The Krisiloff Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The Krisiloff Anti-Inflammatory Diet

by Milton Krisiloff


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The Krisiloff Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Milton Krisiloff

For the last thirty years, Dr. Krisiloff has personally cared for and cured more than 10,000 patients-men and women-who suffer from chronic urological problems. With a simple holistic approach that has no risk, he has seen cures in close to 90% of his patients who suffer from these problems.
Literally 90 million men and women in the United States experience these urinary problems at one time or another, Estimates are that one quarter of all visits to urologists annually are from these complaints. Yet until now, university scientists and physicians will readily admit they have no known explanation for these problems, nor do they know how to effectively treat these problems.

With the Krisiloff Diet, a cure is now possible for the problems of prostatitis, epididymitis, falsely elevated PSA blood tests, bed wetting in children, urgency incontinence in women, urethral syndrome (in Dr. Krisiloff's opinion this is falsely diagnosed as interstitional cystitis), increased urination at night (which greatly disturbs sleep), and frequent urination in the day (greatly affecting quality of life), unnecessary prostate surgery for men can be avoided and unnecessary surgery for women for urine incontinence can also be avoided.

All of this can be accomplished at absolutely zero cost, with absolutely zero harm to the patient, and the results can be seen in as little as four to eight weeks. With its simple holistic approach, the Krisiloff Diet could supplant all the expensive methods now used. It could become the standard initial treatment for so many common medical problems, often circumventing costly and ineffective traditional methods. The savings for healthcare would be enormous-close to $40 billion dollars by estimates-once it is realizes that expensive medications and surgeries are unnecessary measures.

Dr. Krisiloff has empitically discovered the "holy grail" explanation for inflammation in the body. The discovery is that caffeine, alcohol and hot spices are responsible for causing chronic inflammation in the body, and they specifically lead to chronic urinary problems as well as other common medical condition such as Gastroesophigeal Reflux Disease (GERD), Arthritis, Sinusitis, and headaches. There is even reason to believe that they are responsible for some cases of prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and colon and breast cancers.

Prostate Cancer represents 10% of all cancer diagnosed in men each year. 1 in 6 men will have prostate cancer in their lifetime and 29,000 men die yearly from prostate cancer- the second leading cause of cancer death yearly in men.
The beauty of the diet is how simple it is. Just by stopping the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods, hardly a sacrifice if people can be cured of so many common medical problems, patients on the Krisiloff Diet not only see their symptoms disappear, but they uniformly report that they feel better than they have in yearly. They sleep better, are invigorated, and although not intended as a weight loss diet they often end up losing 5-6 pounds in the 1st month alone.

Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men. More and more research suggests that inflammation from chronic prostatitis can cause chronic cellular change in the prostate, which can eventually lead to cell mutation and prostate cancer. It therefore empirically makes sense that if the Krisiloff Diet can prevent or cure prostatitis that it might also prevent prostate cancer from developing. Studies have already shown that alcohol and caffeine can increase the risk of women getting breast cancer.

It is hoped that this simple, highly effective approach could initiate a new paradigm for the millions and millions of patients who are presently undergoing many expensive, unnecessary tests, procedures and medications. With no risk, and no harm, and no medical costs!

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