The Krinar's Informant

The Krinar's Informant

by Charmaine Pauls

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Zavir is a guardian. He's the best the Krinar has. His assigned vocation is to uncover the Resistance movements popping up around the earth, and eliminate them. New information about a fast-growing Resistance camp sends him to Costa Rica, home of the largest Krinar Center. His informant is a human girl. She wants to make a deal–her traitorous family's lives in exchange for information–but Zavir doesn't make deals, and he takes no prisoners. When the time comes to wipe out the secret organization, his pretty, innocent little mole will learn the truth. She made a deal with the devil, and the price is something far more tantalizing than information.

(This is a standalone novel set in Anna Zaires' Krinar World with the author's permission.)

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BN ID: 2940161771365
Publisher: Charmaine Pauls
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 84,384
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About the Author

Charmaine Pauls was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She obtained a degree in Communication at the University of Potchefstroom and followed a diverse career path in journalism, public relations, advertising, communications, photography, graphic design, and brand marketing. Her writing has always been an integral part of her professions.

After relocating to Chile with her French husband, she fulfilled her passion to write creatively full-time. Charmaine has published over twenty novels since 2011, as well as several short stories and articles. Two of her short stories were selected for publication in an African anthology from across the continent by the International Society of Literary Fellows in conjunction with the International Research Council on African Literature and Culture.

When she is not writing, she likes to travel, read, and rescue cats. Charmaine currently lives in Montpellier with her husband and children. Their household is a linguistic mélange of Afrikaans, English, French and Spanish.

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The Krinar's Informant 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would love more.
Dss360 More than 1 year ago
From start to finish this story will pull you in and not let go until you reach the end. Zavir Is this all alpha male that is extremely protective and feels he doesn’t have to explain himself. Liv is a strong and loving lady. Together they have a chemistry that doesn’t stop. There is action, suspense, drama, mystery, with hot romance. The story is extremely well written and the characters are superbly developed. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won’t be able to put it down. I voluntarily review an advanced reader copy of this book.
Rebecca Shelton More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed The Krinar's Informant this is a world that I was ever so glad to head back into. After previously reading Mia and Korum story which I devoured even though Mia herself got right on my wick: I was very interested to see how this author would compare to my previous exposure within this world. No worries at all: this was a fantastic read hooking me right from the onset. The Krinar's Informant had just the right amount of action versus romance to keep me satisfied and also invested in the story. So this is set in Costa Rica and here we get to meet Zafir a Guardian and Liv a human girl whose brothers have dragged her into joining a resistance cell. To save her family Liv turns traitor promising information to the enemy for her family's safe passage. So after quashing the rebels Zafir, as he intended all along, takes Liv for his own. Only knowing he wants to keep her and very inept at showing his softer side he treats Liv almost as a cherished pet which she doesn't take to very kindly. The power play that follows was equal parts hot as well as infuriating. Zafir is a typical controlling make no apologies Alpha-Alien and Liv a stubborn as hell independent woman: watching the sparks fly and these two circle each over was ever so satisfying indeed. On the action and intrigue front, this also delivers along with some unexpected twists thrown in bringing events to a satisfying conclusion for all. This is one story I am happy to recommend an easy read that I read in one sitting. I voluntary reviewed an Arc of The Krinar's Informant (A Krinar World Novel) All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
green____ More than 1 year ago
Loved this Sci-Fi Rom! Ooh I enjoyed this book!!! There is drama, danger, intrigue, and more! Loved the story overall... Liv makes a deal with a Krinar in order to save her brothers from a deadly plan... but Zavir wants more than was agreed upon! I had to read this in one sitting... their story really pulled me in! Loved the ending! Hope for more books like this one!!!
debbiereadsbook More than 1 year ago
I was gifted my copy of this book, direct from the author, that I write a review was my choice. This is Ms Pauls second step into the Krinar world and I loved it! Liv wants to make sure her brothers survive, makes a deal with Zavir to ensure they will not be harmed when he smashes the resistance ring they are part of. But little Liv makes Zavir want to keep her, and the only way to do that, is to betray her trust. OoOOOEEEEE!!! I loved these two!! Powerful, instant attraction. Powerful hatred of the other. enemies to lovers. Betrayal from some many around them. So much right up my street, I read the whole book in one sitting, and did not move til I finished! It's sexy, it's dark, it's full of hope, and despair, the whole bloody gamut of human, and indeed, Krinar emotions all wrapped up in some 200 pages that is just bloody brilliant!! Because it's a world written by different authors, you don't need to read them all in any order of order, I don't think. But what I'm left with now, is the overwhelming NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED for every single book in this world, and there are a fair few!! I loved this book, did I say that yet?? so, it can only get... 5 stars
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
Intense, emotional, steamy and dramatic, this book captured and held my interest easily and well. I loved the chemistry between Zavir and Liv. Zavir is fierce and very alpha. To start he seems to be very cold and unlikable, but as the story progresses and we get in his head we learn that still waters run deep. In the end I was a huge fan and was in fact quite swoony for him. Liv, I felt for. The position she was in was not enviable. Spunky, determined, protective and committed to doing what she felt was right, she was definitely a heroine you could connect with and root for. The story is beautifully written, the plot engaging and as a whole the book is exciting, entertaining and enjoyable. If you like plenty of heat, hot aliens that know what they want and sci-fi themes, you don't want to miss this one.
Vickory More than 1 year ago
I love the Krinar world (originally created by Anna Zaires) and gladly take every opportunity to visit it again. In this Krinar world story, Liv meets Zavir as the recommended contact to make a deal - her information on the Resistance group she has been a member of in exchange for her and her brothers' lives. As is the way with K's, there is instant possessiveness/attraction, and circumstances contrive to have Liv basically held against her will by Zavir, similar to some other Krinar stories. I'm a fan of this kind of thing, and the biggest pluses in this story for me were the sex scenes and Zavir's obstinate, stubborn behavior toward Liv. As usual, he doesn't explain his reasons for his choices, and she thinks he feels nothing for her, and the battle between an Earth-raised female and a controlling Krinar male persists. They didn't do much together besides have sex, and I was ok with that, but that might be part of why I never felt a strong emotional connection between the two, though I did feel some. There were times where I thought a sentence should be written a little differently, or a word choice was not what sounded best to me, but taken as a whole it was written well. I also read a proof copy of the book, so final editing may have changed some of those things. This book is not at the top of my personal scale for the Krinar World stories, but it places higher than most of them.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Oh wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever read a hero as protective and possessive as this hero is over this heroine. Liv meets Zavir to pass on information regarding the resistance in an effort to protect her family. What she doesn’t realize is that Zavir has tweaked the plan just a tad and the fallout is his possession of her until the Krinar traitor is caught. However, there’s just a little something else she isn’t immediately aware of…Zavir doesn’t plan to ever let her go. I absolutely loved Zavir and his harsh, uncompromising claiming of Liv. In real life, no, no way. But here in the safety of this wonderful book, I was gobbling this hero up as quickly as I could. His methods were not the sweetly gentle wooing of his lady fair, it was full on take charge domination. There were also incidents of putting the little lady in her place. Women’s lib at this point of the book doesn’t even exist. I should probably hate that, right? Nope…I was completely consumed by his actions. Liv was freaking amazing. I felt her disconsolation during her “imprisonment” and my heart hurt for her, but as the reader, I was aware of Zavir’ thoughts and I knew once they actually communicated they could work through their issues. But we’re talking about a guardian Krinar and Zavir, as the strongest of them all, isn’t really known as a communicator but more of a take action guy. Fortunately, Liv is more than capable of handling a crisis and when the opportunity to do so arises, she shines. Gah! I loved her just as hard as I did Zavir. This book checked every one of my boxes for the things I love most in a hero. Filled with plenty of action, mystery and steam it also has so much intensity between the hero and heroine that I could barely stand it, it was so good. I hated to see this end. Definitely a high recommendation if you like your heroes fierce and protective! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Books6565 More than 1 year ago
I was generously given an ARC of this book for a honest review. I love Anna Zaire's Krinar world romances! And now with Charmaine Pauls couldn't get any better! The story starts off with right away with Liv and Zavir meeting at the bar. The chemistry is immediate and intense. Zavir is the typical Krinar male (possessive and dominant) and Liv is stubborn and a bit confused by the intense attraction. The sex between these two is of course very hot! I wished Zavir's character would have been fleshed out a bit more......I wanted to know more about him. But I did love how he came to realize his love for Liv instead of her just being a "pet". I wish the ending had been drawn out a bit.....or maybe I didn't want the book to end ;)
Ana94 More than 1 year ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Charmaine Pauls is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
KRamjohn More than 1 year ago
Another fabulous installment to the Krinar World, The Krinar's Informant was intense, angsty and steamy with twists and turns you would not expect. Charmaine Pauls had me on the edge of my seat and I read it all out in one sitting. Zavik and Liv had sizzling chemistry and their back and forth banter had me amused in the beginning the moment they met. However this Alpha K would soon learn that he could get so much more by asking instead of taking. I enjoyed this novel. Charmaine stayed true to the Krinar world and gave us a thrilling story to enjoy.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Liv and her twin brothers are part of the resistance. Liv realizes that what the resistance wants to do will cause many deaths, including their own. When she befriended a Krinar's charl, she realized the Krinar want a peaceful integration with humans. The only way to save her brothers was to become an informant. Zavir has been tasked with meeting the resistance informant. He wasn't expecting the pull he would feel to Liv from the first time he lays eyes on her. He's one of those heroes who deal with their feelings in almost a military way. It's all he's known and that ultimately makes things harder for him and Liv. It's quite the battle to witness. I love his need to protect her and care for her. He just really sucked at communicating his reasons for that care. Liv, who has had heavy responsibility from the start doesn't know how to just be cared for. She doesn't see it for what it is. On top of such a tumultuous relationship, they have the resistance to still deal with and a possible traitor in the Krinar. I've enjoy the Krinar world ever since I read Korum and Mia's story by Anna Zaires. I love that the author opened this world up to other authors. Charmaine Pauls does an excellent job of bringing something new while keeping the same formula to the original. I would love to see her do more with the Krinar's.
RoseyLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
Liv Madsen thinks her brothers, who are second-in-command to the Resistance leader, are on a suicide mission. Liv meets with the handsome Zavir to strike a deal ... information on the biggest Resistance cell the world in exchange for her family's safety. Krinar guardian Zavir maintains law and order and it's his job to wipe out movements that pose a threat to Krinar/human safety. Zavir is amused by the gutsy and pretty Liv and after he single-handedly takes down the Resistance, Zavir claims Liv as his charl. Liv isn't happy to be confined to Zavir's home as his charl and Zavir is running out of ideas on how to make Liv accept him. Just when Liv is starting to trust Zavir, she finds out her brothers have escaped, and Zavir knew. The only way for Zavir to get back into Liv's good books is to find her brothers and figure out who the traitor among the K's ranks are. But Zavir has been sent on a wild goose chase by the traitor to kidnap Liz. Will Zavir be able to save Liv? The Krinar's Informant is an action-packed, suspenseful and steamy story that will reel you in