The Kobe Code: Eight Principles for Success: An Insider's Look Into Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant's Warrior Life & the Code He Lives

The Kobe Code: Eight Principles for Success: An Insider's Look Into Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant's Warrior Life & the Code He Lives

by Pat Mixon
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The Kobe Code: Eight Principles for Success: An Insider's Look Into Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant's Warrior Life & the Code He Lives by Pat Mixon

Strength & Honor. Not just words from the movie Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, but a code that NBA superstar and Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant seems to live by. He even signs fan letters with this mantra. That's because Kobe embodies everything that makes a real warrior.

"Veni. Vedi. Vici." That phrase is Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered." More words the warrior Kobe follows. These phrases are glimpses into Kobe's true nature, the philosophy that guides him, and the warrior's path he walks each day of hislife. There is a reason why excellence is a way of being for this superstar. This is the real essence of the real Kobe Bryant.

In this spirit, sportswriter and author Pat Mixon has written a different look at Kobe Bryant. THE KOBE CODE isn't a traditional biography.

Rather than simply recap the history of Kobe, this intriguing & fascinating book provides insight and perspective into how Kobe approaches his life, both on and off the court, and what makes him really tick.And, you'll learn what really separates Kobe from other NBA players and where his inner drive is derived.

Additionally, by highlighting Eight Principles For Success pulled from various stages or situations in Kobe's life, this exciting new book allows the reader to apply some of these practices to their own life.

You'll also discover why Kobe considers himself a"talented overachiever" as well as feeling like "an outcast" all his life.And, once and for all, you'll understand why Kobe has been so incredibly misunderstood. THE KOBE CODE will change your perception of this NBA superstar.

Using life lessons from Kobe's example, THE KOBE CODE will teach you how to increase your confidence, overcome your daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize your goals.

To add more depth to learning about Kobe's life, you will also discover things that the general public doesn't necessarily know or isn't common knowledge, such as:

-What is Kobe's Workout Schedule? What is his diet?
-How does Kobe spend a Game Day? You'll learn how he spends all the hours leading up to a Home Game.
-Kobe's mental approach. Learn what truly sets Kobe apart. You'll discover what Kobe does to prepare his mind and focus related to the mental aspect of basketball.
-Find out why Kobe believes in making shots, not taking shots.
-How Kobe prepares. You'll watch his Film Study and you'll see his practice sessions.
-What Kobe does off the court- where and how he spends his time & what things besides basketball interest him.
-Lastly, you'll discover Kobe's thoughts on retiring.

THE KOBE CODE can teach you how to walk the walk of the warrior life. It's a proven road map that you can use to achieve any goal you desire. This inspiring and practical book is almost a spiritual guidebook, a warrior's manual, or possibly even a modern day "The Art of War" handbook.

And, like Kobe, this book is on the leading edge and Interactive. You'll have YouTube™ videos to watch that are embedded within this eBook or you can follow links to YouTube's site directly. You'll also have the opportunity to pop out via a link to websites and read articles from Kobe's past.

So, are you ready to adopt a gladiator mentality and step inside the arena?

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About the Author

Pat Mixon is a sportswriter and Featured Columnist for one of the largest sports websites in the U.S., The Bleacher His articles are also read on Bleacher Report partners such as LA Times, CBS, and USA Today, to just name a few.

Pat is an avid basketball fan, having both played and followed the sport for nearly 20 years. He loves all things basketball, including college and the NBA but his real love and passion are the Los Angeles Lakers, having been a fan of the Purple and Gold since his youth.

When Pat isn't watching, playing or writing about basketball, he is hard at work on his first fiction novel, a Sports thriller. Pat lives in California with his wife.

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