to attack his mentor, and only by leaving the city, the country, the world he knows will he be able to find a way to survive. Kirin must also leave his name, and his memories to find the answer on the knife’s edge of life. It may have only delayed the inevitable. The evil that took all those he loved from him, is following. Destroying all that he begins to value, and the world he finds himself in. He must walk the Knife’s edge, and find a way out of the violence, and evil that is taking over the world.  This is the beginning novel of a series with intriguing potential, similar in nature to Eragon but with the dynamics and legends of the Wheel of time. This is a new series to watch, read and enjoy. This is only the beginning of a Dungeons and Dragons quest. 
CC93 More than 1 year ago
I would like to start off by saying that this book is VERY well written. I liked the story concept and the characters were great. The character development was well done and, most importantly, I never found myself in skimming mode.  In all, a very good read. A journey that I plan on walking again in the near future.. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the mystery/thriller genres. I'm glad it's continuing into a series. Bring on the next one! I'm ready, with my tea in hand..
MichaelBeas More than 1 year ago
An Epic Fantasy Book sure to become an instant Classic!  As an author in the genre of fantast I have to say that this is a genre that I am more critical and judgmental on then most genre that I have a tendency to review. With that said, “The Knife’s Edge: The Ronin Saga” by Author Matthew Wolf is truly the work of a master storyteller. From start to finish you will be swept away into Matt’s world that places you deep into the heart of legends and magical forces that come alive on an epic scale. These magical forces that are wielded, (wind, fire, stone, forest, sun, moon, flesh, metal, and water) present the backbone for the storyline and plot theme that original and unique.  The use of Mind travel as an elemental skill in battle is simply brilliant! I felt as if this book is a vivid cross between “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Lord of the Rings with a mixture of “King Author” I can definitely imagine this book as a game (Board or Digital). What I liked most is that everything (and I do mean everything) is this book is so beautifully described that it made me feel as if I was placed in the heart of all the action. The battle scenes, the magic, the twists, the plot everything is designed in a way to sweep you away from or world and into a world of far, far from our own. The ability to transport a reader into a world of fantasy is what makes this book astounding for it’s genre and is why I feel it deserves 5 + stars! Can’t wait to read about what happens next in the Ronin Saga… 
toreadisdivine More than 1 year ago
The plot of THE KNIFE’S EDGE is well done. The idea of these ancient warriors with the powers of more than mere men coming back from the supposed grave and basically ending the world is great and exciting! However. The Ronin don’t actually play as big of a part in the plot as I felt they should have. The plot is much more focused around Gray, who has some of the best internal conflicts in the whole book. He finds out more about his sword Morrowil, discovers true power within himself, and basically heads out on this heroic journey that ends with a big choice. Good stuff – the making of a good plot. Gray – the protagonist of THE KNIFE’S EDGE, he’s a man who’s lost his memory of who he was, and is pretty nonplussed about it. In fact, when he learns that there is a whole memory of himself that he doesn’t know about, he really doesn’t stop to consider that perhaps there’s something important about his identity there, at least until the end of the book. However, Gray does go through a lot of choices and is forced to think within himself to find the right answers, and he follows through with whatever he chooses. I’d say that he’s a good dynamic character for this novel. My favorite characters are the Ronin. These are the super-powered ancient foes of the realm who supposedly come back to wreak havoc on the land. Awesome, right? I personally don’t think that the Ronin get enough time spent on them and their complexities, so I’m hoping that’ll be addressed in the second book. Karil, for all of her importance in her introduction, was barely addressed, but this was partly made up for with Ayva and Darius and their growth throughout the book.I found the beginning to be quite interesting and fast paced, but some chapters (especially those introducing Kail and Karil) seemed out of place and need a bit more explanation and continuity throughout the book. There were some nice plot twists halfway through (I did have a ‘gasp!’ moment!) and overall the story flows fairly well at a moderate pace. There’s also a few grammatical errors in the book. I can’t help but bring those up – however, they were spread out enough that I could make it thorough without having it ruin the story.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 Stars I liked the first part of the story and really enjoyed the last half. The first part was a lot of information, and introducing new characters. I admit I got a little mixed up on the character names. After the story was done I discovered a Glossary. Lots of names & descriptions. So if you like me get confused you know where to go. This is a epic story. Has lots going for it. Magic, prophecy, light against dark, epic battles, dragons, heroes, legends coming to life, elves, secret tunnels. There is a lot of drama, action, suspense of knowing who to trust. A good story a little slow in beginning as the world is built. I had to read this over two days. The second day's reading was far better than the first. Which just could have been me over the story. Kirin is the boy who the book is centered around. But his name changes later to Gray. He has a sword that everyone wants to control. No one can weld it but him. It has a darkness around it sometimes a light. Gray has to control it and choose what side he is on. Their world is under attack from an ancient enemy. That wants to destroy everything and kill everyone. Their appear an ancient protectors the Ronin. A lot of their history is lost. Some believe that they turned against man. The Ronin do not want the sword to fall in the wrong hands. They want to protect Gray. Gray and friends flee against the army destroying different cities. There group gets bigger and bigger as they flee trying to find safety. I can't wait to see what the next part of the saga is. I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LOVED IT! This book kept me up many a night.  I don’t even really like fantasy books, but I think it had a lot of easy explanations for non-fantasy readers like me.  I found myself lulled into a world outside my own and then it shattered on the last page leaving me wanting more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago