The Labyrinth of Time

The Labyrinth of Time

by T. W. Fendley



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ISBN-13: 9780990756224
Publisher: TW Fendley LLC
Publication date: 09/19/2014
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.54(d)

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The Labyrinth of Time 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
AudiobookReviewer More than 1 year ago
The Labyrinth of Time by T.W. Fendley. Narrated/Performed by Shelby Lewis. This unabridged audio is 6 hours and 34 minutes long. Genre: Fantasy and Magic. Young Adult. A young 16 year old, Jade finds herself going on Spring break to Peru with her grandmother. She is not at all excited about this trip. What possibly could they do that her grandmother would be able to handle. Sight seeing at museums. Well, it turns out the one museum they do go in is where she meets Felix. Felix, the son of the museum director. He is immediately drawn to her as she is with him. They find that they have something in common. Strange and mysterious powers. Powers that send them to another dimension. Jade is the one person that needs to help restore the power of the Firestone. Can Jade do it in time before the world ends during the Blue Moon. What does a dog that has been following them through out the Labyrinth of Time have to do with all this? How will he help them discover the red stone. What was engraved on the Age of the Dinosaur stone? What does it mean? How will this help Jade restore the Firestone’s powers. The author T.W. Fendley created an amazing tale that takes you as the listener to another time. The prologue of the book is very important part that all comes full circle in the end of the book. Every part of the book was well thought and planned out. Did not have me as a listener wondering what was going on or wondering why something happened and the reason for it. The flow of the story was very well written. It kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. The choice of the narrator that performed the book Shelby Lewis did an amazing job with the flow of the story. However, there was no voice changes like some stories. A bit but, that was fine. I liked the way she read and performed the entire story. You knew when it was Jade speaking or the other female characters. The male parts where just read thru. She kept up the action in her voice and when there was a bit of romance between Jade and Felix you can feel it in her voice. Great Job in my opinion. Now, the cover that left a bit to be desired. It was alright. However, if I was looking for a young adult fantasy to listen to. I would have passed it up because of the art work of the cover. It would not have drawn me in. Believe it or not, that is one of the first deciding factors for me to continue on to the synopsis of the book. I past this up for reviewing merely for the fact of the cover. Asked if I would review it, I agreed and was quite surprised how great this story ended up. I feel that a rework of the cover is needed to bring in more listeners and readers. I feel a tightening up on the cover design and definitely a different font. So don’t let the cover deter you from the listen. Get the book and enjoy a wonderful story. I will be looking forward to other books by this author in the future. Audiobook provided for review by the author. Please find this complete review and many others at my review blog [If this review helped, please press YES. Thanks!]
granitebooks More than 1 year ago
It's difficult to tell a story that takes place in 24 hours as well as this book is written. Expanding on a Peruvian legend, we are taken on a journey with the 'daughter of the moon' and the 'son of the sun' as they try to save the earth. Exciting yet grounded in clean, age-appropriate relationships, this is one of the better young adult books I've read in quite some time.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite In The Labyrinth of Time by T.W. Fendley, sixteen-year-old Jade reluctantly forgoes her plan to spend time with her friends at Lake of the Ozarks and goes to Peru with her grandmother. Little does she know that her mundane vacation with Grams would quickly turn adventurous yet risky. During a visit to the local museum, Jade discovers that she and Felix, the museum director's son, can telepathically access messages left on ancient engraved stones. She further learns about the prophecy of the Daughter of the Moon and the Labyrinth of Time. With the aid of her new friends, Jade must enter the portal to the Labyrinth of Time and seek a red crystal called the Firestone. By returning its power, the balance between the Earth and Sky will be restored. Failure means the Earth itself will die. Prophecy, magic and romance are classic elements in the fantasy genre, yet T.W. Fendley effortlessly puts a fresh spin on them by mixing Peruvian culture, sci-fi through alien ancestors, the spiritual realm, and even an otherworldly portal in The Labyrinth of Time. The premise has more depth and the plot is more complex than I’d expected. Fendley’s wonderful descriptive prose adds depth to every scene. There’s lots of adventure and intrigue, and the characters of Jade and Felix are easy to root for. The pace is swift, much to my delight. While this book is under the YA genre, it’s easily universal enough to be enjoyed by young and mature readers alike. Overall, The Labyrinth of Time is a light but tightly-drawn YA fantasy that you can devour in one sitting.
etreleigh More than 1 year ago
After reviewing this book for Book Worms, I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.  This is a quick read. It was great to break up the long series I usually read. Going into this book I didn't get background information on it or the author, so I wasn't sure of the genre or intended audience. I would say this is a sci-fi/fantasy book intended for young adult readers (ages 12-18).  I like how the author took a real Peruvian legend and turned it into an amazing adventure story between two teens. The story had a great plot and moved right along to get to the conclusion. I would have liked a side or sub plot about Jade and Felix. I thought there would be more dialog between the two and their connection since another love interest was mentioned in the beginning and replaced with Felix. I would have liked a little more depth to the characters, but that might be hard to convey in a story that takes place within a 24 hour period. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy for an honest review.  It is a clean sci-fi/historical YA novel.  The main characters are teenagers, 'chosen' to be the daughter of the moon & the son of the sun. Only they can save the world from destruction & halt the decline of civilization.  While this is not my normal preferred type of book, I did enjoy it & had to know how it ended. I found some of the historical references intriguing, and plan to research them some more.  My son is now reading the book & LOVES it!  Kudos! 
TashaD-Drake More than 1 year ago
Let's get full disclosure out of the way first - I received a free copy of the book so I could review it. Having admitted that I am extremely pleased I was lucky enough to be given this book, it is a superb read. I could not put it down and I'm not exaggerating. I started reading last night, expecting to read the first few chapters and then pick it up again today, but I never stopped. It was 1:35am by the time I finished. The plot had me turning page after page even when my eyes were demanding I stop and go to sleep. There are ups and down and exciting action in this book which all takes place in less than a day, but feels like so much more (in a good way). Lots of pre-Columbian archaeological detail makes it feel real with the backdrop of beautifully woven fantasy that had me wanting more. The book is detailed and yet fast paced and complex and yet easy to follow. It is very skilfully written. I also really enjoyed the characters, from Jade, the feisty teen narrating the tale for us to One Reed, the mysterious Shaman and Max, the greedy gem stone hunter. All the players are colourful and alive and very much engaging. I heartily recommend this book to all fans of the YA genre.
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
Teen Jade is spending spring break with her grandmother in Peru: not exactly her idea of a great time, until she hooks up with a museum director's son and discovers they share telepathic abilities that allow them access to a past world. Summer just got a whole lot more interesting - but wait, there's more! The message they uncover from an ancient Earth leads them on an unexpected journey through the Labyrinth of Time in search of a mysterious red crystal that could change the world. Jade's mission is to rescue and restore the Firestone before it's too late.  All this is narrated in the first person, which allows readers to absorb, from a personal perspective, the events which transpire; from Jade's revelations about her grandmother's spiritual beliefs and their unusual origins in heritage and circumstance to her own newfound task to bring enlightenment into the world before the second Light returns to correct the growing imbalance between Earth and the heavens. To call The Labyrinth of Time a 'young adult read' may be accurate - but to limit its audience to such would be a shame. Many an adult will find Jade's feisty personality and perseverance in the face of much adversity just the ticket for a rainy day, and will realize that Jade's evolution embraces all the facets of a life well lived: spiritual concerns, a touch of romance, family connections, and struggles with outside forces beyond one's control. Readers with a touch of New Age spiritual inclination will especially find that the story reaches out and touches them, and while Christian-based readers may struggle with some of the concepts, ultimately it's a thought-provoking, enlightening, and entertaining read all in one package, tailored for teens but holding the ability to reach through time, space and age groups for much wider audience. The Labyrinth of Time keeps its eye firmly on the bigger pictures of life - and that's what makes it a stand out.
JacquelineSeewald More than 1 year ago
The Labyrinth of Time is an absorbing fantasy novel, a clean read suitable for adults as well as teens. The author visited Peru and became enthralled with the legends and mythology of the native culture. The resulting novel is both original and creative. At the age of eighteen, One Reed meets Nina in Washington D.C. at a Pre-Columbian Studies Symposium. She fits his vision. One is on a quest, looking for the Daughter of the Moon. Nina carries the Blue Moon birth mark. They know they must meet again. The third person narration shifts to first person. The narrator is Jade, a teenage girl who has gone to Peru with her Grams. Jade is soon introduced to a teenage boy named Felix who acquaints Jade with the ancient stones. Jade feels their magic, becoming dizzy. Jade, her grandmother, Felix, and two other Peruvian boys, Thirteen Knife and Three Eagle join the quest to open the portal to the Labyrinth of Time.  Jade’s grandmother is none other than Nina who is on a spiritual journey. She and One have traveled out of body and met in dreamtime over the years. But One has passed through the portal and can now be reached only in the spirit world. The Labyrinth of Time signifies both the beginning and the end of time.  The novel has an action-filled, exciting plot. When Nina is kidnapped by greedy, violent people who have no spiritual values, Jade and the other teenagers hurry to try to save her. The journey the teens take involves Jade in efforts to prevent the earth’s destruction from the return of a comet on the night of the second Blue Moon. This is an inventive fantasy novel. As both a reader and writer of YA and adult fiction, I highly recommend the novel to readers of all ages.